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  1. kmoro

    Rock Rookie's need some re-assuring

    I think the F was definitely cut to get to that one carat mark ... however, only barely so. The girdle and depth are only slightly deeper than ideal, and the proportions look really great, even if there is GIA rounding. There is no real way to tell the light performance without an actual test...
  2. kmoro

    Advice Needed!

    @headlight, I’m pretty sure that I am also one of the people who said your diamond is beautiful. At the same time, I completely understand the “mind-clean” issues, and have made less popular (and more expensive) choices based on my own. I have to say that buying for my mind issues has left me...
  3. kmoro

    Let’s Play a Game ... Can You Differentiate the 76 vs. 77 LGFs?

    It is highly unlikely to see a difference in light performance between 76 and 77, imo. Both will be 75 on a GIA report. Also higher LGF can increase sparkle .... :wink2:
  4. kmoro

    Performance Images Comparison (ACA vs ES)

    Hi All .... I haven’t been around for awhile and read *most* posts on this thread .... I am right that the main issue here is between 76 and 77 LGF???? What?????? A 77 LGF is absolutely perfect and sparkly and flashy and gorgeous. And all the stuff about small table size .... ACAs all have...
  5. kmoro

    Advice for the Purist..D IF or D VVS1?

    You are asking what is better based on two certificates: one is GIA and the other is AGS. Seems like a no-brainer to me? am I wrong? It would be the one tested for light performance and accurate specifications, right? The AGS! Also ... think about the definition of VVS1 .... it is...
  6. kmoro

    Help picking a Canera H&A

    The only thing that I can think of to add is that: Do you understand what they mean by “eye-clean”, and is it the same as what you consider “eye-clean.” There is usually a definition, like no visible inclusions from 6” away .... but what if you want no inclusions visible at 3” away? This is...
  7. kmoro

    Someone Should scoop these Costco $629 1CTW I VS2

    I’m not saying that it was a scam, but it could have been perceived as such - if Costco did not take the action that they did in the end. What happened when they placed the ad? They got a whole lot of attention and orders ... then ... ooops ... ad is wrong, here are your .5 ctw earrings ...
  8. kmoro

    Long Overdue--Thanks PS and Whiteflash

    I really enjoyed reading your posts ... thank you for taking the time to write them! My favourite was when you got the bracelet in the nick of time (my words) ... six months before the wedding hahaha ...priceless! Enjoy your diamonds! :wavey:
  9. kmoro

    Someone Should scoop these Costco $629 1CTW I VS2

    The only reason Costco would not have to honour the deal is because of their disclaimer. Otherwise, the offer is 1 ctw for $629. If you accept and pay, that would be the contract. Is it immoral to take advantage of such a mistake? I don’t think so. One could even argue that it was not a...
  10. kmoro

    The Forum Engagement Ring Folder/Eye Candy

    Wow - you have been on quite the journey! I’ve spent many years dreaming of some kind of diamond ring as well ... I ended up liking the round brilliant cut best but I love a few others too. This particular ring was a special purchase. I think a well cut RBC would look nice in any type of...
  11. kmoro

    Help picking a Canera H&A

    You see how they are all beautiful and comparable .. all AGS ideal ... all similar size color and clarity ... I’m afraid that it’s up to you at this point. Which one speaks to you? ps: I’m pretty sure I can see the tint in the H ... the thing with tint is that, once you see it, you can’t...
  12. kmoro

    The Forum Engagement Ring Folder/Eye Candy

    Of course! I did the exact same thing when I saw a picture ... it is Stuller “Floral-Inspired Engagement Ring Mounting”, item #121997 I used a 7.4 mm size for a 7.7 mm diamond ... this...
  13. kmoro

    Help picking a Canera H&A

    I like the second one the best. Very clean looking for VS2 nothing under the table (that I can see on my computer), and a nice white G color ... all with an ideal cut. The first one has a large crystal under the table .... but a VC diamond is probably eye-clean. All are AGS ideal, so you...
  14. kmoro

    Someone Should scoop these Costco $629 1CTW I VS2

    @Mamabean .... given that you have this chat, I would think they will have to honour the 1 ctw for you. I’m not sure about the others ... but you have this. I would dispute it if I were you, if they send you the .5 ctw. Good luck!
  15. kmoro

    Does a great diamond need to fill exactly in the proportions table?

    What are the measurements? The WF E VVS mentioned above is virtually flawless at VVS and it may be pretty much the same diameter ... and quite a bit less money ... and gorgeous ... for your budget, I hope that you are not in a hurry and follow the advice here ... you can do better than the...
  16. kmoro

    Opinion on SI2 with Large Knot Under Table?

    A knot is a crystal that reaches the surface of the diamond. So a knot will not be “knotted in” or it would be called a crystal, right?
  17. kmoro

    ACA diamonds - splitting hairs!!

    Just gonna say that color is more noticeable than clarity when talking about two eye-clean diamonds :wink2:
  18. kmoro

    ACA diamonds - splitting hairs!!

    Hmmmm .... as for the star difference .... the only thing I could suggest is to watch the videos ... maybe one of them “speaks” to you more than the other ... although I’m not really sure the videos are the best indication how the diamond will perform in real life ... they are both ACAs and both...
  19. kmoro

    The two week club!

    WOW!!! :geek2::kiss2::love: I LOVE D color!!!!!!!
  20. kmoro

    Chip in Diamond Girdle?

    Was it a Premium Select? If so, I would suggest keeping it. If it was from Virtual Inventory, I would return it. That would have nothing to do with damage and everything to do with upgrade policy :wink2:
  21. kmoro

    Shallower Crown - .9 HCA

    @Lindsay Loo ... just a note about buying the diamond and setting at the same place .... I totally “hear” you when you say you would prefer to get both at the same place ... but .... if you really want to get the diamond you want in the setting you want, I think that it is not much more effort...
  22. kmoro

    Shallower Crown - .9 HCA

    Also a testament to GIA rounding .... how can a PA 40.8 with CA 32.5 can get a crown percentage of 15%? Rounding only. Who knows how this diamond can really be predicted to perform? The OP needs to get an ASET scope to evaluate performance, imo.
  23. kmoro

    How have people reacted to your new diamond?

    Hi All! I’ve had my new diamond (ring) for about two and a half months now. I’m mostly housebound but have ventured out a couple of times. Outside of my close friends where I said “look at what I got!” and knew they were happy for me: So far, I’ve had two comments about my manicure. Now...
  24. kmoro

    First ASET Photos and I don't know what to think

    I’m not a cushion person, but I can tell you that I have seen much better ASET images, so it is possible to get a much better diamond. You’ll be able to see through the diamond where there is light leakage. You’re going to look at the diamond around the purchase time and then a bunch of...
  25. kmoro

    The story of my ring's grading issue

    It’s important to keep in mind that there is a range within each color category, and the lower you go in colour, the wider the range of the category. @JT123, if I’m not mistaken, your gemologist said that the ACA was “closer to a J”, which does not mean they thought it was a J colour, it means...
  26. kmoro

    too good to be true?

    While I agree that, as a buyer, you have done your part to make sure you are getting what is advertised, as a seller, it is a lot for a buyer to ask. I mean, you’re asking the person to trust you while you have the stone removed (and I assume reset) by someone the seller doesn’t know ...and in...
  27. kmoro

    When I googled “diamond painting” ...

    Awhile back, I decided that I wanted to know more about painting and digging, which is often a final touch to diamond cut. I came across a thing where it’s like cross stitch, but with little plastic pieces that shine. I decided to try it, and I like it even better than the paint by number...
  28. kmoro

    Opinion on the Quality of a Particular EGL Diamond

    I think it might be good to mention that the HCA is not an acceptance tool, it’s a rejection tool. With GIA rounding and HCA only taking a few angles into consideration, I hope the OP does not choose a diamond based only on HCA. It’s a good starting point, but you need light performance images...
  29. kmoro

    If you can’t afford the stone you want...

    I think that, if you’re saving for that 2 carat anyway, the money is just sitting around in the meantime. If you can stomach some lost $ in setting costs, I would definitely recommend getting something now from a vendor with an upgrade policy that suits you. It might not scratch the itch, but...
  30. kmoro

    Obsessions with Cut Proportions. Be all end all?

    The experts have already chimed in ... but both the numbers and the images indicate this is a great stone. You did good!