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  1. Alex T

    Car Thread - Evoque or Discovery?

    Thank you! The MPG on this model is really good & on a par with the Qashqai, so we'll see what happens. Did you sack off LR altogether after the Discovery's, or have you gone with a different model? I really like the previous Discovery to the new one, the big huge box one. I only do about 8,000...
  2. Alex T

    Help needed between two Tiffany & Co. rings

    This ^^
  3. Alex T

    Can you share a time when you realized a friend wasn't really your friend?

    Sorry to here this @missy The only time I can think of was a really good friend I met when I was at school. She moved to the area with her husband & two very young babies. She was older than me, very wealthy husband & a mutual friend put us in touch as she needed a babysitter. Her husband was a...
  4. Alex T

    What is your favorite "one hit wonder" songs?

    Possibly a US chart thing? I know A-ha had many big hits here, including the James Bond theme for The Living Daylights - that one was massive, as was The Sun Always Shines On TV & the other big one, Hunting High & Low. Another one hit wonder that happened over here here was Hanson - Umm Bop! It...
  5. Alex T

    What is your favorite "one hit wonder" songs?

    Am I not understanding the US term of 'One hit wonder'? To me, it means a band who had a massive hit & then disappeared into obscurity without further success? @StephanieLynn Over here The Verve were MASSIVE. The song Bitter Sweet Symphony was just the tip of the iceberg for those guys - they...
  6. Alex T

    diamond half eternity band for my birthday!

    Absolutely gorgeous & a really nice balance to your wedding set. Fabulous, classy choice!
  7. Alex T

    Car Thread - Evoque or Discovery?

    Wow! You are like The Oracle!! This is so much information & brilliant for me, as generally I can't be [email protected] to read about things :lol: We are not buying new, though are buying reputable used from LR. The ones I test drove handled fabulously & smooth despite it being like a monsoon out there -...
  8. Alex T

    Car Thread - Evoque or Discovery?

    Mr T has taken me by surprise this week BIG TIME. We are not frivolous people, but have a comfortable home & nice things, holidays etc. I have always driven Jeeps, but 18 months ago my beautiful workhorse Cherokee needed major work to the tune of £2.5k due to a split air intake system. I had to...
  9. Alex T

    Anything less expensive in U.K. than it is in the US?

    That's VPL :lol:
  10. Alex T

    Better with or without twist eternity ring?

    What @Dandi said =)2 Usually I'm all over a classic 2 ring set, but I really like the visual interest the twist band offers. And it's nice to have options!
  11. Alex T

    Show me your promise rings!

    It makes no sense to me either?! If i'd have had a promise ring from every boy I thought I may be in love with, I could probably open a second hand shop :cool2: However, for those who had one & went on to get married, I think it's very sweet!
  12. Alex T

    Is this stud/pendant combination too much for an office setting?

    They look lovely on you! I have 2 sets of pendants & studs. My daily worn set at .75ctw studs & a .40ct pendant. Studs were from parents, pendant from husband (then boyfriend). Husband bought me bigger ones for my 40th, so 1ctw studs & a .75ct pendant. I feel like the Queen when I wear these...
  13. Alex T

    Show me your promise rings!

    May I ask what a promise ring is for? It's not something I have heard of - it's not something we have in the UK. Is it a gift a boyfriend buys for the girlfriend, and for what purpose?
  14. Alex T

    A Tale of Two E-Rings

    Congratulations!! What a fabulous happy ending & gorgeous ring!
  15. Alex T

    Where were you born and where do you live now

    Love this thread!
  16. Alex T

    Solitaire to halo setting (before and after!)

    Gorgeous! And what a size bump!
  17. Alex T

    What is the most adventurous thing you ever did?

    I think I have confused you (easily done as I'm a waffler!) as I grew up in the UK, moved to Wellington, but then came back to the UK, which is where I am now, raising my family. We are actually only 4 villages away from where i grew up, so my girls know my old haunts well, but they are very...
  18. Alex T

    What is the most adventurous thing you ever did?

    Shifting a career you've worked hard for is definitely a leap of faith! And it sounds like you've made a good decision with options being left open. When I left the UK it wasn't so much about strength for me at that time, but more of an out of body experience, if that makes sense? I just decided...
  19. Alex T

    What is the most adventurous thing you ever did?

    First most adventurous, was packing up all by myself & moving to New Zealand at the age of 27 after my father died. He had always tried to encourage me to be braver & strike out in life, so I went to the furthest place from England I could get, much to my mother & siblings shock! My brother (&...
  20. Alex T

    Where were you born and where do you live now

    Born in Cheshire, UK, and now happily settled back in Cheshire after some moves & being in New Zealand for a few years.
  21. Alex T

    My upgrade is here!

    How unique & show stopping! That side profile too is just dreamy! What are the specs of the stones?
  22. Alex T

    My new vintage citrine ring!

    That's really lovely!
  23. Alex T

    Australian Amethyst Reset by Daniel M

    I agree completely. To me, this stone has always needed to be in a very warm, buttery 18ct yellow gold. I have never been able to really justify what I call 'frivolous' spending on jewellery (despite my desire to own heaps of diamonds!) but I really wanted to get this amethyst back on my finger...
  24. Alex T

    Australian Amethyst Reset by Daniel M

    Thank you for the compliment! I know you have a pretty exquisite coloured stone collection, so I appreciate that you like this happy little guy!
  25. Alex T

    New (to me!) Tiffany classic set- .58ct

    Simply pure class! If I could start over with my wedding set, I would go for a classic Tiffany & matching knife edge. I actually have dreams about them being on my finger! They look stunning on you & despite the smaller diamond, they ooze Tiffany elegance.
  26. Alex T

    Australian Amethyst Reset by Daniel M

    It's interesting you should say that, as my first thought when I saw the CADS was wow, it looks regal! It will definitely lift it from being a bit costume jewellery & meh, to a statement RHR.
  27. Alex T

    Daniel M-Aqua w/Halo Ring Design

    This is going to look stunning!
  28. Alex T

    Australian Amethyst Reset by Daniel M

    Original setting:
  29. Alex T

    Australian Amethyst Reset by Daniel M

    I am so excited about this project! When I lost my father suddenly 18 years ago, I took myself off to Australia for a few weeks with my BFF for a bit of breathing space. Whilst wandering a trade fair in Sydney, I saw the most BEAUTIFUL Amethyst ever. It measures 9x7 and is a saturated deep...