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  1. KristinTech

    ISO CS 7.0-8.0mm and solitaire setting for retro ring guard

    Update!! I got the garnet set this month, and I am so pleased with the fit. It is a stuller solstice setting with a low head. The first one is a perspective shot with my new crystal opal pendant. :saint:
  2. KristinTech

    Seda Gems 50% off

    I finally set this ! It’s a pendant that I’m sharing with my daughters. :) I went with yellow gold. I was thinking of rose gold, but the service manager said it is weaker than yellow or white gold. Is that true? I really want a black opal now. :mrgreen:
  3. KristinTech

    Ruby Lane Red Tag Sale purchases! What are you eyeing?

    Three more! With my baby dog, and one perspective shot. :cool2:
  4. KristinTech

    Ruby Lane Red Tag Sale purchases! What are you eyeing?

    What timing you have! I *just* got my CS ring from my local jeweler on Friday. It’s a garnet from Finewater gems, set in a 14K stuller solstice solitaire with low head. I think I may have jolly ranchers in all colors made in this setting! :lol:
  5. KristinTech

    You can only have ONE ring, which one would you keep?

    The original oval that my hubby proposed with in December 1999. :love:
  6. KristinTech

    Royal Jewels

    State dinner tonight.... more tiaras on the way! :kiss2:
  7. KristinTech

    Royal Jewels

    Tiara evening event! Charles came without Camilla—would have loved to have seen her dolled up!
  8. KristinTech

    Royal Jewels

    Those earrings! Letizia of Spain during the afternoon Japanese enthronement event BEFORE the tiaras were busted out! :lol:
  9. KristinTech

    Please rethink your Pricescope privacy options

    I actually was at my fave B&M store locally when this came up! (I’ve talked about this store before—the current AGS President is its owner!). Anyway, I was sitting with my favorite salesperson there, working out a couple of small projects. I wanted to go back and search for the Adwar setting...
  10. KristinTech


    I think it’s good to vent! There’s something about feeling taken advantage of that changes everything, I agree. When dh and I were negotiating for our first townhome, we agreed that we wouldn’t walk away if we had to pay list price. We really wanted the townhome. In the midst of...
  11. KristinTech

    Stack of the day thread

  12. KristinTech

    Can anyone help date this ring?

    Oh, my goodness! How gorgeous! Definitely drop it off at a trusted jeweler during this “secret” time and have them tighten prongs and give it a good spa treatment. :cool2: About the wedding band—my advice is to take your time and try on a variety of bands (and take pictures!). You can also...
  13. KristinTech

    Show me your “extra” look!

    Would never leave my house like this, but I’m having fun on a rare lazy Saturday morning! My 1.23 E SI2 CBI in a crazy retro ring wrap and two anniversary bands.
  14. KristinTech

    Show me... Oval Solitaires/Settings please!

    My 1.01 carat F oval (original ering diamond in a 15th anniversary setting). I was wearing neon orange this day and it was just glowing. :) Size 7.5
  15. KristinTech

    Help! I need to buy a car!

    We just bought a 2019 Suburu Crosstrek, and my only regret is that we didn’t get souped-up one—we LOVE it! Can’t wait for the snow. :)
  16. KristinTech

    At what size does a 3-stone lose it's lovely aesthetic?

    I think someone on this thread earlier made mention of the difference between an ering-type 3-stone versus a anniversary-type 3-stone. Indicating that the proportions would be different. What are people’s opinions on that difference?
  17. KristinTech

    Calling WF Butterflies Owners Present & Past

    Pictures, please?! :kiss2: I’d love to see it, and I’d also love to see it with the Tiffany band!
  18. KristinTech

    Princess Beatrice engaged—and a close-up of the ring!

    I like the idea of the welsh gold band much better.
  19. KristinTech

    Princess Beatrice engaged—and a close-up of the ring!

    But the article said it had two matching bands... ?
  20. KristinTech

    Princess Beatrice engaged—and a close-up of the ring!

    I know! And it’s ironic, because EUGENIE took those engagement pics!
  21. KristinTech

    New book about the the Queen and her JEWELS that she wears!

    After checking in at PS, here’s my second jewelry site stop:
  22. KristinTech

    My technical questions answered by John Pollard from CBI- fascinating

    You can click on “report this post” and ask admin to change the title in the comment box....
  23. KristinTech

    Flannel Pajamas

    I never reported back! I love mine and I’ll model it once the weather cooperates!
  24. KristinTech

    New book about the the Queen and her JEWELS that she wears!

    I can’t wait to read about the vault and what was chosen to be worn. The queen obviously has her favorites, but every once in awhile a “surprise” pops up!
  25. KristinTech

    New CBI E SI2 available!

    Don’t think I didn’t consider it! But then I would have to walk around with a hand mirror all day! :)
  26. KristinTech

    New CBI E SI2 available!

    I just posted in that thread! I will find the photos/video tomorrow and post.
  27. KristinTech

    New CBI E SI2 available!

    In case anyone is interested in my own thread about a 1.23 E SI2! :kiss2:
  28. KristinTech

    Thoughts on a diamond - SI1 eyeclean?

    I saw the CBI online today and I got all excited.... I’m a color gal, and I don’t care about clarity that I can’t see... Here is my thread about my 1.23 E SI2 CBI. Seriously consider it! :wavey:
  29. KristinTech

    Princess Beatrice engaged—and a close-up of the ring! Not sure if this is the same or not, but you can click through to the insta with the designer!