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  1. ringo865

    .30 cttw diamond stud earrings

    The larger facets of an oec probably won’t be appreciable in at 0.15 ct stone. That said, you should get what you love.
  2. ringo865

    Think i goofed on my wifes setting measuremnts help!

    Good news is you got a bigger diamond than you thought !! (But nowhere near too big for your setting.). Come back and show us pictures when it’s set.
  3. ringo865

    Need some help with a small budget ;(

    @sledge :love: such a romantic. But he’s right. Go with Whiteflash and then later when you really get engaged or married, you can up the size or color or clarity. Cut will be astounding no matter what and her diamond will outshine most anyone’s.
  4. ringo865

    Need advice on David Klass' CAD (flower design)

    This is a very unique design. Is it something your intended has hinted at or helped you with? Or are you designing it for her? And yes, please do post CADs here. Many PSers have done custom rings-many with David-and can help you tweak design elements.
  5. ringo865

    The progress of my engagment rings transformation....

    So. cool to see in progress pics!! Please keep us posted. Love the infinity symbol!
  6. ringo865

    Vacation CZ

    In the alone picture it looks good. In the combo pic, it appears tilted so i can’t make a fair comparison.
  7. ringo865

    Opinions in this 2.4 carat please

    But if you have never had experience looking at diamonds, how will you know whether you see or don’t see what you think you should or shouldn’t?
  8. ringo865

    Am I going to regret keeping this eternity band?

    Yumm! Keep. Who knows if your ring size will change. Wear it until you can’t and only then worry.
  9. ringo865

    First post.. Engagement ring time!

    There are also antique ovals, if you’re into them.
  10. ringo865

    Help setting an O colored 1.59ct AVC diamond

    Could you take some pics of the stone next to white, yellow, and rose gold to determine which one (or more) looks better to you?
  11. ringo865

    Need help in making a good decision 1.5K-2K£

    In the sample Pictures in your original post, your girlfriend sent you a picture indicating that she wants a princess cut diamond with halo and pave. Your picture (or what you want) was a round diamond with graduated side stones down the shank. Everyone is helping you find rounds. Does your...
  12. ringo865

    What mistake will you never make again?

    My mistake was not pushing for a biopsy after a mammogram and ultrasound were “normal” when I had a lump in my breast the size of a grape. Eighteen months later, the lump was the size of a plum. No evidence of calcification or malignancy was found on mammogram or ultrasound that time either...
  13. ringo865

    Would you rather have a second bathroom or in unit laundry?

    I would definitely be doing laundry more frequently than having guests that may need to use the bathroom. So I’d pick the one bath with in-unit laundry. I try to do the 90/10 rule when considering stuff. So if 90% of the time I’m not having guests, I don’t need to consider their excremental...
  14. ringo865

    Need help selecting 1.5 - 2 ct oval diamond

    “Diameter of a two carat” (oval?) will depend on whether it is tall and thin or short and wide.
  15. ringo865

    Completely lost on choosing a round brilliant

    Agree with @sledge Is there no way to keep your diamond and start fresh with WF, HPD, or another vendor ? They have excellent upgrade policies. Just sayin, if you ever want to upgrade with JA, you have to spend DOUBLE (like 12=24, 14=28, etc).
  16. ringo865

    Best setting for child's studs?

    This is so sweet. I’m sure she will love whatever you get for her.
  17. ringo865

    Newbie seeking advice needed on diamond: GIA report and HCA grade included

    LOL @sledge that is so great! Which one of them is you?
  18. ringo865

    prayers/dust would be welcomed

  19. ringo865

    Newbie seeking advice needed on diamond: GIA report and HCA grade included

    Please shrink that diamond down to 8 mm - even 1 cm. You won’t see anything in that stone in real life. People (normal ones, not me) don’t carry a loupe around and inspect their diamond at 10x (or 200x like those videos/images).
  20. ringo865

    Need Help Deciding on Princess Cut ASAP: 2 Stones on Hold

    Do you like antique -style cushions?
  21. ringo865

    Selecting diamond under .7 carat - tips for best value

    I can’t tell from your picture what the prongs holding the center diamond look like. A qualified jeweler may be able to set a stone larger than Kay’s website says. I also couldn’t see any specs on the side stones in that Neil lane setting. They’re probably I1 or I2. That said, if you get a...
  22. ringo865

    Pawnshop Question

    “Generally” pawn shops will sell for around 50% (preferably more) off retail. However, they also “generally” pay about one-fourth of retail to the pawner/seller. They have room to move and usually will somewhat, depending on their pricing, how long it’s been there, etc. One time I went on...
  23. ringo865

    Pawnshop Question

    4410 would be 30% off the sticker. Being as he was so swift to offer you a lower price, you could try less than 4500, but not 30% off that. Try 4200, see what he says. Then try to get them to include tax in the best price. What are you interested in? Pics? That’s a lot of $. Do you have...
  24. ringo865

    Pawnshop Question

    I start by offering them 30% off of their asking price and work up from there.
  25. ringo865

    Why local jewelry BM stores offer a lower price than internet GIA diamond?

    I would think that ID jewelry could make you a bracelet with PS quality diamonds fitting your criteria for less than the price you could buy the diamonds loose and then have your jeweler create a setting and set thirty stones ...
  26. ringo865

    Thoughts on this ring, keep or sell?

    Maybe the head could be repurposed into a pendant and a new head could house a colored stone in the ring?
  27. ringo865

    Advice on selling diamond to upgrade

    Regarding value: debeers is selling their lightbox lab diamonds for $800 a carat. They are marketing these stones as purely disposable and for fashion (not fine) jewelry. Keep your stone. It’s gorgeous. Buy a one carat lightbox diamond for $800. You can get a larger real one later. As a...
  28. ringo865

    I have questions about the ring that I am currently doing monthly payment.

    Undoubtedly it twill be beautiful. Also if it’s an ACA, it will qualify for Whiteflash’s generous upgrade policy. Is there a cultural reason why you went with the highest color and super high clarity? If so, great. If you just thought it has to be D/IF or VVS to sparkle, worry no more. In...
  29. ringo865

    What kind of pave is this?