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  1. LLJsmom

    Can you share a time when you realized a friend wasn't really your friend?

    Hard thread @missy courageous of you to broach. Yes, once in middle school and it still hurts but I understand. And I still really care about her and wish her the best. I just didn’t fit into her new identity or life anymore. Then again with the person I thought was my best friend in high...
  2. LLJsmom

    Three stone OEC ring, victorian replica OWD/DK

    Such a gorgeous three stone. Congratulations!!! It’s stunning.
  3. LLJsmom

    New (to me!) Tiffany classic set- .58ct

    Very cool you took the leap @Logan Sapphire. Nice to have an alternate set right? Can’t beat a classic Tiffany at a killer price. Congratulations. It looks beautiful on you.
  4. LLJsmom

    Eternity wedding band question

    Ummmm... whoa. $13600 even in CAD. UGH. I think you could travel to Texas and buy from WF and it would be cheaper. I’m so sorry. Yes. Either HPD or WF.
  5. LLJsmom

    You can only have ONE ring, which one would you keep?

    MK for sure.
  6. LLJsmom

    Is this stud/pendant combination too much for an office setting?

    Girl, just hang around here. You’ll soon discover that your pieces are too small... I’m just kidding...kinda...
  7. LLJsmom

    How to layer necklaces? (Show me!)

    @Tonks thank you very nice of you. I don’t do anything special. I just layer pendants I like. I wear most of my necklaces pretty short. 17 inches feels long to me. So most are 15-16 inches. I usually stick with one color of metal. I don’t mix rose and yellow with white. They tangle inevitably...
  8. LLJsmom

    Victor canera - what is the process like?

    I've had two settings from Victor, and a couple of bands. I'll share my experience. There are others like @Acinom and @carbonfan who have had more, and they can definitely share more. I'm a control freak and was very inexperienced with fine jewelry and custom hand forged work, so was really...
  9. LLJsmom

    5.4ctw studs!! Erika Winters/Jewels by Grace custom settings

    I loved rereading this thread. These studs are beyond amazing, especially having had a chance to see them IRL. (Yeah, I’m name dropping.). Studs seems like an inadequate word for them. They are stunning. I COULD NOT stop staring at them. I am so happy for you that you are still loving them...
  10. LLJsmom

    Best setting for child's studs?

    Love the idea of bezels. If my daughter was willing to pierce her ears I would be buying them from WF in a hot second. I don’t have concerns about my daughter wearing real diamonds because she’s more paranoid than me. She would never take them off or play rough enough that it would be a concern...
  11. LLJsmom

    My re-set! 4.9 cttw 3-stone antique cushion ring, by Mark T and CVB

    Kristy... :kiss2::kiss2::kiss2::kiss2::kiss2::kiss2::kiss2::kiss2::kiss2::kiss2::kiss2::kiss2::kiss2::kiss2: THREE STONE PERFECTION
  12. LLJsmom

    "Inspired by": Antique ring mashed with a Mege basket question

    I get it. YOU need to love it. Otherwise, all is for naught. What I would encourage is whoever you go with, make sure it’s someone you can communicate with and who will give you their honest that when you disagree, you and the designer can share why. He/she may have a reason you...
  13. LLJsmom

    Show me your Ring and Watch hand

    Thank you for the pics. I would have loved to try a 36 yachtmaster. I think that will be a goal watch. It’s very hard to find one to just try on when I am not 100% ready to commit. The yachtmaster beats out any other Rolex for me. Elegant, sleek, sporty and understated. Checks every box. My...
  14. LLJsmom


    Three potential levels of taxation in general. 1. Federal payable to IRS. Based on gain. @Karl_K is correct.See his link to Schedule D. Paid by seller. 2. State level income tax based on gain. Paid by seller. Texas does not impose income tax. 3. State level sales and use. Varies by state...
  15. LLJsmom

    "Inspired by": Antique ring mashed with a Mege basket question

    I do hope you will consider very carefully who you will choose because it very much IS about who you will use. Right now all you have are aspects of certain rings that you like. The smartest way forward is to work with an artist that can incorporate as many aspects as possible without it looking...
  16. LLJsmom

    "Inspired by": Antique ring mashed with a Mege basket question

    Definitely reach out to Caysie and show her what inspires your ideas. To even get the wheat pattern you won’t be able to use the rounded look of the metal on the Leon head. Caysie will be able to help.
  17. LLJsmom

    25th Anniversary Deco OEC eternity band!

    Lovely set. Everything works together.
  18. LLJsmom

    My OMC reset

    she Looks beautiful in her new dress! Terrific reset!!
  19. LLJsmom

    What can you do when you fall out of love with Modern Round Brilliants and now only want Old European or Transitional Cuts?

    I started with MRB ering and then fell in love with an OEC. So I traded it in. My studs are MRBs, as is my tennis bracelet. My pendant is a .59 AVR. I get the most compliments on my ering and AVR. I wouldn’t mind a super ideal MRB in the future. But I will probably keep my OEC regardless. I too...
  20. LLJsmom

    Parks fine group inc

    Regardless of what people’s opinions of his interactions are, he’s not changing because he doesn’t feel the need to. He’s making just fine money the way he’s conducting business now. Interesting. Hmmm. Maybe I should say astounding. Well like my mom says, there’s someone for everyone. :confused2:
  21. LLJsmom

    Show me your Ring and Watch hand

    This is my dream watch. But it will never happen. 40 is way bigger than what I can wear. And it’s no longer produced so it would have to be from the secondary market. So sad. I guess it’s back to the drawing board. So my temp is this. Which is fine because I can see this no problem, it’s...
  22. LLJsmom

    Show me your Ring and Watch hand

    I have been wearing the yachtmaster for several days and it has got to be the most comfortable watch I’ve ever worn. More comfortable than my other Rolexes. Older smaller models. More comfy than the JLC s I tried although I think those probably need some breaking in. And it has this amazing low...
  23. LLJsmom

    I want to replicate this ring...

    I’ve seen some brilliant earth settings at their show room and they are very UNrefined. Really just hideous. Clunky, Huge prongs that didn’t look properly polished. And yucky dirt and stuff in the settings. I would never get a setting from them.
  24. LLJsmom

    Asymmetric Opal and Diamond Stud Earrings

    They’re just cool!! Congratulations on an awesome project completed. Seriously they look great on you.
  25. LLJsmom

    Show me your Ring and Watch hand

    This is a beautiful watch. I also really really loved the version with the diamond markers. If I bought it I would go for the blue face because I am obsessed with blue face watches. But I also am worried that I won’t be able to see it as easily as I get older. This is why I am considering the...
  26. LLJsmom

    Show me your Ring and Watch hand

    Thank you everyone for sharing their beautiful watches. Love that so many people wear them. And love the variety. Cartier, Rolex And apple seem to be quite the favorites.
  27. LLJsmom

    Show me your Ring and Watch hand

    I have not worn a watch regularly for at least 10 years, but have discovered how much I really want and need a new one. I am sick of looking for my phone to figure out what time it is. My old ones are too small. I’m discovering that a watch can change up your whole jewelry look, but not...
  28. LLJsmom

    My beautiful new Whiteflash ACA pendant!

    My favorite setting for a diamond pendant. So lovely and bright. It looks really BIG. You definitely deserve a gorgeous new diamond. You got through the wedding! I am so happy for you. An ACA is always a good idea. ;)2