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  1. diamondseeker2006

    Re-stock fees?

    Neither. Only accept cash or credit cards which, as far as I know, do not charge the fee in the case of a return. It's absolutely NOT fair to the cash or CC customers to raise prices across the board to cover the PP users' returns! So if you want to accept PP, I'd let them know that returns...
  2. diamondseeker2006

    Strong Fluorescence - Opinions on Engagement Purchase Please!

    Congratulations on your engagement! I absolutely love fluorescence and wouldn't hesitate to buy a diamond with it as long as the clarity is high like yours is!
  3. diamondseeker2006

    Help finding diamond for Tacori 2620

    I agree with using Whiteflash. Their diamonds are top cut quality and I like the options @rockysalamander linked. Many here choose I color to balance their size and budget requirements. That's the lowest I'd go as I can see the tint more in a J. Definitely never buy a setting before the...
  4. diamondseeker2006

    Money, power or fame...

    I agree that none of these is the source of true happiness. But if I were given the opportunity to choose one, it would certainly be money. (The other two certainly will not be happening!) I like what you said, Missy, about excess money being used to help others. Realistically, I am sure I'd...
  5. diamondseeker2006

    How much homework for kindergarten?

    They have a right to the same basic education, yes. But considering most children go to school in the areas in which they live, certainly there will be differences based on the additional things provided by the parents through fundraisers and other donations. When you say "better schools", you...
  6. diamondseeker2006

    How much homework for kindergarten?

    :appl:Good for you!!! I am like that, too, as a former teacher. I WILL tell them when something is inappropriate! Six to seven hours a day in school is more than enough academic learning time for a kindergartener. There should be NO homework!!! I think it's fine to ask parents to continue...
  7. diamondseeker2006

    #JOTW She's on her way!

    Happy anniversary and congrats on your gorgeous new ring!!! :kiss2:You can aim to get the new studs on another anniversary!
  8. diamondseeker2006

    New (to me!) Tiffany classic set- .58ct

    I think a lot depends on the size of the stone as to how the profile view looks. I think you got an excellent deal considering the Vatche repro setting alone is around $1800 in platinum! How fun to have a real Tiffany set! :appl:
  9. diamondseeker2006

    Which Old Cut Diamond would you choose and why?

    Both stones looked good to me in the video. Do you have a magnified photo of the OMC? I'd be interested in seeing the facet pattern.
  10. diamondseeker2006

    Name one thing you love about being older

    Haha! I just saw the thread title after I posted! I clearly didn't answer the question correctly after skimming the replies! It's hard to name one thing. I suppose doing what we want when we want, pretty much, and having the finances to do most of those things (because we worked hard and saved...
  11. diamondseeker2006

    Name one thing you love about being older

    Good thread! The main thing that comes to mind is that my brain hasn't aged for the most part. I don't feel my appearance matches my brain, because I don't see myself as old from the inside. Ironically, I was just looking at sites about gray/silver/platinum hair. My hair has always been very...
  12. diamondseeker2006

    Which Old Cut Diamond would you choose and why?

    I am assuming you know not to buy through ebay or etsy. They'll have more leeway to discount if you buy from them directly.
  13. diamondseeker2006

    Gray Spinel and Diamond Ring + Capsule Jewelry Wardrobe

    I absolutely LOVE @mrs-b 's beautiful spinel ring, and it looks wonderful on your hand! I 100% agree with having a well thought out collection as you and mrs b are doing. You have some lovely pieces! My main requirements are high quality and classic, enduring designs that stand the test of...
  14. diamondseeker2006

    Video of my Strong Fluoro RB studs

    Oh, I LOVE them!!!! I love fluorescence! So pretty!
  15. diamondseeker2006

    My wedding set is here!

    Greg, what an amazing and original design! It looks perfect on your hand! :appl::appl::appl:
  16. diamondseeker2006

    Custom Hoops :)

    Gorgeous!!!! :kiss2:
  17. diamondseeker2006

    You have $400 to spend at Tiffany. What are you buying?

    A little over, but nice!
  18. diamondseeker2006

    Help with shoulder design please!

    I love the middle of your three CAD photos. That's a beautiful choice assuming your jeweler has an expert engraver.
  19. diamondseeker2006

    Is this stud/pendant combination too much for an office setting?

    New diamonds in a larger size are usually an adjustment, and I understand being sensitive to size norms in a person's own location. I upgraded my studs a few times, too, and ended with 7mm, 1.28 cts each. It took be time to be sure how large I could go! I also like the pendant somewhat larger...
  20. diamondseeker2006

    Just for fun, comparison between a 2.36 G RB vs 2.51 I cushion

    Beautiful! I color is nice and white in natural lighting! Are you keeping both rings?
  21. diamondseeker2006

    "Inspired by": Antique ring mashed with a Mege basket question

    Oh my, what a sweet thing to say! Thank you so much! I appreciate your earnest desire to not overstep as far as copying goes! If only more people were like you! I am not surprised about your first attempt not working since honestly, many or maybe even most bench people don't necessarily have...
  22. diamondseeker2006

    You can only have ONE ring, which one would you keep?

    This is a tough one. My AVR is probably my favorite diamond, but it is STILL not reset into its final home. So it's not complete. My antique asscher is equally rare and loved, but it is set into a beautiful CVB setting that makes it my favorite completed ring. Ugh, I love my other rings made by...
  23. diamondseeker2006

    Post pics of your grandkids...

    Wow, incredible costume! She is so cute!
  24. diamondseeker2006

    Questions about a recent influx of antique diamonds - a discussion.

    Oh my, it was in the early days that I took note of diagem (Yoram) on PS! He posted a picture of a beautiful OMC with a large cutlet with kozibe, and I saved it because I thought it was the most beautiful diamond I had seen. Now I certainly do appreciate all beautifully cut diamonds and...
  25. diamondseeker2006

    Help needed! Jewelers Mutual quote received.

    I agree that the amount is not as low as some places, but it is lower than others. I would always use a deductible on a policy like that. In fact, I'd raise it to $1000 if the premium would change enough. As @distracts said, the only claim I'd ever make is if my diamond is lost, stolen, or...
  26. diamondseeker2006

    "Inspired by": Antique ring mashed with a Mege basket question

    Then to answer your actual question (!), I will say that you can always use antique rings and even copy them exactly, but with currently produced lines, I'd be sure I only used small similar elements in a new design. So in this case, I don't have a problem with what you are trying to do!
  27. diamondseeker2006

    "Inspired by": Antique ring mashed with a Mege basket question

    Sorry, in skimming the thread, I missed that you are already working with a ring designer! They should certainly be able to get the design the way you want! I'll look forward to seeing it!
  28. diamondseeker2006

    WARNING! Enchanted Diamonds Scam! Buyers Beware!

    Zero issues with wiring money to trusted vendors like Whiteflash, High Perfomance Diamonds, Victor Canera, etc. I've done it many times. I'd have to think about whether I'd wire money to the online companies that mainly have virtual inventories and have less personal service. I just don't know...
  29. diamondseeker2006

    #JOTW Show me your Luxury Watches!

    Love it, Greg!!! What a terrific choice! Cartier is my favorite for watches!