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  1. tyty333

    Need help with finding a diamond

    In my opinion, yes. ACAs are AGS000 graded stones with Ideal Light Performance, Symmetry and Polish. However, I wish you could see some well cut "I" stones so you can decide for yourself. I own two J colored Super Ideal Branded stones. I cant really see any color in the small one (.46) but...
  2. tyty333

    Need help with finding a diamond

    You can go with eye-clean SI1. If you were willing to do an IGI H you could probably do a GIA "I" but you really need to go look at well-cut stones to see how your eye interprets color. Edit...I checked JA and BN and it looks like you'll have to go down to an "I" to get 2 carats...
  3. tyty333

    Opinions on engagement ring?

    Are you getting it appraised for insurance purposes?
  4. tyty333

    Introvert or Extrovert?

    ISFJ - but definitely an Ambivert. I enjoy other people but it does wear me out. Definitely need time to recoup!
  5. tyty333

    Solitaire to halo setting (before and after!)

    Wow! That really made a big difference! Nice upgrade on the setting!
  6. tyty333

    Thoughts/Opinions on engagement ring?!

    Adding my comments from the other thread to this one. I think the setting is lovely and the stone looks big. As far as cut quality, color and clarity you would have to post a straight on shot of the stone and we may or may not be able to tell you anything. Is the stone certified by like GIA or...
  7. tyty333

    Opinions on engagement ring?

    I see you have two threads going. You need to hit Report Concern and ask the Mods to delete one of the threads. I see you have straight on picture in the other thread so maybe this thread should be deleted.
  8. tyty333

    Opinions on engagement ring?

    I think the setting is lovely and the stone looks big. As far as cut quality, color and clarity you would have to post a straight on shot of the stone and we may or may not be able to tell you anything. Is the stone certified by like GIA or AGS or??? Is this your engagement ring? If it is...
  9. tyty333

    Update on my new refurbished ring *pics*

    I like the new design! So glad you are pleased!
  10. tyty333

    Bezel Pendant Help!

    Wondering what size your pendant is Queenie60?
  11. tyty333

    Bezel Pendant Help!

    I have a pendant on a small single bail. The pendant does not crawl but the chain will move around so that the connector is at the side of my neck and I have to put it in the back. Pendant stays at lowest point though. I think its a 17 or 18 inch chain. Can't remember. Its a 1.08 OEC...
  12. tyty333

    Opinions on these fancy yellow elongated cushions?

    I think the JA stone is really pretty. I dont care for the leibish stone because it has some leakage outside the table on the E/W and N/S ends. I would talk to DBL also. Show him what you found/like and see if he has something or can find you something.
  13. tyty333

    How to care for a found cat?

    Thank you for rescuing this sweety @MakingTheGrade ! People like you warm my heart!
  14. tyty333

    Feral kitty shelter!

    Great job! Thank you for thinking of and taking care of the feral kitty. You are a very kind person!
  15. tyty333

    diamond half eternity band for my birthday!

    Really pretty! 5ptrs look great on you!
  16. tyty333

    Strong Fluorescence - Opinions on Engagement Purchase Please!

    Per the GIA site... "In many instances, observers prefer the appearance of diamonds that have medium to strong fluorescence. In rare cases, some diamonds with extremely strong fluorescence may appear hazy or oily; fewer than...
  17. tyty333

    Princess Cut advise... please help

    Beautiful ring! That box turned out amazing! I'm really impressed! Congratulations!!!
  18. tyty333

    Where were you born and where do you live now

    Born in the panhandle of Florida and live in Florida. I also lived in Biloxi MS, Omaha NE (twice), Rapid City SD, College Station TX (twice), Northern VA, and Sumter SC all before I turned 18. Yes, my dad was in the military.
  19. tyty333

    Bezel Pendant Help!

    Do be aware that a lot of people say that fixed bezel pendants do crawl up your neck as you move. Not as important with multi-station necklaces but with one station it may not stay centered. Maybe @distracts and others can comment whether they have this issue.
  20. tyty333

    New Project: 2ct Oval Semi-Bezel Ring

    Looking forward to seeing how everything turns out! Love a pretty east-west setting!
  21. tyty333

    Resetting Costco princess diamond studs into side stones?

    Cute, cute! Cant wait to see your pics (ear pics :) ).
  22. tyty333

    Help with SI2 diamond for engagement ring

    It looks like it would be eye-clean to me* but sometimes when you see feathers at angles you can pick them out (sometimes this matters, sometimes not so much). Ask JA if it is eye-clean or if it has a durability issue.
  23. tyty333

    Help Please - Oval Connoisseurs

    I would suspect this SI1 is eye-clean (ask Jon). I might suggest you go up in size (and down in clarity) to get a stone that has Ideal light return but still on the bigger side. Actually its an AGS000 stone (Ideal Light Performance, Polish and Symmetry). Anyhow, I would call Jon and talk to...
  24. tyty333


    I also had a SS pendant made by Patrick Irla on etsy. Again, easy to work with and nice quality.
  25. tyty333


    I had a 5mm OEC set in a casual SS setting by this shop Here's a pic. The white metal is SS with a yellow gold bezel around the stone. I was happy with the work and the time frame. Cost was very reasonable (10+ years...
  26. tyty333

    Need advice on David Klass' CAD (flower design)

    I dont have any suggestions as far as design goes but I do suggest you have DK send you a wax of the setting because it is so intricate. You'll be able to try it on and make any necessary adjustments before it goes into production. Following to see how this one turns out! Oh wait, I do...
  27. tyty333

    Need some help with a small budget ;(

    I know its a different look but perhaps something like this that she could wear as a right hand ring after your real engagement takes place. Another setting that would work nicely for a RHR in the...
  28. tyty333

    Inquiry about HCA 1.6 FIC stone

    Do you have the stone on hold? Would like a link to the images.
  29. tyty333

    Strong Fluorescence - Opinions on Engagement Purchase Please!

    You need to take it out in bright sunlight and see if it turns milky. That being said, Strong Fluorescence being an issue is very rare. I seriously doubt it is an issue. According to a study GIA performed, only about 1% of diamonds exhibit a negative effect from SF. Matter of fact, Brian...