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  1. MissGotRocks

    Help needed between two Tiffany & Co. rings

    Of the two, I would prefer the stats on the .91 stone.
  2. MissGotRocks

    diamond half eternity band for my birthday!

    Very pretty and looks fabulous on you - a perfect compliment to your left hand as well!
  3. MissGotRocks

    Will this cavity be an issue?

    I would just find another diamond. There are lots of great diamonds in your size range without cavities and lots of folks here that would help you find great candidates. I am not a fan of cavities either and would simply say no to a stone that had one.
  4. MissGotRocks

    #JOTW She's on her way!

    Congrats on the anniversary, the ring and jewel of the week! Your new ring looks beautiful - we will need lots more pictures!!
  5. MissGotRocks

    OWD + CVB: Modified Chloe E-Ring (Videos & CADs... The wait begins!!)

    Your ring looks very regal!! Should be gorgeous!
  6. MissGotRocks

    Received a fedex label but no box..How to mail?

    Kinda crazy that you had to use your own tape! At least you know it is safe and secure. Happy travels - I am sure it will arrive safe and sound!
  7. MissGotRocks

    New (to me!) Tiffany classic set- .58ct

    Well, at the end of the day it doesn't matter. Your set is beautiful, you got a great buy and it looks fabulous on you!
  8. MissGotRocks

    My upgrade is here!

    Just beautiful! I especially love the side view of this ring - gorgeous!
  9. MissGotRocks

    LOVE This!

  10. MissGotRocks

    Received a fedex label but no box..How to mail?

    Ditto to what Yssie said - the label can go in one of their clear envelopes made for such a thing too. They provided all boxes and tape - great service!!
  11. MissGotRocks

    Received a fedex label but no box..How to mail?

    I boxed my ring to send to WF but FedEx put it in a padded envelope and then one of their boxes - free of charge. I much preferred their packaging!
  12. MissGotRocks

    New (to me!) Tiffany classic set- .58ct

    It is beautiful and I agree with others - it looks much larger than a .58 carat! I wonder if you bought a new solitaire and wedding band from them today if there would be a size and height difference between the engagement ring and wedding band? It still looks wonderful but makes me wonder...
  13. MissGotRocks

    #JOTW She's on her way!

    Congratulations! It looks beautiful and can't wait to see hand shots! Tell us about the diamond in the meantime though!
  14. MissGotRocks

    Self-checkout lanes - Love or Hate em?

    In the grocery store that I go to, the self checkout counters are small. Once you have scanned a few items, you are being asked to remove them into bags - which are at the END of the whole checkout area. I feel like I'm on the old I Love Lucy rerun with the candy conveyor belt! Then you have...
  15. MissGotRocks

    Lexus RX 350 and Volvo XC60

    I have a Lexus RX350 and really love it! I had two Lexus sedans prior to that and no complaints about them either. It is a substantial vehicle and I've no complaints.
  16. MissGotRocks

    Would like your opinion on these 2 ACAs

    I agree with the others; the SI looks brighter. The associate is seeing them in person but I'd have to ask why the pictures look the opposite of what she is saying.
  17. MissGotRocks

    Searching for 2ct RB stone for engagement ring

    Same here - not able to see it very clearly but no worries - WF will take care of it!
  18. MissGotRocks

    Off center avatar?

    Just thought I would share for anyone seeing their avatars off center after the PS upgrade. Sledge suggested that I delete and repost it. When I went to my account, I clicked on my avatar to delete it and was given the option of dragging and centering it. Saved it and all better!
  19. MissGotRocks

    Am I going to regret keeping this eternity band?

    It looks beautiful with your ring - I wouldn't hesitate to keep it!
  20. MissGotRocks

    Announcement PriceScope Upgrade of October 7th

    @sledge - Interestingly enough, when I clicked on my avatar in my account to delete it, I was given the opportunity to drag and center it and save it. It worked! Good piece of info for those still off center! Thanks Sledge - I appreciate your help!!
  21. MissGotRocks

    Announcement PriceScope Upgrade of October 7th

    These fur babies become such an integral part of our lives! I will try to upload it again!
  22. MissGotRocks

    Announcement PriceScope Upgrade of October 7th

    Thanks Sledge - I thought I had missed the 'fix'. I only change my avatar if I get a new stone so. . .I too love your Stella - she looks like a keeper!!
  23. MissGotRocks

    Announcement PriceScope Upgrade of October 7th

    Why does my avatar show up off center when I make a post? I'm sure this was addressed early on and everyone else's seems ok but not mine. Thanks!
  24. MissGotRocks

    Custom Hoops :)

    They look beautiful in your ears!! Are they heavy to wear?
  25. MissGotRocks

    Looking for Examples of MRB in Cushion Bezel (true or faux)

    Victor Canera cushion halo - always thought this ring was stunning!
  26. MissGotRocks

    My blooming Erika Winters collection

    Beautiful lady - beautiful earrings!
  27. MissGotRocks

    My wedding set is here!

    Bold and sophisticated - love it!!
  28. MissGotRocks

    Reset-itis strikes again! Please help!

    Do you like one of the options better than what you have now? The heart wants what the heart wants but I personally prefer your current one. The prices on both of them sound pretty good but only if they would be keepers.
  29. MissGotRocks

    Reset-itis strikes again! Please help!

    I like your current setting better than the other two. I wouldn’t invest in the Natalie K setting as you like to upgrade too often. I also find it very busy. The pear side stone idea is great but again not sure I would invest the money in a custom made ring for you because a) you might not...