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  1. msop04

    Help needed between two Tiffany & Co. rings

    I like the 0.91 stone better.
  2. msop04

    Help needed between two Tiffany & Co. rings

    Those are really blurry.. can you post the table, depth, crown angle, and pavilion angle for each? ETA: gotta run... hopefully someone will look at these soon!
  3. msop04

    Feral kitty shelter!

    God, I love this so much!!!!
  4. msop04

    Help needed between two Tiffany & Co. rings

    We'd need more specs. Can you list the information from the paperwork for each diamond?
  5. msop04

    OWD + CVB: Modified Chloe E-Ring (Videos & CADs... The wait begins!!)

    This is absolutely stunning! Can't wait to see it!
  6. msop04

    Need some help with a small budget ;(

    In your early 20's, it's my opinion that a promise ring is childish. Get her a diamond you can afford NOW (from a vendor with a generous upgrade policy)... get the setting she wants to wear NOW. Propose to her with it for real... a marriage proposal. Longer engagements are done all the time...
  7. msop04

    Where were you born and where do you live now

    Born in southeast TN, live in Birmingham, AL area now.
  8. msop04

    Need some help with a small budget ;(

    I agree with @yssie... a bezel would be young and super wearable.
  9. msop04

    The progress of my engagment rings transformation....

    Looks great - very cool!
  10. msop04

    Would you rather have a second bathroom or in unit laundry?

    Laundry. All day long.
  11. msop04

    Impulse purchases (not just bling related)

    LOL I don't know if I've done well or just have an addiction! :bigsmile:
  12. msop04

    Please rethink your Pricescope privacy options

    Same... I've never been able to find anything using the PS search function, only google.
  13. msop04

    Impulse purchases (not just bling related)

    @missy... I'm gonna need a link for this sweater. ;)
  14. msop04

    Impulse purchases (not just bling related)

    Missy, I send back about 30% of what I order. I even shop for clothes on Amazon. I just order different sizes and color to see what I like and send the rest back - easy peasy! ;)
  15. msop04

    Impulse purchases (not just bling related)

    According to my app, I've had 158 deliveries this year.... and I don't know whether I feel a little embarrassed or proud. HA!!
  16. msop04

    Impulse purchases (not just bling related)

    Another Amazon addict, right here... :shifty:
  17. msop04

    Impulse purchases (not just bling related)

    :halo: OMG, I love this sweater!!! I wish I was skinny enough to pull it off! LOL My impulse purchases are almost always on Amazon Prime... that way I can get the rush of seeing them, then send them back a few days later when I realize they were a bad idea. :halo:
  18. msop04

    What is the most traumatic and/or stressful thing or event you have ever experienced?

    The second trimester miscarriage of our son. I can't really talk about it. This year, my husband lost his dad unexpectedly at only 64 years old, we had two miscarriages (one second trimester and another pretty early at about 6 weeks), and I lost my cat of 19 years. It's been a tough year for...
  19. msop04

    Diamond Setting - Solitaire

    Because they look just like a stock setting. As someone mentioned previously, it looks as if they're picking a band and a head and putting them together, with no real styling. If they aren't stock and are made there, then I'd still recommend any of the other settings posted here, for the...
  20. msop04

    MY DH JUST surprised me with this!!!

    Oh wow! Now that's a band!! :))
  21. msop04

    CAD Help!

    I don't think Tiffany settings are hand forged. Someone correct me if I'm wrong.
  22. msop04

    Diamond Setting - Solitaire

    Oops! I meant to post the Tiffany 6-prong with the 1.0 ct stone...
  23. msop04

    Diamond Setting - Solitaire

    Since your jeweler is ordering stock settings, have you looked at Stuller or Adwar?? Here are some of my favorites from Adwar... you can get them in whatever metal you like. Most all of these are shown with 1 ct centers and matching band, but of course you don't have to get that - get whatever...
  24. msop04

    Diamond Setting - Solitaire

    Why have your local jeweler design when there are so many lovely stock ones out there? Stuller and Adwar have gorgeous settings. If you wanted to spend a little more for custom, there's always CVB and others... Vatche is stock, but can be customized a little as well.
  25. msop04

    CAD Help!

    I actually think the CADs look pretty spot on. Of course, it depends on who is making the ring as to whether the end result will be what you're looking for. ETA: who is the jeweler? Is it David Klass? (looks like his CADs)
  26. msop04

    CAD and Waxes

    I feel like the sides (boxes) will be polished down.
  27. msop04

    Three must have books on that desert island...

    Fifty Shades Trilogy. Done. You're welcome. ;)
  28. msop04

    What sales tactic raises concern for you?

    ::) Good grief... this made me uncomfortable just reading it! We had a vacuum cleaner salesman come to our door just as we were leaving for dinner with my FIL. I politely told him we weren't interested in buying a vacuum, so I didn't want him to waste his time (or mine). I could have...