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  1. Catmom

    An Emerald, Diamond, and South Sea Pearl Convertible Necklace.

    Wow, your wife's jewelry is simply the best. I am in love with the emerald and diamond!!!
  2. Catmom

    My wedding set is here!

    What an awesome set!! You know I'm on board with the FCDs. Perfection!
  3. Catmom

    #JOTW She's on her way!

    What a beautiful ring! Congratulations on 20 years!!
  4. Catmom

    Show me your July rubies!

    Really love this setting!
  5. Catmom

    Gray Spinel and Diamond Ring + Capsule Jewelry Wardrobe

    Gorgeous ring on a beautiful hand equals perfection!
  6. Catmom

    My Little Ball of Sunshine

    It's gorgeous! Perfect color sapphire to go in that setting. Just beautiful!
  7. Catmom

    Opal? What kind is it?

    I love it no matter what it is!
  8. Catmom

    I just wanna say -- the random comments thread

    o_Oo_Oo_Oo_Oo_Oo_Oo_Oo_O Thud!!!!!!!
  9. Catmom

    1ct Q/R bezel heart pendant

    I didn't used to like them either until my hubby bought me one and I immediately changed my mind. A well cut heart is amazing.
  10. Catmom

    The Pricescope Hall of Fame - Iconic Pricescope jewelry

    Thank you so much gemgirl! You make me blush! LOL :oops:
  11. Catmom

    Another band to add to my collection!

    Oh I love it! It looks perfect with your ring. You kill me with all these lovely finds!
  12. Catmom

    MY DH JUST surprised me with this!!!

    What a wonderful gift and hubby!!!
  13. Catmom

    1ct Q/R bezel heart pendant

    Beautiful pendant! I love the heart shaped diamond.
  14. Catmom

    Floral diamond necklace. This use to be a ring.

    Oh I love how it turned out, it's gorgeous and you would never know! :kiss2:
  15. Catmom

    Lavender Spinel Reset!

    Love the reset! The cut and color are amazing!
  16. Catmom

    Any Hot Pink Sapphire on PS?

    I guess I should add my bracelet and my dragonfly pin.
  17. Catmom

    Show me your July rubies!

    Absolutely gorgeous! I love the setting it's in too!
  18. Catmom

    My first eternity band...and my favorite color!

    I love it, especially that shade of pink. It makes a beautiful stack.
  19. Catmom

    The dream team - Mrs-B's completed earring collection.

    Gorgeous collection! I love seeing them all in the same place!
  20. Catmom

    Aquamarine in Platinum Art Deco Halo

  21. Catmom

    Jewelry delivery day!

    Lovely! Replacing pears can make all the difference!
  22. Catmom

    A different color combo- pendant by Daniel M

    Very nice and I love the back!!
  23. Catmom

    Apparently they don't like us....

    Can't wait to see what you end up with mrs-b, especially if it is a blue. You know how much I love those! It was a strange thing for him to say to you but I would still meet with him. Just go into it with a healthy skepticism.
  24. Catmom

    Yummy vanilla 1.93ct R AVC

    It's going to be so gorgeous, especially with the settings you are looking at!
  25. Catmom

    Genuine opal?

    I've seen some opal pieces that are advertised as natural opal but are really crushed opal in some kind of suspension. It could be that.
  26. Catmom

    So this just happened

    Oh my gosh, it's stunning!! I am soooooo jealous. You always find the best pieces!