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  1. LinSF

    Video of my Strong Fluoro RB studs

    Wow, I love that! So incredibly cool what the diamonds composition does!
  2. LinSF

    1ct Q/R bezel heart pendant

    I love this. A heart pendant is actually high up on my list for my next project, and I also planned a tilt with milgrain- Congrats on the new acquisition!
  3. LinSF

    I have questions about the ring that I am currently doing monthly payment.

    Just make sure that when you put the ring side by side to a "department store" diamond that the other person has thick skin (i.e. when she's comparing with her girlfriends). Because there are no comparisons when it's next to frozen spit. LOL.
  4. LinSF

    Family Deeply In Need Of Prayers, Love, and Support

    Thank you for posting this! I read it with tears running down my cheeks. Without going into details, a lot of what is described here I have experienced- the risk factors. Awareness is key, and I am so glad they wrote this document! @Matthews1127 I'm so sorry for your friend. We need to to...
  5. LinSF

    7-day proposal and a 'tacky' ring?

    I am anti social-media, there's no substance, no intelligence, and little benefit in these sorts of circumstances (the whole beauty/fashion blogger, only doing things for "likes" and attention). Nothing against her and the excess of her engagement, I just find it extraordinarily tacky. Have a...
  6. LinSF

    New to Diamonds: Engagement Ring decision

    Congratulations! It looks great on her finger! I'm impressed overall with what a good job you've done.
  7. LinSF

    Apparently they don't like us....

    Oh my, gorgeousness. I can't wait to follow your project! It would probably leave a bad taste in my mouth with the vendor- which is too bad. I get that we are probably sometimes a PITA, but are so undereducated consumers. It's worth hearing what his rationale is... he probably could have been...
  8. LinSF

    Princess Beatrice engaged—and a close-up of the ring!

    That ring is so gorgeous, classic and beautiful without being gaudy and overdone. I wish them the best!
  9. LinSF

    #JOTW Gold bangle with a special diamond...

    That's so pretty. What a perfect heirloom piece!
  10. LinSF

    I was searching for antique ring box and I found these!!

    These are so pretty! And definitely nicer than the Mrs Boxes with the latches.
  11. LinSF

    Princess Cut advise... please help

    That box is awesome! Tell us/show us more of the box and setting! You're really putting some great effort into this!!! =)2
  12. LinSF

    Online Sales Tax

    Wouldn't it be the following: If, for instance you bought a stone from WF, and you live in Ill, then they charge you Illinois sales tax, say they then ship it to Caysie, then Caysie would charge you for the sales tax on the setting (also illinois). So you'll tax the full amount for Illinois.
  13. LinSF

    Neil Beaty info????

    I'm sorry to hear! Please take care of yourself! There's someone on the preloved forum looking for a super ideal, you may want to follow up there. Best of luck in selling the ring!
  14. LinSF

    Advice on plain bands/spacers

    My personal preference is 2mm, and I always have worm a spacer... anything smaller seems like wearing a keyring to me, or a piece of wire.
  15. LinSF

    OEC double prong gold solitaire

    Let us know, I'd love to see how your wedding ring search goes as well. A unique engagement ring will for sure require something special there!
  16. LinSF

    OEC double prong gold solitaire

    Its beautiful! Good luck waiting for the proposal! I'm sure you are on pins and needles!!!
  17. LinSF

    #JOTW Finally - my ultimate "ticks all the boxes" sapphire & diamond 3 stone ring

    PERFECTION. I'm in awe over its beauty... what a great job you did!
  18. LinSF

    Setting help needed for ideal square radiant (H&A/ POH) diamond

    I think that if you want to emphasize the square shapes, you need to add other angular shapes. The first setting is great for that! I know you don't want a halo, but there are some great deco halos that have baguettes/emerald cuts and really keep the clean lines...
  19. LinSF

    #JOTW My Emerald Cut Eternity Band from IDJ 3.0

    @Eli22 Wondering what the width of your eternity band is? And do you know the height from your finger? I am trying to decide on the final width of my stack. =)2
  20. LinSF

    CA woman eats engagement ring in her sleep

    I didn't find the ring particularly attractive, perhaps she was hoping that it would disappear? Seriously, how on earth could you swallow a ring?!
  21. LinSF

    Vintage Marquise Reset Round #2!

    How did I miss this?! Its incredible! I truly didn't think it could be improved upon, but I was oh so wrong! Your ring is the best example of why a good setting can make such a difference!
  22. LinSF

    Does a stone look better unmounted?

    I think diamonds look better when set, and I'll add an additional facet (so to speak) to the conversation and say that a diamond can look bad in one setting and AMAZING in another. Prime example is @KKJohnson marquise ring.
  23. LinSF

    Lavender spinel halo by David Klass!

    Gorgeous, gorgeous! I love the art deco feel and lines. It's been executed so well. Between this and the sapphire ring (patiently waiting to see that thread!) I'm in awe at your collection! :kiss2:
  24. LinSF

    This was bound to happen with guys buying his gf a MMD.

    I want to give the guy the benefit of the doubt. Maybe she said she wanted a diamond, not a substitute? Well, substitutes are moissanite and CZ. MMD are technically diamonds, but slightly cheaper (my opinion is that they aren't cheap enough to be worth forgoing the real deal). Your friend very...
  25. LinSF

    Show us your Mrs. Box with your rings!

    Woah, you are a doll! Thank you so much @stracci2000! I'm going to figure out supplies tomorrow!
  26. LinSF

    OEC double prong gold solitaire

    That is SO pretty, and that compliment is from a girl that doesn't prefer solitaires. So unique, warm, and not overdone. Lovely. Congratulations on the engagement- I can't wait to see handshots!
  27. LinSF

    Show us your Mrs. Box with your rings!

    @stracci2000 Could you please share where you found instructions on doing this! I want to try it!!!
  28. LinSF

    Final eternity band pics!

    I'm going to guess they are 20 pointers?
  29. LinSF

    Couple arranging their 17 rescue dogs for a group photo

    I can't even get my children to look in the same direction at once. Mad props to these people!
  30. LinSF

    What to get a non jewelry loving hubby that you can share on PS?

    Those are so cool! I drool over men in French cuff shirts... haha. I see the mic concept, what are they made out of? I’m sure you’ll give us more details! What a fun project!