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  1. anne_h

    Can you share a time when you realized a friend wasn't really your friend?

    In response to the OP's question... no, I can't think of any time a friend has turned out not to be... but that may be in part because I'm a serious introvert and intentionally have only a few people I am close to in my life. That said, I do have an opposite kind of story... of finding great...
  2. anne_h

    Can you share a time when you realized a friend wasn't really your friend?

    Chemgirl, that is extremely terrible, in so many ways. So sorry that happened to you. And I feel bad for the wife as well, and the young girl involved.
  3. anne_h

    Would you rather have a second bathroom or in unit laundry?

    I would definitely prioritize in-unit laundry. That said, I did once live in a condo building with a shared laundry room on each floor (free), and it worked well. I have also lived in apartment buildings with shared (fee-based) laundry in the basement. So many issues! Let me name a few: -...
  4. anne_h

    Platinum prongs - costs and minimum size for security

    Update... I took the setting to another jeweler. They said the same thing, prongs are too delicate. They recommend 1mm per prong. But the good news is their quote to remake all the prongs is half that of the first jeweler. And I like this place better. Bigger shop, more professional. I...
  5. anne_h

    Platinum prongs - costs and minimum size for security

    Thanks Tekate! His quote was to redo / reinforce just the prongs themselves... due to the style of the setting there is no 'head' per se. At least not the basket style most people refer to. But I know what you mean. At the price he quoted, it's hundreds just to redo/reinforce all the prongs...
  6. anne_h

    Platinum prongs - costs and minimum size for security

    Hi PS team ! I have a vintage platinum setting that I want to set some stones into. I took the setting to a local jeweler for an estimate... his quote to set the stones was reasonable. But he said the prongs are too thin to be secure, in his opinion. Questions: 1. He quoted me ~$60 USD per...
  7. anne_h

    If you invited me over for dinner at your house...

    I would appreciate if you would volunteer any dietary restrictions. But I would not enjoy a general 'so what are we having'. lol And I don't ask hosts this either!!
  8. anne_h

    Introducing Tori (aka The One RIng)

    Gorgeous! Love the setting. Congratulations !!
  9. anne_h

    Do most women think they look younger than their age?

    Some people think I look younger than my age, but I feel I look my age. Like some PPs, I have been careful about sun, so for sure I look younger than people my age who have not been careful or who smoke. I have a sister close in age who is a big tanner (still!) and IMO it's starting to catch...
  10. anne_h

    Ladies, If you were to go "belly up" tomorrow ...

    I like to tease my kids that I want to be buried with ALL MY JEWELRY ON. So they don't get anything. lol I'm just teasing them. My plan would be that they divide it among themselves, and keep or sell as they see fit. I don't plan to leave anything to other family members. Was it Widget who...
  11. anne_h

    Do these rings look good together?

    Personally, I don't love this look... but if you do, rock it!!
  12. anne_h

    Do You Post Negative Reviews?

    I don't write many reviews online period (mostly amazon purchases)... but when I do, I reflect my actual experiences & opinions. That said, I do use reviews a lot, so I appreciate people who share theirs. I *do* almost always rate my Uber drivers. Most have been great, but a few not so great...
  13. anne_h

    I’m so smart. I think lol

    Sounds clever!
  14. anne_h

    Just Unfollowed Vendors on IG

    I need help to understand the vendor's post as described here. Does that post mean that PS customers are annoying? Cheap? Something else? (??) Anne
  15. anne_h

    Ladies, do you ever leave the house w/o putting on makeups?

    I always wear light make-up to work. I don't feel I 'have to' wear it; I enjoy wearing it. Outside of work, sometimes I do go out without make-up. But I feel ugly when I do that. I have rosacea and it's getting worse, so this is affecting how I feel. I don't mind other people seeing me, but...
  16. anne_h

    Would you like me to clean your ring for you?

    I heard that this is why one's server often brings candies with the bill... lol
  17. anne_h

    Do you consider your home equity a part of your net worth?

    I voted yes. Now, the trickier question for me has been... should I count the money I've invested for my childrens' education in my net worth.? Technically, I own the assets, but I know I won't be using that money. So personally, I choose not count it in my net worth calculations. BTW, I...
  18. anne_h

    Q. for PSers whom decided not to have kids...

    I have 3 kids, and a demanding career. Sometimes I do regret having kids, but usually only for small periods of time when I'm tired. I am an introvert who needs alone time to recharge (especially after work) and it's hard to get that when caring for kids! That said, as they get older, life...
  19. anne_h

    Anybody tried the Konmarie purging method?

    Congrats, seaurchin!!!
  20. anne_h

    Calling @joelly - Getting ready for Baby

    I agree, becoming a new mother was intense. I thought I knew what to expect, and it was beyond that. Some lessons learned: - We sleep trained all our kids. It worked great and helped everyone get regular sleep. We used the technique in the 'Baby wise' book. That said, I know sleep training...
  21. anne_h

    Golden South Sea Pearls – September Sale at PP

    Hi everyone, I'm late to the party, but wanted to share. I bought a GSS strand from PP a few years ago (inspired by this thread actually!) Attached are a few pics. Sorry the neck shot is terrible, I hate selfies. According to PP, this is a 9.0-11.2 mm AA+/AAA 24K button strand. I also...
  22. anne_h

    Painting kitchen cabinets?

    I have wood cabinets and had them painted white when I bought this place. My designer removed all the doors and sent them to a professional refinishing shop that she works with. A different professional with some type of spray painting equipment came in and painted all the bases. They did...
  23. anne_h

    Crazy neighbors

    I once owned a condo unit where the upstairs neighbor behaved strangely. It started when late at night I would hear repeated metallic banging noises above me. At one point, water started leaking from my bathroom ceiling. I told the building manager but they did not seem to want to get...
  24. anne_h

    What do you think of Joe Biden’s touching in this video?

    Yuck. I would never want someone to touch me like that. Does he do that with men too?
  25. anne_h

    “Quirks” that someone in your family has..THAT DRIVE YOU CRAZY!!!

    Not about my family... But at my place of work, there is a person who sits near me, who unfortunately often has strong BO. It is driving me to distraction. The mornings can sometimes start out okay, but by mid-day, the odor is strong. Initially I discreetly contacted her leader, who said she...
  26. anne_h

    What's Your Experience of Multi-Millionaires?

    I know some people who started a business together and years later sold it; each one became a multi-millionaire... I'd guess $10-20M each. Most 'retired' at that point (I'd guess they were all mid-40s to mid-50s). I knew them for many years and did not notice any changes in personality. But I...
  27. anne_h

    Anybody tried the Konmarie purging method?

    I have not tried the KonMarie method specifically, but I read the book and have watched a few of the Netflix episodes. I already keep my spaces very tidy and clutter-free, because that is how I like to live. My kids like it too. Her guideline about keeping only what sparks joy makes a lot of...