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  1. mellowyellowgirl

    Specific Gravity of Grade B Jadeite

    Haha yes I've got everything I want too. I went from no Jade to all the Jade. Peacing out now. Things I've learnt along the way: *Back covering is evil and often unnecessary. A total pain to clean *I don't care for pendants. They make me itch. On the bright side little sis has amassed a...
  2. mellowyellowgirl

    I got the zircon!

    That's a gorgeous collection @Shijitake Love love love your pad and emerald especially!!!!! You did good!!!! Especially with the pad which is so hard to find and hard to find something that doesn't look butchered cut wise. Would you ever add a jade cab to the collection? Surprisingly enough...
  3. mellowyellowgirl

    Padparadscha journey

    That looks like a browny mauve to me.
  4. mellowyellowgirl

    I got the zircon!

    Very pretty!!! Congratulations! Very happy to see you enjoying your collection! When you have time again I'd love to see a collection pic.
  5. mellowyellowgirl

    stone options for sugarloaf ring?

    Not a sugarloaf but I've banged my Jade cab a few times and it's been fine. Not a scratch. I've also banged the more delicate Jade flower carved rings and they've all been fine. The moh score is low but it seems really tough to me.
  6. mellowyellowgirl

    Big, glowy and included tsavorite... To buy or not?

    @icy_jade you better declare right now what that Divine red ring you're wearing is!!!! The tsav is amazing though!!!! I didn't know they could glow like that. I'm broke so I'll settle for being green with envy.
  7. mellowyellowgirl

    Big, glowy and included tsavorite... To buy or not?

    That is deliciously glowy. Just gorgeous! Well done!!!!!
  8. mellowyellowgirl

    Gia report pic

    Hehe ok I can empathize with how you feel about spinel because I'm like that with Tourmaline. I tell hubby Tourmaline is the stone where sparkles go to die :P2
  9. mellowyellowgirl

    Gia report pic

    Ok I think I get you. I bought a yellow diamond many years ago and then imagined that every coloured stone would sparkle like that. I was terribly disappointed when they didn't. I find spinels way sparklier than sapphire. Chrysoberyl and zircon too. I find that Sapphire needs a lot of help...
  10. mellowyellowgirl

    Gia report pic

    Are you looking for more sparkle or a brighter colour? When you look at the stone what do you wish it would improve on?
  11. mellowyellowgirl

    Gia report pic

    It is pricey but it doesn't look dark to me and I'm normally someone who hates dark things that look like bullet holes. That said at that price you definitely should love it to keep it!
  12. mellowyellowgirl

    Gia report pic

    I would love to see more pictures of it anytime you want to post! How many carats is it?
  13. mellowyellowgirl

    Gia report pic

    I would say that is pretty true to photo for me! There is always a margin of what the camera does and doesn't capture but that is beautiful and close enough to the original photos given that screens display pictures differently too. Also agree cut is very personal. I recently bought a crooked...
  14. mellowyellowgirl

    What specific talent do you wish you had?

    To sing beautifully!!!! I want to open my mouth and sound like Sierra Boggess or Lea Salonga! OMG The things I could do with a voice like that!!!
  15. mellowyellowgirl

    Icy’s CS adventures

    haha you have been a busy girl!!!!!! Did you find your dream blue??? Is that your dream blue?
  16. mellowyellowgirl

    What is the most selfish thing you do just for yourself?

    Definitely my gems! And one day a week I don't cook or take care of the boys. I just peace out.
  17. mellowyellowgirl

    If you could do one amazing thing for one person or one animal

    Does it involve super powers Missy??? Or just normal stuff??? If it's super powers I'd bring my old dog back to life in his prime. He loved living, enjoyed getting check ups at the vet and I know he would have wanted to love longer. He loved being alive and getting an advantage so I would...
  18. mellowyellowgirl

    You can only have ONE ring, which one would you keep?

    My DBL yellow diamond ring. Not only do I adore it, I suspect it would be hard to recreate.
  19. mellowyellowgirl

    What are you wearing today?! Show me your CS!

    Giant jade in paradise :lol:
  20. mellowyellowgirl

    Do I need this aqua?

    Have you written it off @JPie ? Can you bargain it down?
  21. mellowyellowgirl

    What are you wearing today?! Show me your CS!

    I love this stone so much. It just glows like pink kryptonite!
  22. mellowyellowgirl

    Do I need this aqua?

    We'd have to guestimate and assume the ring is real. @JPie is a seasoned buyer so I'm guessing she's not going to drop money on this unless it's verified to be real. Any PSers willing to help cost this ring on the assumption that it's all genuine untreated stones??????
  23. mellowyellowgirl

    Do I need this aqua?

    Gorgeous statement ring but not at that price. ETA: Actually is there anyway we can do a breakdown to see how much it will cost to recreate the ring? I just realised the halo is pretty large.....
  24. mellowyellowgirl

    My Little Ball of Sunshine

    Beautiful Elle. The color of that Sapphire is amazing. Pure sunshine bright yellow
  25. mellowyellowgirl

    Would like opinions on which setting for my new cushion cut ruby

    I like the second one. The color of the stone will still pop but there will be enough frufru for finger coverage. I have a small stone in a ring full of frufru too and as long as the stone is a bright strong color it will still stand out.
  26. mellowyellowgirl

    Your Latest Jewelry Purchases/Things You're Considering.... Here is a link to one of his old Livestreams. If you add him as a friend on Facebook you will get notifications of when his Livestream are on. There are several every day. You can also message him and tell him what...
  27. mellowyellowgirl

    Your Latest Jewelry Purchases/Things You're Considering....

    I've sent him a message to ask permission to share his details. Let you know as soon as I get a response!
  28. mellowyellowgirl

    Round sapphire with no window?

    I recommend Mastercut Gems for well cut rounds. It's rare to find a window in one of their stones and the price is decent. I personally find rounds usually have less windows than other shapes and the windows can usually be hidden depending on how big...
  29. mellowyellowgirl

    Gene's newest stones (precision gem)

    Good question Elle!!! This is not an answer in relation to Gene's stones specifically as I personally think he's decently priced but I find a lot of the gems from the trusted vendors very overpriced. Very small stones for a fair bit of money. I think at a certain point people will trade cut...
  30. mellowyellowgirl

    An Emerald, Diamond, and South Sea Pearl Convertible Necklace.

    Votee for the pearl and emerald necklace. Stunning!!!