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  1. ac117

    Similar to Tiffany harmony platinum ring with channel or pave diamonds
  2. ac117

    Tiffany & Co. 16 stone Jean Schlumberger ring

    I’ve been wearing mine for almost 4 years and have never had any issues! I would hope that the Tiff quality of current production is not going down. If you’re comfortable with preloved it would also save you several thousands of dollars over retail.
  3. ac117

    New (to me!) Tiffany classic set- .58ct

    So classic and elegant!!! Love it as an alternative set :kiss2:
  4. ac117

    #JOTW She's on her way!

    Absolutely gorgeous!!! :kiss2: Congrats!! I also loooove your 5 stone ruby and diamond bezel ring! Any addition info on it? Swoon!
  5. ac117

    Custom Hoops :)

    WOWZERS!!! These are stunning! :kiss2: :kiss2: :kiss2:
  6. ac117

    My Little Ball of Sunshine

    This is so gorgeous!!! :kiss2: Love what you did with that already beautiful setting! The yellow is so bright and cheerful!
  7. ac117

    Tiffany & Co. 16 stone Jean Schlumberger ring

    The ring only comes in half sizes, not quarter sizes. It also CANNOT be sized but I have heard of Tiffs resetting into a larger size but also for a ridiculous price so I would be cautious to not get something that fits too tight. The good thing is, even if it's slightly larger, it looks great...
  8. ac117

    Tiffany & Co. 16 stone Jean Schlumberger ring

    I have one and I love it and think it’s super comfortable - not prickly at all. I agree that it’s bulkier but you get used to it and the prongs/metalwork are not sharp. Do you have other eternities (if so, do they bother you between the fingers)? I would advise trying it on a few more times to...
  9. ac117

    MY DH JUST surprised me with this!!!

    Sooo gorgeous!!! :kiss2::kiss2::kiss2: I'm of course biased since I have the classic version but have always lusted for the ruby one! When DH bought mine, rubies were still not being offered by Tiffs. I think it looks fabulous with your solitaire!! I also wear it with my ering as my "extra" look...
  10. ac117

    What sales tactic raises concern for you?

    I could definitely see how either approach could be a no-win situation - sometimes you just cannot please everyone because people truly vary! The one thought that came to mind when reading this (and I remember seeing it on a website fairly recently but I just don't remember which), would be a...
  11. ac117

    My visit to IDJ -

    Gorgeous!!! :kiss2: I love working with Yekutiel, he’s seriously great! How long are you in NYC for?
  12. ac117

    My ACA DK 20th Anniversary Ring

    Congrats on a stunning 20th anniversary ring @tyty333!!! I remember talking about the possibilities with you last year at the ps gtg and I’m so glad that you ended up with such an amazing stone and setting! :love::appl:
  13. ac117

    My beautiful new Whiteflash ACA pendant!

    Gorgeous new pendant DS! :love: A beautiful classic piece and a fantastic size! Formula/shmormula....wear what you love! Happy belated!
  14. ac117

    #JOTW Finally - my ultimate "ticks all the boxes" sapphire & diamond 3 stone ring

    :love: Such a stunning shade of blue and a seriously gorgeous three stone ring! :love:
  15. ac117

    Bluenile or Local Jeweler? pls help

    Gorgeous, they look perfect together!!! :love:
  16. ac117

    Need help with a new setting idea for this tourmaline

    A PSer has this ring but I don’t have the time to search for the’s a three stone with a large brown EC in a rose gold basket and the side stones and shank in platinum.
  17. ac117

    french cut band decision

    @distracts Did you see this one? Larger stones like your second choice but setting like the first (which I personally prefer over the u prong).
  18. ac117

    Newly engaged and happy to share my round solitaire

    Gorgeous!! Congrats on your engagement! :appl:
  19. ac117

    Blue Nile Luna Eternity

    Classic and gorgeous!!! :love:
  20. ac117

    Ring upgrade!

    Unique and very beautiful! :appl:
  21. ac117

    Which would you choose?

    I wouldn’t need such high clarity as VVS2 but these are slightly larger at WF for the same price/slightly less than the CBIs: 1.638 F VS1 $19,924 1.736 F VS1 ES $19,662...
  22. ac117

    Tiffany Victoria studs

    Yes the .64 has a lot more presence and look great on you! I remember you’ve posted about these earrings before and have wanted them for years - go for it!!!
  23. ac117

    Tiffany Victoria studs

    Did you see these?
  24. ac117

    Whiteflash Slays Classic 6 Prong Solitaire :)

    Wow what a crazy story!!!! I’m so happy to know that at least it has a wonderful ending with such a spectacularly beautiful ring! DH did amazing :kiss2: congrats and enjoy (and be extra careful in the kitchen!!!!)!
  25. ac117

    Let's talk branded pieces...Yssie, DS, and all other fans

    Thank you!!! I’m quite thrilled with it :kiss2: looking forward to stacking!
  26. ac117

    Let's talk branded pieces...Yssie, DS, and all other fans

    @Phoenix @LLJsmom It took longer than the promised wait time but the engraving is now perfect. Since I’s my new classic yg Love!
  27. ac117

    #JOTW My Emerald Cut Eternity Band from IDJ 3.0

    Third time’s the charm! It’s gorgeous!! :love::love::love: And it looks soooo good with your ering :kiss2:
  28. ac117

    Bluenile or Local Jeweler? pls help

    I personally would not be ok with a single prong setting for daily wear and I wouldn’t want to have to baby my ring. The stones will not be as secure with less prongs. I’d go with IDJ’s shared prong version. It will be stunning and 11 diamonds will be enough to cover the whole top of your finger...