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  1. AV_

    Now I really did it :((

    @canuk-gal Even the grass is thorny! It is highly cathartic to burn the stuff.
  2. AV_

    Looking for a very special amethyst - need your guidance

    #7530 & #2014 from WWW, then WWW... 2c
  3. AV_

    Now I really did it :((

    @Mamabean I've been chopping wood & uprooting hedge & piling rotten wicker furniture - waiting for a couple more rains to wet down the dry grass field near this place, so I can light my pire safely. I can't say that the yard is tame. Until the end of February, I'll keep prunning & burning. I am...
  4. AV_

    Now I really did it :((

    @Scandinavian You will have a spectacular ring! Pink is fun & good news. I don't have the tourist bone yet.
  5. AV_

    Which Old Cut Diamond would you choose and why?

    Vote for the transitional - the stone looks perfect & the colour grade does not hurt; this is the pattern I think of as Ideal for round brilliant.
  6. AV_

    Now I really did it :((

    Many Happy Returns @bling_dream19 ! It does feel good to wear the colors of the season in jewelry & fall colors are the obvious choices (spring & summer do not quite know what collor they are; winter does)
  7. AV_

    Now I really did it :((

    It used to be my favorite game before being work (reading accross the shelves of a library), if work doesn't work, there is always the pleasure of work to turn to. The latest piece I've taken up is nearly too much, I had to take a break & this is new (intriging!). I hope you are enjoying the...
  8. AV_

    Now I really did it :((

    There is a short answer: Barcelona - since that is where a quick flight ends, but I have a list of places to go & things to do around the opposite end of Spain, to be all packed into a day trip. The date is set by an appointment, so not much leeway for fun; I haven't looked to see what's good to...
  9. AV_

    First post.. Engagement ring time!

    There is little left to say beyond AV (nevermind my initials). I would add here that having the diamond set in platinum, with only the band of the ring in colored gold, is a great way to set H & I, reflections from the prongs will always appear through the stone at some angle & the gray of...
  10. AV_

    Am I going to regret keeping this eternity band?

    Your ring size may well stay the same for a very long time, and the band cuold be sized up or down half a size, perhaps a full size. Anything more may never be needed, or many years of wear from now... It does match your ring perfectly! I'd say that these channel bands are the most durable...
  11. AV_

    Are eternity bands uncomfortable?

    The important detail seems to be thickness - my cutoff for 24/7 forget it is there rings is 2mm.
  12. AV_

    Reset-itis strikes again! Please help!

    I might imagine 6mm. rounds as a sides for a three stone with your 2.5 - and let them all be hallowed!
  13. AV_

    Now I really did it :((

    @missy Uh, for any hint of broken bones ,( It is very good that your niece takes it well, of course. I am not too surprised to hear that you have always been into sports, not after you have just cycled the equator in half a summer! It has been raining on & off, and it will be the same...
  14. AV_

    Say your kid had a teacher you really liked and....

    I couldn't think of any admonition that doesn't make me cringe, so I asked Google: Formal contraction is live'n well! I wouldn't say any such thing in writing. In person, yes.
  15. AV_

    Now I really did it :((

    @missy The local calendar says 'All Saint's Day' today, without the customs. The day has been eerily quiet, @Austina & surprisig: warm & windly, instead of the announced storm (not that I believed that forecast - what 'storm'! There is never a storm. [neighbour calling]
  16. AV_

    Wrongfully imprisoned, now free: meet Edwina’s former cellmate!

    The conversion is very much what I had in mind; these are perfect terrain for engraving, of course. I wore plain dome studs all year - 18 mm or so, rather at the limit of how large & heavy studs can be without requiring clips.
  17. AV_

    Wrongfully imprisoned, now free: meet Edwina’s former cellmate!

    @PreRaphaelite Yes. I would prefer it domed somewhat & with a hidden bale (two loops or a lip folded inside the shalow dome) The model is silly old school & forever - You will find necklaces & bracelets made of such domes / bulla & pendants, Google brought up earrigs this time; they are...
  18. AV_

    Now I really did it :((

    @missy No trace of Trick or Treat, no pumpkin, but tomorrow is a public holiday - nothing happens that could involve foreigners: cemeteries tend to get visits, but the closest of any interest to me is a flight away.
  19. AV_

    Now I really did it :((

    Good late morning! No news here & no news is good news, @junebug17 . I've started too early, so now is lunch break; a neighbour must be enjoying his smoke: @Scandinavian I hope the medical news are not bad, but I do not understand what such details imply... The pink diamonds look perfect...
  20. AV_

    Do I need this aqua?

    ctd. This is an aqua I wanted to remember for its cut www , these for colors www ... Litnon used to do step cut pears beautifully. 2c
  21. AV_

    Do I need this aqua?

    The step pear cut has my attention, the colour of the aqua is not objectionable & the setting is not something I would do to myself, but nothing is hanging loose much that I can tell. It seems straightforward to have such a thing done for 6K-8K & who knows what is possible below - the colour of...
  22. AV_

    Do I need this aqua?

    The step cut pear looks modern - and very nice indeed, perhaps a replacement stone into a converted pendant setting; yes for a report, even if slightly redundant. 2p I am not sure what should be the price for this, however. Aquamarine is my first love among faceted stones - the last too...
  23. AV_

    Posh hand fan, anyone?

    I use fans and have certainly followed news of astonishing ones over the years... this is - terrifying!
  24. AV_

    Padparadscha journey

    What happened with the 1.7? Else, the 2.06 is intriguing. It is too easy to decide on a colour instead of a stone. I'd www & it is not even official.
  25. AV_

    Wrongfully imprisoned, now free: meet Edwina’s former cellmate!

    Do you like disk / button pendats? There aren't many here.
  26. AV_

    Value versus price? How do the synthetics really compare to naturals?

    What does come with a repurchase agreement in any terms. [of the list here, say]
  27. AV_

    What is the most traumatic and/or stressful thing or event you have ever experienced?

    There is a line in the sand between then & now - it drew itself & I feel it as it is said miracles do so there isn't much to tell. I have a long list of thanks to give, certainly private, nevermind the not thanks!
  28. AV_

    If you could do one amazing thing for one person or one animal

    It is exceedingly difficult to name gifts that are anything more than a day worth of smiles - there have been five in my life - mostly made significant by some tradition and point in time, two rather unexpected for all sides, impossible to re-enact. Not easy! There is an old school family...
  29. AV_

    What is the most selfish thing you do just for yourself?

    Biking legs! @missy ! Happyness goes around. You happy, me happy [and if I weren't writing in a beloved spot of town, i'd want a good soak; tonight... so be it!]
  30. AV_

    Old Cut Color

    @suzanne2 I hadn't noticed the typo on the page - 'cm' instead of 'mm'... The 65g makes me wonder how this thing is constructed - it is perhaps a third more than I would expect for a modern setting & I am likely wrong ... the point of platinum work is to be light [a question for Art of...