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  1. LisaRN

    Shorter and colder days make me feel sad

    I used to get full on depressed during the fall and winter due to the very short daylight periods. Moving to a very peaceful area with wildlife and diet changes have really helped. I actually look forward to how peaceful it is here in the winter and start feeding the birds in December. During...
  2. LisaRN

    What is the most adventurous thing you ever did?

    Told my hubby yes when he said we should get married one week after meeting him. It was love at first sight and I threw caution to the wind. After over 20 years of marriage I have no regrets.
  3. LisaRN

    My new vintage citrine ring!

    Beautiful and a perfect color for this time of year.
  4. LisaRN

    Daniel M-Aqua w/Halo Ring Design

    I love the sleek design and this ring will have a beautiful presence on your hand. I can't wait to drool over it when it is finished.
  5. LisaRN

    Am I going to regret keeping this eternity band?

    Wear it and enjoy it. The day may come that it no longer fits. You can re-sell it pre-loved. Even if you get half of what you paid, there is no real loss because you wore it and enjoyed it for all that time.
  6. LisaRN

    No Spend November

    I'm inspired by your post Miss Stephanie Lynn. I stopped myself from purchasing a jewelry item after reading your post. I really don't need it but want it so bad which means it's an emotional purchase.
  7. LisaRN

    What is the most selfish thing you do just for yourself?

    Pearls. I love to collect them. Necklaces: 15 Tahitian, 9 blue Akoya, 4 SS, and over a dozen freshwater. It's crazy because you can't re-sell them like colored gemstones or diamonds.
  8. LisaRN

    Name one thing you love about being older

    I like that I tend to actually learn from my mistakes now instead of making the same ones over and over again. I find I have more patience and I am more open to possibilities. I think years and years of experiencing loss has taught me to be grateful for things I took for granted before.
  9. LisaRN

    Big blue beauty arrived today.

    Lovely! I can't wait to see the pendant completed.
  10. LisaRN

    When you get it home and realize, it might look weird - style help?!

    Both are beautiful. I think the chain might be a bit delicate. I would add a more substantial chain or if I was wearing either with a T-shirt I would probably put them on a silk cord.
  11. LisaRN

    Any vegans?

    I don't have any Vegan advice for you Begonia but wish you success in your new diet. I radically changed my diet for health reasons and can say that diet can be key in how you feel both physically and mentally. I thought the reason I was healing slower and suffering aches and pains was because...
  12. LisaRN

    First Tourmaline

  13. LisaRN

    Floral diamond necklace. This use to be a ring.

    Beautiful! I think your gorgeous necklace will inspire some forum members to do exactly as you have done with some of their unworn rings. I like how icy white the necklace is and how it appears both floral and to my eye snowflake like.
  14. LisaRN

    You can only have ONE ring, which one would you keep?

    @StephanieLynn- Thank You! The diamond is a 1.73 OEC.
  15. LisaRN

    You can only have ONE ring, which one would you keep?

    I would probably keep this one- even with the wonky setting.
  16. LisaRN

    My re-set! 4.9 cttw 3-stone antique cushion ring, by Mark T and CVB

    This is my new all time favorite PS ring. Just stunning in every way. :love:
  17. LisaRN

    Would you rather have a second bathroom or in unit laundry?

    One person only needs one bathroom. I would choose the laundry unit.
  18. LisaRN

    1ct Q/R bezel heart pendant

    That is a very gorgeous diamond pendant. Love the buttery warmth.
  19. LisaRN

    Anyone used chinese herbs ?

    I use Lysimachia for gall bladder stones. That was an unfortunate side effect of weight loss and it has worked wonderfully. I keep Yunnan Baiyao on hand for bleeding. I am accident prone.
  20. LisaRN

    Impulse purchases (not just bling related)

    Yep. I go in phases and it usually always coincides with season changes or times of stress. This fall I focused on the house, redecorating and replacing appliances. I also tend to de-clutter during these times, cleaning closets, the garage and basement.
  21. LisaRN

    Somebody's Gotta Buy This Stone!

    It's a pretty sapphire and pretty ring in general. I have noticed purple and pink sapphires seem to take longer to sell than blues and the ring is IMHO dainty which is also a factor. The right buyer will come along eventually. :)
  22. LisaRN

    Homemade sprouts - Nom Nom Nom

    That's a great idea Kenny. I won't buy sprouts from the store after reading how they may have very high bacteria counts.
  23. LisaRN

    I hope no one falls for this

    Nail polish and super glue? Seriously though- I usually view these "selling for a friend" listings with a good amount of healthy suspicion unless it is from a known forum member.
  24. LisaRN

    Lavender Spinel Reset!

    I think the new setting really suits your lovely spinel. I like how you are wearing it paired with a vintage band.
  25. LisaRN

    Show me your Pearls!

    I got bored last night and decided to shorten a white FW pearl rope into two necklaces. I added Hematite beads for some holiday bling and to make them a bit less formal. Shortened my ripple pearl necklace and added some Tahitians to the flameball pearl necklace. Also- added a pic of a darker...
  26. LisaRN

    Another looking for a blue akoya - who do I contact at PP?

    PP's website lists a contact phone number. See if you can talk to Jeremy directly. I agree he is very gracious and I am sure he will be responsive to your request.
  27. LisaRN

    If you were stranded on a desert island and could only have one thing to eat

    I think some people like me are sensitive to carbs- especially flour. I noticed this phenomena when I was a teen. I once was eating my way through a whole loaf of rye bread while drinking milk and wondered why I couldn't stop eating it. My body never registered "full" stomach. I have the same...
  28. LisaRN

    If you were stranded on a desert island and could only have one thing to eat

    I think I would need to choose a dish that makes me feel good so it would be grilled vegetables with chicken. I stopped eating pasta, rice and bread because those foods make me hungrier. It's amazing to me that eating a plate of pasta leaves me still hungry while eating a plate of veggies and...
  29. LisaRN

    Pink burmese spinel

    Absolutely lovely!
  30. LisaRN

    My Grandmother’s pearls

    Hi Jennifer. They look like imitation pearls.