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  1. Austina

    Now I really did it :((

    Hello lovelies Wow @missy, you smashed it, 8,000 miles :dance: I hope your appt went well this morning, and last week‘s test results were good. I hope your ankle isn’t hurting too badly, I wonder how you did that? Me, I’m aching everywhere, must be getting old:lol: I hope your appt with the...
  2. Austina

    Car Thread - Evoque or Discovery?

    I’ve had 2 Discoveries in the past, first one had a leaky transfer gear box, the second one was fine. Check out the cost of servicing, tyres (which the LR people told me only last about 10,000 miles, although I got more out of mine), and MPG - not much! If money’s no object, they’re great...
  3. Austina

    Money, power or fame...

    I vote money! Just thing of all the good causes you could help if you had limitless amount of money.
  4. Austina

    Can you share a time when you realized a friend wasn't really your friend?

    We have been very good friends with a couple for many years, and after we had a very difficult time with family, they were there for us. We decided we’d like to do something special for them, so invited them on a cruise with us for their milestone birthdays. They were very happy to accept our...
  5. Austina

    Now I really did it :((

    Hello lovelies @Daisys and Diamonds I hope everything is sorted out now and you’re able to have hot meals and even more importantly, hot showers! I can’t bear cold water and often have it hotter than I should. I’m glad Gary is feeling a bit better and that Melanie isn’t as bad as you’d been...
  6. Austina

    Anything less expensive in U.K. than it is in the US?

    :doh:Of course it is @Alex T. I should pay more attention:lol:
  7. Austina

    Resetting Costco princess diamond studs into side stones?

    Wow @Mamabean, they’re gorgeous
  8. Austina

    Anything less expensive in U.K. than it is in the US?

    I always thought that was visible panty line :lol:
  9. Austina

    #JOTW She's on her way!

    Just stunning! Count me in on an Austin meet up, as my son and future DIL live there, so I visit regularly!
  10. Austina

    My new vintage citrine ring!

    A ray of sunshine on your finger @bling_dream19
  11. Austina

    Yummy vanilla 1.93ct R AVC

    It’s just perfection!
  12. Austina

    Now I really did it :((

    Hello lovelies No real help @bling_dream19, but I learned from my own wedding, that the best thing is to please yourself, because you are NEVER going to please everybody. Good luck with sorting our your venue, I hope you find the perfect place. Have fun this weekend with your friend. I’m not...
  13. Austina

    SW OTK boots

    Thanks @Calliecake, they absolutely do work with skinny jeans and don’t come up too high at all. Yes, definitely do try different ones to find the perfect pair, and you are absolutely NOT too old to wear them. I think I’m older than you, so go for it! :D
  14. Austina

    A Tale of Two E-Rings

    Congratulations, your ring is stunning, and looks perfect on your hand.
  15. Austina

    SW OTK boots

    They look great on you @Gussie. I can wear mine with skinny jeans.
  16. Austina

    My London Proposal!

  17. Austina

    Solitaire to halo setting (before and after!)

    Looks huge with a halo, it’s lovely
  18. Austina

    What is the most adventurous thing you ever did?

    Meeting and marrying my DH within just a few months, that was almost 41 years ago. Second most adventurous was being a regular guest on a live TV show.
  19. Austina

    How much homework for kindergarten?

    My son started full time school at 4, and I don’t recall him having any homework, or at age 5. Seems an awful lot for a little one. Mine used to come home from school, play for a bit, eat, have a bath and go to bed by 6.30pm, I don’t think he’d have had much time for homework at that age.
  20. Austina

    Where were you born and where do you live now

    Born in London, now live in the ‘burbs in what is know as the Home Counties. UK.
  21. Austina

    Now I really did it :((

    Just thought I’d check to see if there’s any news, and yay, so please to hear your Dad’s OK @missy, what a relief for you all. Now he can get on with recovering and being taken care of by your Mum. :dance:
  22. Austina

    Now I really did it :((

    Hello lovelies Your birthday gifts sound lovely @canuk-gal, I bought a pair of Swarovski in and out hoops just to see if I liked them as I don’t normally wear hoops. I‘m glad a few things just happened to fall in to your birthday basket, and can’t wait to see what they are :D If I’m...
  23. Austina

    Now I really did it :((

    Hello lovelies Just a quick fly by to say I hope everything goes smoothly for your Dad today, and he‘s in and out of theatre as quickly as possible @missy . Be back later
  24. Austina

    Do you have a name for your car?

    Not my current car, but my previous car was called Magnus, and DH’s, Sven, because they were Swedish :lol: (His SatNav was called Ingrid])
  25. Austina

    Random pictures/stories of our furbabies

    It’s the same thing here @Daisys and Diamonds. Today (Nov 5th) is Guy Fawkes night, but people have been setting off fireworks since before the weekend. My only consolation that my sweet Dottie isn’t with us anymore, Is that she was always absolutely terrified by the loud bangs and whistles...
  26. Austina

    How is this setting for a 7mm moissanite?

    I love the paradise setting, it’s everything in one ring!
  27. Austina

    Someone talk me out of this cluster!

    Step away from the cluster @nala, you don’t need it! :lol: Save the money for your next reset :-o (runs quickly from the room)
  28. Austina

    Daniel M-Aqua w/Halo Ring Design

    It’s going to be spectacular!
  29. Austina

    Now I really did it :((

    Hello lovelies I hope you had a fun day with your nieces and grand nieces today @Calliecake, especially after your long dental appt yesterday. I’m not sure when the new Julian Fellows series starts, they’re just showing previews at the moment, so hopefully soon. How cute is your little...