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  1. Dcrafty1

    Blue Nile Luna Eternity

    Beautiful set. Very classy. I can’t see a color difference in the pictures.
  2. Dcrafty1

    Newly engaged and happy to share my round solitaire

    Congratulations on your engagement. Beautiful ring.
  3. Dcrafty1

    Super ideal cut appearing yellow in some lighting

    I have an ACA G. My G is totally white in all of the environments you see yours as white. It’s also white from the side. I seldom see any tint except when it’s dirty. However sometimes my ring appears light yellow from the top view. I’ve deleted most of those pictures but I have one when I...
  4. Dcrafty1

    How much does it cost to engrave?

    O Along the same lines. My er wasn’t engraved. After we’re married , I was hoping to put our initials and wedding date on the bands and just our engagement date on the er. I was wondering if we needed a jeweler to do this or can any engraving place do it. I mean will the rings be harmed in...
  5. Dcrafty1

    Someone Should scoop these Costco $629 1CTW I VS2

    @Mamabean This is going to sound crazy do you live in the Katy TX area. Reason I ask my Volvo XC60 was in for maintenance one Saturday a few months ago and a woman walked in. I noticed three things about her 1) her Ring was absolutely Gorgeous 2) she had the most beautiful well mannered dog...
  6. Dcrafty1

    Help Please - Imminent Proposal

    THIS!! I was told by Jarads that this was the best. Never ever did they mention cut. We left with the intention of buying the ring. I was furious when I found out my FH didn’t buy it and someone else had. But that turned out to be a blessing My “sulking” led me to educating myself on...
  7. Dcrafty1

    Super ideal... TOO sparkly?

    Yes and a good friend implied such. Maybe that's why no one compliments me on my ring. They don't know a well cut diamond from a Moissy (or any other well cut stone). I love my ring and wouldn't change it for the world. The sparkle and FIRE is everything. Thanks PS, I would have been one of...
  8. Dcrafty1

    How have people reacted to your new diamond?

    Because he's always called her Princess LOL. WF sells ACA Princess cut as well. Not sure if they sparkle as much as the rounds but I'm sure BETTER than any mall Princess diamond.
  9. Dcrafty1

    How have people reacted to your new diamond?

    Fortunately, I'm friends/colleagues with both of them. I've known her much longer than him. I'm not sure if he will tell her or not. She was also one that never said oh or ah'd over my ring. I'm thinking she must of said something to him privately for him to tell me he was about to buy a ring...
  10. Dcrafty1

    still in love with your micropave?

    Granted I've only had mine for three months. I love the Pave look. The only thing I wish I could change is when it's dirty it looks "dull". But when cleaned, I love the glittery look.
  11. Dcrafty1

    How have people reacted to your new diamond?

    I've been wanting to post this very same thing for months now. I got engaged three months ago. I thought when I got my ring I would hear the oh's and ah's. Nothing. My mother and brother did but that's it. Co-workers would say let me see your ring and then nothing. I must say prior to ring...
  12. Dcrafty1

    High Performance Diamonds Review

    Congratulations. Beautiful Ring
  13. Dcrafty1

    Ring in the house, timeline Now - June...

    Beautiful ring. Congratulations on your engagement
  14. Dcrafty1

    Concern about buying online

    Congratulations. Gorgeous ring on her hand
  15. Dcrafty1

    Concern about buying online

    1) sorry for all your woes 2) it’s perfect and beautiful 3) she will say YES! 4) My ring did not come with an appraisal but JewelersMutual emailed me with quote and everything based on what WF sent to them. We chose to go that route. 5) Good Luck , Congratulations, Best Wishes and enjoy...
  16. Dcrafty1

    Show me your 1 - 2 ct center stones!

    My 1.5 G S1 ACA size 6 finger. Engaged in March
  17. Dcrafty1

    HPD NY Classic featuring a 1.23 E SI2 CBI

    Beautiful. It looks perfect on your hands
  18. Dcrafty1

    The Journey Continues...Her Wedding Band CAD's

    Beautiful. I think it’s even more special knowithis entire set was designed for her by you. Makes the ring a lifer in my sentimental mind. Congratulations
  19. Dcrafty1

    My 2.53 ct ACA is on my finger!

    Your ring is gorgeous. Congratulations
  20. Dcrafty1

    Tiffany true...which one should i pick

    Your ring is very beautiful.
  21. Dcrafty1

    Thoughts on this diamond?

    It’s beautiful
  22. Dcrafty1

    Custom ACA Pendant

    Beautiful. Brittany is excellent to work with.
  23. Dcrafty1

    Am I allowed to ask this? (poll)

    This will be me. I even started a post about it yesterday. I have a nice ring now but I know I will want to upgrade to 2.0. He says maybe for our 10 year anniversary. He’s very sentimental. I really thought I would be too. :think:
  24. Dcrafty1

    Question for the men

    Do you get upset when we want to upgrade or change our er? How long before it’s okay. I just received my ring and because I had so much input (like All) my fiancé says I shouldn’t expect to upgrade until at least our 10 year anniversary. I can definitely see myself with a 2 carat F...
  25. Dcrafty1

    The Fire Thread!

    on my way home from work today. Ps. I’m on the passenger side. My fiancé and I work together. He gets to drive. I get to take pictures I used to only have pictures of family on my phone. Now it’s my ring everyday lol
  26. Dcrafty1

    Lavish cleaning foam from HPD is easy to use and does an Ex. job.

    I just ordered today too. Can’t wait to try it.
  27. Dcrafty1

    Question on super ideal diamonds.

    I’ve only had my ACA for a little over a week now. But my experience has been sunlight, elevators, supermarkets, led lighting my baby goes crazy. Fire everywhere. I’m getting finger exercise just watching her perform. My offi d has dim fluorescent overhead lighting. I seldom see any fire but...