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  1. SimoneDi

    Help needed between two Tiffany & Co. rings

    Why don’t you just reset your current diamond in a new 6-prong, lower set, Tiffany-like setting? Something preloved:
  2. SimoneDi

    Advice on selling diamond to upgrade

    OP, if you decide to entertain the halo idea, here are some peg style halo that can work with your current setting. My personal favories are these two:
  3. SimoneDi

    Advice on selling diamond to upgrade

    I was going to come back and suggest a halo. My only hesitation was that a good halo setting can be expensive. I think that OP has a peg head setting, so I would personally look for a Stuller peg-head halo, that will be a great way to try a halo style on a smaller budget and use the current...
  4. SimoneDi

    Advice on selling diamond to upgrade

    I’d post on the FFJ forum for lab chat.
  5. SimoneDi

    Advice on selling diamond to upgrade

    I am going to be blunt, but why don’t you just get a cheaper synthetic and keep your beautiful diamond at the same time? I personally think that it is an unwise decision to sell a gorgeous, natural diamond for a lab-made stone as I think that we will see much pricing fluctuations in the upcoming...
  6. SimoneDi

    HELP! Modifying my engagement ring...

    I might be in the minority, but I actually still think that removing the crown should be fairly easy. At this point, I am actually not sure that the crown is soldered to the shank of the solitaire. I was trying to figure out that this thing is: And now I actually think that’s all that is...
  7. SimoneDi

    David Klass CAD Check

    I think that the easiest fix be to rotate the halo/head at about 30 degrees. That way the shank petals won’t overlap with the halo petals.
  8. SimoneDi

    Vendors who have larger diamond inventories?

    @madelise the stone is amazing! :love: Your MIL is one lucky, lucky lady! Hope you share the completed ring here.
  9. SimoneDi

    Finally bought the diamond! Who should set it?

    Definitely have BGD set it. They will do it without a problem and the stone will be insured while in their possession. Why didn’t you just send the setting to them to set it before shipping?
  10. SimoneDi

    Which David Klass setting for my ring?

    OP, did you completely scratch the 3-stone idea? if you already have a halo, you might want to look into changing the design a bit more. Otherwise, a cushion halo with or without stones on shank will be a different look and I suggest that you try both styles in person before making a decision.
  11. SimoneDi

    Rose Gold Setting for H/I/J Stones?

    No, the while metal will help the color. Chose the metal that you want.
  12. SimoneDi

    HELP! Modifying my engagement ring...

    @the_mother_thing we are sort of suggesting the same thing but not exactly. I am working with an iPhone so bear with me, but I literally think that the jeweler took a simple stock solitaire setting and soldered the entire “crown” with pears and rounds. I am going to try to illustrate: In blue...
  13. SimoneDi

    HELP! Modifying my engagement ring...

    It still seems to me that the half-moon crown was soldered onto an exciting solitaire. I would reach out to DK, send him a few pics and see what they say. Alternatively, you can also ask your local jeweler to remove the add-on, that will probably be more convenient for you. ETA: I saw this set...
  14. SimoneDi

    Searching for 2ct RB stone for engagement ring

    I am changing my vote to the 2.013 H SI1 - looks super pretty and white, whiter than the other H and it's the cheapest stone of all!
  15. SimoneDi

    Looking for help with refurbishing my diamonds.

    OP, you can look on Stuller’s website and see what settings you might like. Side comment - @KKJohnson did you use the baguettes for any project?
  16. SimoneDi

    Searching for 2ct RB stone for engagement ring

    A vote for the 2.05 G VS2 - gorgeous stone and you still get the benefit of the upgrade policy with WF!
  17. SimoneDi

    Announcement PriceScope GTG 2019 in Carlsbad, CA

    Have a great time everyone and take lots of photos! WF is the best host!
  18. SimoneDi

    Cape Cod travel itinerary help

    @kgizo mosquitos are not bad on the beech, especially not in late September. I will gather my recommendations as well and share them here.
  19. SimoneDi

    Cape Cod travel itinerary help

    @kgizo where exactly are you staying? While the Cape is small it’s still 1.5-2hrs from upper to lower Cape. ETA: Nvm I just saw that you said staying in Dennis Port.
  20. SimoneDi

    Setting help needed for ideal square radiant (H&A/ POH) diamond

    Personally, I love everything about the first setting. The design is beautiful and I think that it very much compliments your beautiful diamond.
  21. SimoneDi

    Diamond Insurance

    JM for sure
  22. SimoneDi

    Thoroughly lost

    @maita13 @mwilliamanderson thank you ladies! I feel terrible hijacking OPs thread :oops2: and thanks, I do love my band as well! @mrs-b thank you and yes, you have a stunning, stunning three stone! The side stones are 0.23ct each. The center stone is about 8.2mm and the side stones are each...
  23. SimoneDi

    Thoroughly lost

    I never created a thread on it but here are a bunch of non-professional pics in no particular order :) Do you still have a 5-stone ring in mind or are you thinking about a different 3-stone?
  24. SimoneDi

    Bands galore!

    Like @yssie indicated, the WG version will match and wear evenly. It is also a cheaper version which is another plus imo, you can put the difference toward another band, for example. Because you yet don’t know how frequently you might need to rhodium re-dip, wg might be totally fine for you, or...
  25. SimoneDi

    HELP! Modifying my engagement ring...

    OP, congrats on your engagement! Don’t feel guilty about wanting to change your ring. You can definitely repurpose the stones in a curved band or a different type of a jewel. To me, based on the 2nd pic, it looks like the crown of round and pear stones were soldered onto a 4 prong solitaire...
  26. SimoneDi

    Help me find a Rose Cut Pear Diamond!

    Beautiful! Congrats on the pretty new necklace and Happy 30th!
  27. SimoneDi

    Just BARELY got my insurance and lost my ring. Do I file loss? #ashamed

    @Winamina7905 I am sorry for the loss of your ring. I will definitely recommend that you speak with JM and inform them of what happened, so at least they have that on records even if you chose to wait a little before you file a claim. I had my original e-ring stolen and I didn’t have insurance...
  28. SimoneDi

    Setting thoughts...

    I’d stick with plain basket and add a bling-y band. Melè in the gallery is just a call for a lifetime of repair and lost stones imo.
  29. SimoneDi

    Bands galore!

    Yup, but all diamonds.
  30. SimoneDi

    Bands galore!

    Ah sorry to hear about your husbands WG band. My husband also has a WG band and 4yrs in it still looks great, but we all react differently to wg. I was more so thinking of this one for you. I think that it might look really lovely next to your ring and it can be found easily on the secondary...