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  1. foxinsox

    Thoughts on this oec cut?

    I like the patterning - definitely not a "classic tiny table OEC" but a high crown and pretty organised faceting. Do you have any videos of it in motion?
  2. foxinsox

    Old Euro looking for input please!

    Oh I'm not selling it, I just think it's lovely. I wish I was in a position to buy it!!
  3. foxinsox

    How did you decide?

    Hello!! and no it would not be crazy, it would be extremely sensible! For all the imaging and measurement, there's nothing better than looking at them with your own eyes. I hope you do this and post us many many pictures! For my part, i just didn't like modern cuts and my eyes liked old cuts. So...
  4. foxinsox

    Old Euro looking for input please!

    And it is very lovely. OP this is what a good OEC should look like
  5. foxinsox

    Old Euro looking for input please!

    They help me say I wouldn't spend 20k in any currency on that stone. I have a shallow OEC myself so I am not discounting it on the stats but on the lack of scintillation and life shown in those videos. Look at how the facets under the table from 6-10 o'clock all stay on with the hand movement...
  6. foxinsox

    Introvert or Extrovert?

    I took this at the start of the year and was INFP-A which has persisted even though I've taken it about a dozen times since then. I was always ISTP - had been for years! Not sure what's changed.. I have to be a bit of an extrovert for work - leading a team and speaking up a lot in meetings but...
  7. foxinsox

    Strong Fluorescence - Opinions on Engagement Purchase Please!

    Give that we're all also saying use your eyes and look at it, don't just buy sight unseen, I don't think that people pointing out that the risks of a milky diamond are overblown are doing anyone a disservice.
  8. foxinsox

    Strong Fluorescence - Opinions on Engagement Purchase Please!

    Fluorescent diamonds used to trade at a premium (blue-whites) - were we having this conversation then, you'd be stating the opposite on the same assumption. Dealers aren't dumb, it's in their best interests to help break the market up even further if they can given that fluorescence is rare.
  9. foxinsox

    Old Euro looking for input please!

    From that single photo, it's hard to tell for sure but there's a ring of fuzziness around the table that I don't love. The facets around the outside don't look very organised either - there's sort of a snowflake but it's not very clear. The under table facets are half on-half off so you can't...
  10. foxinsox

    Strong Fluorescence - Opinions on Engagement Purchase Please!

    If it looks dark in bright light that’s pretty common for well cut stones - I’m on mobile so can’t search so easily but if you search “diamond goes dark in sunlight” you’ll find threads about this. I think if your diamond is going milky in sunlight, you will know it when you see it. Make sure...
  11. foxinsox

    New GIA traceability collection

    Saw this on IG tonight.. interesting initiative!
  12. foxinsox

    How is this setting for a 7mm moissanite?

    I've got a vintage setting which will need its prongs redone in about 2 years. I've been quietly considering its repronging or resetting for the last 2 years! You are among friends here - we understand planning that sort of thing out well in advance!
  13. foxinsox

    How is this setting for a 7mm moissanite?

    The halo setting looks really good! Please do come back with hand shots when it’s done!
  14. foxinsox

    #JOTW She's on her way!

    What a gorgeous stone and that setting is to die for! subtly blingy
  15. foxinsox

    The progress of my engagment rings transformation....

    Ah how cool! looking forward to seeing the handshots :appl:
  16. foxinsox

    Piercing infection

    Get some boiled water (let it cool enough that you don’t burn yourself) and dissolve some salt into it. Pour it into a clean cup and invert it over your ear so you can soak some of those crusties and pus off. It won’t fix it but it should help it feel more comfortable ahead of the removal. It...
  17. foxinsox

    RC signature antique ring style & buying a diamond online

    Ordinarily I wouldn't recommend copying a designers work.. except Ring Concierge's "Signature Antique" is actually a genuine antique and not a design she created. David Klass has made this ring before - the CADs have been posted before for that rendition of it so I'm reposting them here to help...
  18. foxinsox

    Looking for Examples of MRB in Cushion Bezel (true or faux)

    Would the Tacori Dantela count? Not sure it’s a faux bezel tho
  19. foxinsox

    My wedding set is here!

    You have a gorgeous set! And the symbolism in the stones is beautiful
  20. foxinsox

    Feeling gloomy - advice about where to get ring made

    Where in NZ? I’m in Christchurch and may be able to suggest a couple of places. Tho depending on your aesthetic, you honestly may be better having it made overseas by someone who gets it. Possibly send the setting separately to the loose stone and get a local to set it (tho there’s risk there in...
  21. foxinsox

    Suggestions for wedding band to pair with solitaire OMC

    Riffing off the idea of different size OMCs, how about something like this contoured scatter band?
  22. foxinsox

    Am I going to regret keeping this eternity band?

    It’s perfect so wear it now and worry about the future later. If you find you do size out of it, you would probably be able to sell it for close to what you paid and top up any difference to buy it again in a higher size. It looks wonderful with your ering
  23. foxinsox

    Final upgrade...pretty sure. Lol

    Even grey and rainy, this is glowing! What a gorgeous stone and the setting is perfection :kiss2:
  24. foxinsox

    Show me your Ring and Watch hand

    You’re very welcome! They make my day brighter every day so I’m glad they could help you! (Sorry for the thread jack)
  25. foxinsox

    Show me your Ring and Watch hand

    @Lykame ok fair call! here’s some more pug pictures - fawn is Barry, black is Franklin. They’re in their Halloween costumes (lobster and teddy bear) and mostly just hanging out being cute. They are quite definitely my favourite little people in the world and I love them more than diamonds.
  26. foxinsox

    Suggestions for wedding band to pair with solitaire OMC

    As well as the advice already given, I think maybe your antique cushion would look really good with an older cut band rather than modern cut diamonds. The types of facets in your antique stone are chunky with big flashes where the modern ones tend to be more splintery and have smaller flashes...
  27. foxinsox

    Show me your Ring and Watch hand

    Here’s my most recent daily wear - a 1968 Hamilton Thin-o-matic on a vintage navy blue mesh strap. Bonus pug in the background.
  28. foxinsox

    Opinions on this 3.02 ct Antique Cushion J SI2 AGS Please <3

    The culet isn't what I'm referring to - I mean the lighter ring around the under the table facets which in OEC usually means fisheye due to girdle reflection. Not sure why it's coming up here since that depth isn't shallow at all! Thing is though, if you love it in person and crucially, away...
  29. foxinsox

    Opinions on this 3.02 ct Antique Cushion J SI2 AGS Please <3

    To be perfectly honest, if you know they’re there, you’ll look for them and they’ll bug you. I don’t love the ring that you can see in the middle of those still pictures. Is it shallow? I also think the facets could be better organised. However I’m only looking at some videos and stills. You’ve...
  30. foxinsox

    Satéur “diamonds”

    The models expressions and gestures are hilarious. The product looks.. meh