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  1. OoohShiny

    Car Thread - Evoque or Discovery?

    I think there are a lot of variables here that must be considered! Was it the two-wheel drive variant? Did it have winter tyres / 'mud and snow' tyres on it? Was there any potential element of 'user error'? :P lol
  2. OoohShiny

    Car Thread - Evoque or Discovery?

    Have a look through the Pistonheads forum for LR info - it is ultra-cynical, full of pedants and a totally negative PITA sometimes :lol: but the consensus on there seems to be that you don't buy a LR for reliability! lol The Evoque is the smaller one, isn't it? They look pretty good and are...
  3. OoohShiny

    How to care for a found cat?

    Congratulations on your awesome new pet cat! :D Looks like you are now his adopted staff, sorry, owner ;) so I hope he brings you years of joy! :))
  4. OoohShiny

    Need help with finding a diamond

    James Allen recently removed the grading reports from their website, in order to create more customer interaction and (apparently) increase sales, but it makes it a total hassle to search for stones on there now :| I don't have time right now to check but have a look at Whiteflash, Brian Gavin...
  5. OoohShiny

    List of MMD / Laboratory Grown Diamond sellers

    Ooh, I didn't realise but it looks like @Durham Rose work with MMD :))
  6. OoohShiny

    Found A Phosphorescent Diamond, Help!

    I stumbled on this Instagram post and thought of this thread! It is illustrating MMD fluorescence but covers LW vs SW excitation :))
  7. OoohShiny

    Insta Keto

    Has this one escaped the net? lol
  8. OoohShiny

    Princess Cut advise... please help

    Congratulations! That's turned out really nicely :))
  9. OoohShiny

    My London Proposal!

    Do you know what... I came back to this thread and now I'm wondering if this is just a post to drive traffic to their YouTube channel... :| It makes me sad that I'm this cynical :( but one post and done? :???:
  10. OoohShiny

    Buying synthetic/lab grown opal (UK)

    @jordyonbass is a PS member who has set up as a vendor of (mined) opals, but he is based in Aus - you should be able to click on his name in this reply and pull up his profile, which I am sure will have a link to his site :) Other than that, I think @kevnick80 is based in Scotland and has a...
  11. OoohShiny

    My London Proposal!

    Congratulations! :)) And well done to your other half for finding somewhere for the big moment that wasn't heaving with tourists :D lol
  12. OoohShiny

    New GIA traceability collection

    Interesting! I've seen this mentioned a couple of times on here recently (in terms of it being potentially attractive to purchasers who might consider MMD as more 'mind clean' from a ethical point of view, IIRC) so it's interesting to see them making a thing of it. I guess all stones are...
  13. OoohShiny

    Best place to buy MMD online?

    Ideally we'd be able to get an ASETscope image but GCAL does already do its own versions on its grading reports - which can be compared between each other but not directly with ASET as we know it... (at least not without some understanding of how GCAL splits and colour-codes the angle ranges it...
  14. OoohShiny


    The 97% claim appears to be extremely shaky: Is the situation you describe not comparable to if/when a river diverts course and floods a new area of land but leaves the original route as dry riverbed? Or a beaver dams...
  15. OoohShiny


    Fixed that for you ;-) :lol: There is so much discussion around whether or not CO2 is causing the climate to change, or whether or not it actually follows (rather than causes) changes in global temperature, it would need a thread on its own and would likely never reach consensus, seeing as...
  16. OoohShiny

    Best place to buy MMD online?

    Thank you so much for your help, @denverappraiser! :))
  17. OoohShiny

    Self-checkout lanes - Love or Hate em?

    They are sweeping the UK and I'm really not that keen, for the reasons many have already mentioned above. I pay cash for 95% of stuff to give me at least some privacy, yet I'm told that makes my bank statements look suspicious, because cash is only used for things one wouldn't want recorded...
  18. OoohShiny

    What specific talent do you wish you had?

    lol That reminds me of the story a friend once told me, about being the only two white people in a club catering for the local black community - the bouncer chucked them out, saying 'you white boys can't dance' :lol: (which was probably true, knowing him :lol: )
  19. OoohShiny

    Researching a business

    +1 to this. As a much wiser person than me once said, never mix business and pleasure!
  20. OoohShiny

    Which Old Cut Diamond would you choose and why?

    I am not an expert but they all look pretty nice to my eyes!
  21. OoohShiny

    Help me find a loose diamond please!

    Put your desired range of specs into the PS search bar at the top of the forum - select GIA XXX and AGS 000, then select 'Excellent' in the HCA section of the Filters, and that should weed out stones that are most likely to perform well.
  22. OoohShiny

    Need help with this HCA 0.9 diamond

    I've not run the numbers through the HCA tool but my initial thoughts are that all of those diamonds should be fine and give scores under 2, which is what PS recommends for a high-performing stone. My preference is not your preference, of course ;) so you need to consider your priorities -...
  23. OoohShiny

    What specific talent do you wish you had?

    I wish my brain was wired for languages but it really isn't - a family friend once said he knew someone who worked for the EU or the UN, and she was fluent in about 7 languages and could get by in about 19 in all (because some are similar to others). I'd love to be able to go anywhere and have...
  24. OoohShiny

    Opinions on this 2.64, SI1, H

    IMHO that is an awesome SI1 in terms of clarity - super-clean under the table, with no reflections of inclusions to be seen, and the inclusions are all near the girdle and spaced out at 1/3 of the circumference, so setting it with a 6-prong setting might mean they can all be hidden under prongs...
  25. OoohShiny

    Super ideal cut appearing yellow in some lighting

    Your ring looks lovely :)) I'm sorry you had the hassles with the setting - I am sure that @Texas Leaguer will have used the situation as a learning opportunity with his team, in order that the same situation can avoid being repeated in the future. I am pleased you have a ring you are happy...
  26. OoohShiny

    Researching a business

    Is this in the UK or elsewhere? Companies House in the UK has details of company directors and financial statements/reporting that has been lodged with them, amongst other things, but I'm not sure if the same exists for other countries.
  27. OoohShiny

    Name one thing you love about being older

    This! I had a nightmare ex - it was only after hanging out a couple of years after we broke up, when I was trying to get over another break-up (for the record, nothing untoward happened!! :lol: ) that I realised I could in fact just walk away when crap was kicking off. It was what I believe...
  28. OoohShiny

    Need help with this HCA 0.9 diamond

    Nothing wrong with that, as I understand things. Table at the smaller end of the PS-recommended range should mean great opportunity for fire from the crown facets, and the longer, 80% LGFs should mean the area under the table does not suffer with 'all on / all off' issues (which I believe might...
  29. OoohShiny

    Best place to buy MMD online?

    2... 2.1... Garry has previously said that up to mid-2s should be fine - they just need extra analysis, I believe! Will look forward to your thoughts when it arrives :))