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  1. bludiva

    How could Louis CK be back with 71% of his 2019 shows sold out?

    I saw him live the year before all the news came out and it was hard to square his humor with his behavior other than to realize fame/money/power enable people to think their bad behavior is ok. from what i've read the new show is not a monologue of contrition, more like "get over it already"...
  2. bludiva

    Platinum Ring has a black mark - Please help me understand what this is

    The jeweler who made the ring should be able to buff that out
  3. bludiva

    Do you filter your selfies?

    Yesss it is
  4. bludiva

    Do you filter your selfies?

    I don't tend to take a lot of selfies or filter my photos but some phone cams do automatically when they detect a selfie..."beauty filter" a la old school hollywood :lol:
  5. bludiva

    Feeling gloomy - advice about where to get ring made

    If the import duty is a big problem, perhaps you have the stone shipped inset, with the setting as a separate item or in a separate delivery, and have it set locally? Stuller as mentioned above is a good & cost effective option.
  6. bludiva

    Reset-itis strikes again! Please help!

    +1 for your current setting, it shows off your stone so nicely :)
  7. bludiva

    Menu suggestions for brunch menu...Please?

    That sounds yummy. One more idea fwiw.... dollar sized pancakes in a couple of different flavors, they can be healthy (protein pancakes) and it's easy to make a fruit compote to use as topping instead of maple syrup. Have a great time :)
  8. bludiva

    Am I going to regret keeping this eternity band?

    It looks perfect with your e-ring. Enjoy and if it ever doesn't fit in the future you won't take much of a hit if you sell it since you found it preloved. Win-win :)
  9. bludiva

    "Inspired by": Antique ring mashed with a Mege basket question

    mine went straight to CAD from my franken-sketches. I think you'll know once you see the CAD if it's working or not and can decide from there if you need a designer. good luck!
  10. bludiva

    What is the most selfish thing you do just for yourself?

    that does not sound at all selfish! mine is reading, i'll get engrossed in a book or long read and lost track of time...
  11. bludiva

    Satéur “diamonds”

    Wow in top of the iffy video they don't actually tell you what it's made of... i assume overpriced cz....
  12. bludiva

    Inexpensive setting for this amethyst?

    They're still on ebay as moose cry jewelry. .. i bought a setting from them last year, it was nice :)
  13. bludiva

    "Inspired by": Antique ring mashed with a Mege basket question

    i think because the diameter varies depending on where you take the measurement. 7.97 x 8.36 x 5.42 would indicate to me a cushion or other elongated shape. i'm not sure though. i think she is referring to the "wonkiness" - it not being perfectly round - as a result of the recut
  14. bludiva

    A Mothers ring or necklace...for my mom

    I like the bar necklaces And this is an interesting take...
  15. bludiva

    What mistake will you never make again?

    i didn't make the smartest choices in education/career and that started really nagging at me a few years ago - i try to remind myself i was a kid then and doing it all on my own jewelry mistake i won't make again - getting a few small pieces instead of one thing that i really want big ticket...
  16. bludiva

    Wedding Sets From The Noughties - Do You Have One?

    i don't have one but channel set bands seemed to be the popular thing, my sister got married in the early aughts and has a set like @cmd2014 's following to see some pictures of these matching sets...!
  17. bludiva

    Berricle purchases

    +1 for contacting the vendor and seller just in case. Amazon sometimes will hust take care of it if it's a relatively inexpensive item.
  18. bludiva

    Tiffany & Co. 16 stone Jean Schlumberger ring

    Totally agree. How abut getting a costume replica to wear for a few days? It won't be as heavy but would give an idea...
  19. bludiva

    Did Hillary Clinton really tweet this to The Donald?

    How many years has it been and I still can't believe the way twitter is used by politicians in general, especially trump. I'd get fired in my job for being so unprofessional... :rolleyes:
  20. bludiva

    Tiffany & Co. 16 stone Jean Schlumberger ring

    Is there a Tiffany store nearby so you can try one? I found it too bulky/prickly between the fingers but eternities aren't comfy for me in general. That's such a classic design, good luck with the hunt!
  21. bludiva

    You can only have ONE ring, which one would you keep?

    Thanks @StephanieLynn it was made by a local jeweler but the basket is kind of similar. Those 2 pieces are the ones i'd try to grab in a fire if there was time after securing the people & animals =)
  22. bludiva

    You can only have ONE ring, which one would you keep?

    the one in my avatar photo b/c it is from my hubby. before that one, my answer would have been the ring from my aunt b/c it was a gift from her....but now it's a pendant so i guess i get to keep both in this scenario? those are my 2 sentimental pieces.
  23. bludiva

    "Inspired by": Antique ring mashed with a Mege basket question

    thank you! mine was also an overthought mashup =) i feel your pain!
  24. bludiva

    "Inspired by": Antique ring mashed with a Mege basket question

    Oh no, just being a little cheeky b/c i think adding milgrain instantly gives a puece an antique vibe. :) like, just add water I think you're changing the design enough not to worry btw, good luck with the project!
  25. bludiva

    "Inspired by": Antique ring mashed with a Mege basket question

    Just add milgrain kidding :) Softening the "w" shape to more of a crescent could help give it a less modern and less "mege" look. Maybe take a look at erika winters' settings, i think there are a couple with swoopy baskets and hers do look a bit antiquey. .
  26. bludiva

    Thougths on ring/ seller?

    It could be argued there is no better comp but I agree the op needs to do due diligence....good luck op!
  27. bludiva

    Thougths on ring/ seller?

    Quick search yields same exact item many thousands less...
  28. bludiva

    Thougths on ring/ seller?

    That price seems way too high imho
  29. bludiva

    Diamond Setting - Solitaire

    It may not be a stock setting but it could be a mix of preset components in their cad software
  30. bludiva

    What is the most traumatic and/or stressful thing or event you have ever experienced?

    I am always amazed by human resiliency. *hugs*