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    Can you share a time when you realized a friend wasn't really your friend?

    I think it all comes down to jealousy, sadly. I find this is such a horrible trait in humans. You are such a kind person and blessed with good friends and in a happy marriage. Instead of being happy for you, some people just can't take it. As if your joy would take anything away from them...To...
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    Can you share a time when you realized a friend wasn't really your friend?

    @luv2sparkle, so sorry this is happening to you. You're a great mum. You are taking the high road for your dd, and that shows how much you care. In cases where you cannot or do not wish to go no contact, trying to limit contact might help. I have had good results with consciously distancing...
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    Can you share a time when you realized a friend wasn't really your friend?

    I haven't experienced this (yet? ) and my heart goes out to everyone who has... I had a narcissistic manipulative "friend" once, but I never relied on her or thought of her to be a true blue friend. I was doing A LOT stuff for her and she did manipulate me into some guilt trips, but I take it...
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    Definitely crossing all our fingers that you guys DO NOT hear from your vet! Healing vibes re. your arm! Good thing you applied antibiotics right away. My doctor friends regularly remind me that cat bites require caution.
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    Shorter and colder days make me feel sad

    Hugs @missy! November is dreary, especially since my dad passed away in November... Take good care of yourself and indulge in all the wonderful Hanukkah and christmas traditions as early as possible . The Nordic countries have so many cosy pre Christmas traditions, because the short days would...
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    Car Thread - Evoque or Discovery?

    Hiw exciting for you!!!! I'm no expert, but one of my best friends bought an evoque 4years ago, because she thought it looked so great and would transition well between city and countryside driving. For her it turned out that the real 4x4 skills weren't enough. She sold it at a huge loss after...
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    How much homework for kindergarten?

    Completely agree with you on most accounts @arkieb1 . Balance is key and I'm convinced NO screen isn't a solution, because children won't learn how responsibly use all the devices. My casual observation is that the addiction potential seems to vary widely from child to child, as every addiction...
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    How much homework for kindergarten?

    @arkieb1 I don't think just because your child is still intelligent, the consensus of many scientists, that screen time causes an addiction similar to drug addiction isn't wrong.
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    Engagement Ring - Antique Old Mine Cut - DFW

    I keep hearing great things about Adam from Old world Diamonds, who's unfortunately in NYC as well. But might be interesting for price comps and whi knowsb, maybe one could arrange for a viewing at an appraiser /partnernin your area, if you're not comfortable with buying siggt unseen, even if...
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    How much homework for kindergarten?

    I've had kids in two very different pre school and elementary school systems. In Germany kids have very play oriented kindergarten time, no homework, first grade starts at roughly 6. In France school starts at age 3, everything is very much about "serious learning" from a very very young age...
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    Where were you born and where do you live now

    Born in Germany, live in France now
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    Self-checkout lanes - Love or Hate em?

    I know! But the Euro one hasn't (there's only one in continental Europe... Right in my area, YAY)
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    @Tekate thanks for having the energy and strength to stand up for what's right. Im feeding baby and 2 toddlers and can't type fast enough with one hand. But the future generations will thank you! Hugs and peace from across the pond!
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    Self-checkout lanes - Love or Hate em?

    Sorry, I thought it was clear from the context . *Here* is Germany and France. And yes, different living conditions necessite different offerings. I love Costco so much, because I feel like going on a holiday to the US! Everything is conviently huge (parking spaces, carts, containers...)...
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    Self-checkout lanes - Love or Hate em?

    Actually this is a cultural misunderstanding. ALDI is a German supermarket. They brought their own equipment. Here, there have never been employees anywhere to return the individual carts (they do have people to manage their cart park, who bring the carts to the different stations, etc) . One...
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    SW OTK boots

    Missy!!! Thanks for the link to duo boots! Just what I needed. I quite like JCrew Sadie otk boots and was at SW last weekend, but I've been looking for a classic black riding boot for ages. I have slim ankles and calves, want a round toe, very small heel and nubuck. No line on the foot parts...
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    Amen to this, missy! That's how we've been doing it doe a while now. The best gift is the glow in my kids' eyes. Brings me right back into my own childhood, when christmas was soo magical and wonderful. We don't do Thanksgiving in Germany or France, but then we get together for hours and hours...
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    Best gift your DH/SO ever bought for you

    Aww, missy I feel the same way about my parents. They gave me the gift of a great, warm home and beloved childhood. Unconditional love, really and truly and on top of that a very empathetic and liberal and educated view of the world. Plus my education. I've always loved them and appreciated all...
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    Menu suggestions for brunch menu...Please?

    I just read about your crazy logistics and instantly thought : mini blinis. I buy excellent quality blinis (our European Costco has decent ones). Then I prepare fancy - ish toppings that are rather easy to prepare and store them in single use piping bags. Mine aren't cut open in the front , so...
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    My wedding set is here!

    Perfect @gregchang35 and so meaningful! All the best wishes for you and your awesome family!
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    Healing vibes to Freddie!! I can relate, we've had a horrible stomach bug in the family last week. Keeping fingers crossed it's "just" a stomach flu... And best wishes to the crayon as well :-)
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    Name one thing you love about being older

    Everyone who has hit the big 5-0 around me keeps telling me that 50 is like 30 plus that chilled Idgad - attitude several posters describe above, so they're all pretty darn pleased with the situation!
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    Big blue beauty arrived today.

    Had yo come back to the so impressed! The pearl is a beauty, the setting will be glorious as well. Hearts are so tricky. Can be tacky or old fashioned or banal. But if done right, like here, they are so stunning and sentimental!! And that Ruby. Just the right contrast to give it the...
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    Name one thing you love about being older

    I appreciate that I have understood that people who say nasty things actually think this about themselves.
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    Big blue beauty arrived today.

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    Am I going to regret keeping this eternity band?

    Congratulations on this beautiful set! Swoonworthy!! I'm very much in the "live in the now" camp. And just offer another anecdotical example : during and after 6pregnancies all my clothes sizes have gone up, BUT my fingers, wrists and feet.. So: who knows? Enjoy your gorgeous set!
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    I just wanna say -- the random comments thread

    I just found it a way to undermine the local anti puppy mill efforts and people who just want a dog like any other good/item shop for one on the internet on a trendy looking web page now. Several decades of activism have not led to any real insight. People still buy their pets on a whim. Now on...
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    I just wanna say -- the random comments thread

    Oh man, my belief in the future of mankind shattered a bit today... We met a super cute super child friendly mini pomeranian (tiny, chihuahua size). He was uber friendly, so I asked which breeder he was from, hoping she had not bought him from a shop. In France, unfortunately pet shops are...
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    Tesla X?

    DH has one, we're quite happy. So much fun to drive and the Tesla superchargers are impressive. We charge at lightning speed for free.Dhs office has a regular charging station, though, so convenient for him.