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  1. PreRaphaelite

    Update on my new refurbished ring *pics*

    Congratulations! It’s absolutely lovely!
  2. PreRaphaelite

    Various gems I’m debating on setting

    The setting you showed the yellow spessartite with is amazing! How about some details on that? The black background with the earth toned melee is stunning!
  3. PreRaphaelite

    stone options for sugarloaf ring?

    I saw this on IG and immediately thought of the stone recently posted by @PerSweden
  4. PreRaphaelite

    How to care for a found cat?

    Both mine are ragdolls from a breeder in California (they were bought by a nice lady in Texas who kept them for 4 years and then sought a rescue who would promise to keep them together for life...... she couldn’t find one so she reached out for an adopter, so thats how I came to adopt them). I...
  5. PreRaphaelite

    How to care for a found cat?

    As Missy mentioned, if you have an enclosed shower, you can take him in for a bath, as long as you’re prepared for one yourself. Some people prefer to wear jeans and heavy sweatshirts for this task as they will protect you from claws.... and they’ll be soaked afterward so throw them in the wash...
  6. PreRaphaelite

    How to care for a found cat?

    Aaahhhahahahhahah! Two of my three are siblings. The brother is always deviling the sister. He’s responsible for so much chaos! Ate a diamond once. Argh. But I can’t stay mad at him. He looks so unimpressed! I’m sure he thinks to himself, “stupid human” One cat I had years back would jump down...
  7. PreRaphaelite

    How to care for a found cat?

    The more varied the diet he gets, the better. Most people find a kibble they like, have it openly available all day, and then add canned food twice a day. Many vets think that’s unfortunate because it undermines the prey drive which should be harnessed to build health. Jackson Galaxy is an...
  8. PreRaphaelite

    How to care for a found cat?

    Brush him daily. There’s a nice brush called TangleTeezer (yep you guessed it, amazon) that I bought for my cats and they love it and it really works. Unless he gets urine soaked or faeces on his bottom (“dingle berries”) he will take care of his own bathing. A warm water wash cloth (no soap...
  9. PreRaphaelite

    How to care for a found cat?

    Pure gratitude
  10. PreRaphaelite

    How to care for a found cat?

    Some shelters charge a surrender fee, around $15. That’s why. When I worked rescue, we saw it all the time. So sad. Sometimes humans suck. But then there are people like you, who are the exception to that rule. He loves you! What a happy ending!
  11. PreRaphaelite

    Diamond ruby bracelet

    If Romanov won’t help, contact Dave Atlas for an appraisal, and ask Jewels by Grace or Lang if they will consign, and how much you could expect to get. If the net value isn’t high enough to your liking, list it (once appraised) on LoupeTroop. :-)
  12. PreRaphaelite

    How to care for a found cat?

    Congratulations on your new bestie! Thanks @JPie for tagging me. I haven’t read all the posts because I’m at dinner, but here’s my response. I’ll give you my opinion, but as I haven’t seen him in person, please remember this is my opinion and a vet might say different. He looks like an...
  13. PreRaphaelite

    Will this cavity be an issue?

    Return it, as quickly as you can. PS experts will help you find a much better stone and it will absolutely be worth any amount of inconvenience as you’ll wind up getting a better stone and a better value for money. You certainly came to the right place for advice!
  14. PreRaphaelite

    Old Euro looking for input please!

    Keep looking - you can find something much better!
  15. PreRaphaelite

    Need HELP

    An excellent suggestion.
  16. PreRaphaelite

    stone options for sugarloaf ring?

    Just another option, this one in 18k white gold and a live auction ending tomorrow. Just sharing, in case anyone likes it. I think the setting is gorgeous!
  17. PreRaphaelite

    Help setting an O colored 1.59ct AVC diamond

    I’d love to see it surrounded by whiskey colored spinel! But then it would look amazing with any surround <3
  18. PreRaphaelite

    High Performance Diamonds Ring remodel

    It is great to know that HPD does this kind of work. Beautiful result!
  19. PreRaphaelite

    My new vintage citrine ring!

    Oooh! And just in time for falling leaves and quiet sunsets! So beautiful!
  20. PreRaphaelite

    I’m resetting my tapered baguette setting..

    Sorry for the thread jack but I’d love to see a pic of the empty LM setting. Just for fun. :-)
  21. PreRaphaelite

    Wrongfully imprisoned, now free: meet Edwina’s former cellmate!

    Ha! Thanks @Ibrakeforpossums! Whenever you see a Jeep in a Florida pawn shop parking lot, you can be sure all the old cut diamonds will be *sold out*
  22. PreRaphaelite

    Which Old Cut Diamond would you choose and why?

    Number two has very crisp details, which many PSers enjoy. Personally the third would be my choice, all other things being equal. The culet seals the deal!
  23. PreRaphaelite

    Feeling gloomy - advice about where to get ring made

    Delete delete delete! Keep your chin up and keep looking. :-)
  24. PreRaphaelite

    LGD Man Made diamonds are going to change natural diamonds for the better

    But they also don’t care about buying from retail. Many upcoming buyers will be happy to scour flea markets and pawn shops. It is the gamification of diamond shopping. I think Rap made reference to the surge in demand for Estate. Many millennials prefer vintage over ‘new’ (never mind that to...
  25. PreRaphaelite

    Feeling gloomy - advice about where to get ring made

    ^ | | | | excellent advice and explanation well said
  26. PreRaphaelite

    Show Me Your Diamond Studs!

    Those are so gorgeous! Another amazing result from his bench. I cannot wait to see ear shots! You must be over the moon with excitement. :-)
  27. PreRaphaelite

    Feeling gloomy - advice about where to get ring made

    I think $1500 is realistic if you have time to spend *And* you’re willing to search pawn shops and estate sales. There is an adage for this: You can have two of the following: cheap, fast, or good. Cheap & fast but not a good result. Fast & good, but not cheap. Cheap & good, but not fast...
  28. PreRaphaelite

    #JOTW My ER from the 1930s

    Congratulations! No one deserves this more than your beauty!
  29. PreRaphaelite

    Wrongfully imprisoned, now free: meet Edwina’s former cellmate!

    Here is a close-up shot of the old OMC that the new girl would replace. I think it would be a real improvement so it seems like a good decision to upgrade my daily-wear ring. I hope others will agree. My next question is.... to whom should I send? The prongs are rough now, but will likely be...