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  1. prs

    Specific Gravity of Grade B Jadeite

    No need to start a new thread at all. This thread right here is a second home to all the PS "waifs and strays" who are attempting the never ending task of figuring out how to acquire fabulous jadeite pieces at prices that won't break the bank! We can all learn right along with you as you...
  2. prs

    Specific Gravity of Grade B Jadeite

    @ChaiK your new avatar has not gone unnoticed, but I have to admit I have been unable to figure out what it is. It does look yummy though! :bigsmile:
  3. prs

    What are you wearing today?! Show me your CS!

    I didn't know a Peridot could be so beautiful.
  4. prs

    An Emerald, Diamond, and South Sea Pearl Convertible Necklace.

    Thank you, we had decided we didn't need any more emeralds till we saw this....famous last words!!! It will be more easily explained with a photo, but the piece is locked up right now. I will get you a photo soon...I promise. Thank you, she wore the pearls with diamond centerpiece out to dinner...
  5. prs

    Jewelry appraiser in losangles area (Jewelry Judge)

    This is who we use: Gizelle Zohar GIA-G.G., G.P., A.J.P | Director AMERICAN GEMOLOGICAL APPRAISAL 629 South Hill Street, Suite 501, Los Angeles, CA 90014 cell. 213.804.3035 | | ph: 213.327.0338| | Email: [email protected] | | [email protected] Gizelle has an office on...
  6. prs

    Is this chrome diopside or green tourmaline?

    @TheGarnetGirl such a pity your new ring didn't help give you a better comparison. I suppose you'll just have to go on buying more pretty rings until you've figured it all out. Just in the name of science, of course. :lol:
  7. prs

    Lexus RX 350 and Volvo XC60

    I've had a 2012 Lexus RX350 since 2011 and it has had no problems whatsoever. DW also liked my Lexus, she just traded in her Jag for another RX350!!
  8. prs

    Specific Gravity of Grade B Jadeite

    I'm afraid I still don't know enough to identify Type A jadeite just by looking at a photo. However I do know in the US market a GIA cert multiplies the price of any bangle by at least ten. In other words a $300 bangle suddenly becomes a $3,000+ bangle if it has a GIA cert. The fact the vast...
  9. prs

    Do I need this aqua?

    The pear is perfectly proportioned, and that helps the piece a whole lot. However it looks like the color is concentrated round the rim of the stone with the center being very low in color. Also likely it has window. I think I would want a beautiful, uniform, and deeply colored aqua for $8K.
  10. prs

    What is one thing you would want an answer to?

    I really, really, really want to know what the Russians have on you know who. Just so we can put an end to this daily torture asap!!!
  11. prs

    An Emerald, Diamond, and South Sea Pearl Convertible Necklace.

    Thank you mellow! Another vote for pearls and emerald, thank you so much. You must be very confident to be willing to wear those to work!!! Thanks Greg, the simple but elegant emerald on gold chain is my favorite too. In fact, let's have some more photos of it :)
  12. prs

    What are you wearing today?! Show me your CS!

    What fantastic color!!! I know rhodochrosite is so soft the vast majority of specimens are never faceted, let alone set. They are kept by collectors as gemstones simply for their beauty and rarity. I do admire your courage in setting that gorgeous stone as a pendant. If you have the time I...
  13. prs

    Please Show Me Your Emeralds

    DW's latest acquisition is a 4.5ct Columbian emerald, bezel set with diamonds in 18K yellow gold: Interestingly the AGL report giving insignificant to minor traditional oil also includes the statement "This emerald contains fissures which at the time of testing were only partially filled."...
  14. prs

    What are you wearing today?! Show me your CS!

    TGT? Did I miss your Rhodo thread? Spill the beans lady!!! :)
  15. prs

    What are you wearing today?! Show me your CS!

    Thanks for the tip, and it is a great price. However am going to keep our powder dry until a Sweet Home Mine one shows up that doesn't break the bank!
  16. prs

    A Mothers ring or necklace...for my mom

    I wouldn't necessarily rule out a ring. The five rubies in DW's ruby band average 4.22 mm in width for a total of 21.1mm. There are also four 2.0mm diamonds in the spaces between the rubies so total "length" is 29.1mm. DW is a size 7 so you might want to reduce the size of, or even eliminate the...
  17. prs

    What are you wearing today?! Show me your CS!

    I'm so jealous, and what a great price! She doesn't know it yet, but a rhodochrosite is on DW's bucket list. =) Hopefully from the Sweet Home mine, but they are as rare as hen's teeth!
  18. prs

    An Emerald, Diamond, and South Sea Pearl Convertible Necklace.

    Thank you! @maita13 and @ChaiK are helping us out below with when to wear them! :lol: It's interesting how differently men and women look at jewelry. I say "Oh that looks great" and DW replies "I'd never wear it" Now I have the perfect answer "Just wear it and flaunt it" even when putting out...
  19. prs

    An Emerald, Diamond, and South Sea Pearl Convertible Necklace.

    Thank you! Thank you, me too! Thank you so much! You are always so kind, and I'm sure you could carry off the pearls no problem! Here's another photo of that option just for you! :D You are so right, it's like we got three gorgeous options for the price of one! Yes, thank you, the pearl and...
  20. prs

    An Emerald, Diamond, and South Sea Pearl Convertible Necklace.

    Thank you, I too like the simple elegance of the emerald on a gold chain. Thank you, DW is going to be spoilt for choice! :) Thank you! I agree the pearls with diamond centerpiece are a stunner! Thank you! The prestigous Spanish jeweler Yanes was founded in Madrid by Claudio Yanes in 1881, and...
  21. prs

    An Emerald, Diamond, and South Sea Pearl Convertible Necklace.

    As some of you may know, DW has a penchant for pendants. :) Her latest acquisition is a convertible emerald, diamond, and South Sea pearl necklace with a hidden surprise, more on the surprise later! The piece was made by Claudio Yanes of Madrid, Spain, and is a gorgeous South Sea pearl necklace...
  22. prs

    Another looking for a blue akoya - who do I contact at PP?

    @mrs-b I wonder if it might be worth asking Amy P to talk to Georges upstairs at Seven Seas, and see if he has anything suitable.
  23. prs

    ISO Advice on Matching a Chain to a .25 ct diamond on WG bail

    DW has her fair share of pendants, and we have some experience dealing with roll over and flipping issues. We found that going to a different style of chain sometimes helps solve the problem without having to wrestle with changing the bale or slide. It's best to have a continuously smooth chain...
  24. prs

    If you were stranded on a desert island and could only have one thing to eat

    Steak and kidney pie with chips and peas. :lickout: My gran's apple pie and custard for pudding. :D
  25. prs

    Show us your David Klass bling!

    Thought I'd better add our hot pink tourmaline ringdant to this thread. And our five stone ruby band.
  26. prs

    Vintage ... pear.... alien??

    I agree on turning the pears North-South, but would also add a matching crescent moon to the other side of the ring. IMHO the end result would be fabulous!
  27. prs

    Antique sapphire and diamond ring..with a story

    I'm thinking the ring was to celebrate a 10 year wedding anniversary. :D I too am definitely going to ask for your "friendliest" price, thanks for the tip. =)
  28. prs

    How would you set a CS band?

    If you wanted to keep the seven square cuts in a straight line, another option might be to put a line of 1.1mm diamonds down both sides of the band. I don't know if it's a good idea to share prongs with diamonds and softer stones, but if so, this design would be ideal for it. Maybe a raised...
  29. prs

    What do I do with this LV wallet?

    There's got to be a clothing alteration shop in your area that can work with leather. Or maybe someone who fixes leather furniture could restitch it?
  30. prs

    How would you set a CS band?

    My thoughts are to set them in a regular ring, not an eternity band. Maybe alternating with diamonds as in the top sketch; or grouped together to provide a splash of central color, and then surrounded with a protective diamond halo as in the bottom sketch.