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  1. stracci2000

    How to care for a found cat?

    @MakingTheGrade, He's gorgeous! You saved his life. You really did! Who knows what would've happened to him all alone and lost, miles from anywhere. He's very lucky to have found you!
  2. stracci2000

    Shorter and colder days make me feel sad

    I just hate coming home from work after dark. Which is now at 4:30-5:00 pm. It feels like the whole day is gone, and I spent it all at work. Another reason is that I just can't see good at night anymore to drive. All the headlights look like blurry stars to me. I told my eye doctor about it...
  3. stracci2000

    When you don't clean your ring for six years

    It never occurs to some people to clean their jewelry. I have bought jewelry from Ebay and pawnshops that came to me encrusted with ancient hardened grime underneath. It's so hard to get it all off, but it is thrilling to see the huge difference afterward! I bought a pair of .85 tw diamond...
  4. stracci2000

    Random pictures/stories of our furbabies

    She's such a pretty girl!
  5. stracci2000

    New one of a kind Australian boulder opal and gemstone pendant

    Wow! It looks like a representation of the sun or some kind of volcanic or celestial explosion. Very cool!
  6. stracci2000

    Where were you born and where do you live now

    Born in the Pittsburgh area, and I live in Albuquerque now.
  7. stracci2000

    Do you filter your selfies?

    I took a few selfies when I first got my cell phone several years ago. I thought the fish eye lens made me look ugly, so I stopped doing it.:lol:
  8. stracci2000

    Do you have a name for your car?

    I don't name my cars. But my neighbors do. Their green KIA is named Fern, the white Smart Car is named Albert and the 1972 pickup is called Chuck. And the '55 Buick Special is named Edna.
  9. stracci2000

    Do you have a name for your car?

    Wow, that's impressive!! I can only hope mine goes that far. It's now at 144,000
  10. stracci2000

    Name one thing you love about being older

    I'm gonna say the same thing as many others. I no longer care what people think of me. And I no longer worry what I look like. I don't care if men look at me or not. Gray hair, wrinkles, saggy boobs, etc. So what? I used to stress about my looks. Perfect make up, perfect hair, shoes match the...
  11. stracci2000

    Yo bakers, parchment paper or those new silicon mats?

    I completely agree with you. I am non-religious as well. But I still like to bake!
  12. stracci2000

    Yo bakers, parchment paper or those new silicon mats?

    Parchment paper! Love it. After the holidays, it usually gets reduced. Then I will buy several rolls, and they will last a long time.
  13. stracci2000

    What specific talent do you wish you had?

    Ok, I'll admit it..... I can't dance. I'm terrible at it. Two left feet and all that. I can't even do the stupid chicken dance at a wedding. I step on my own feet and everyone else's! So maybe that's a talent that I wish I had.
  14. stracci2000

    Best gift your DH/SO ever bought for you

    How can you tell us about this and not include a photo???? Darling, please............a photo!
  15. stracci2000

    Best gift your DH/SO ever bought for you

    Ahhh. Blue willow! And I love the Toby shaker! It's great that you use them!
  16. stracci2000

    Best gift your DH/SO ever bought for you

    Several years ago, my DH surprised me with a sewing machine. I always tell him, it was the best present ever. I had been wanting one, but I never suspected that he would go to the sewing store without my knowledge. Yes, I'm all about jewelry, but I am picky and I don't want him surprising me...
  17. stracci2000

    No Spend November

    Well, I do buy single cups of Chobani yogurt, because my employer pays for my lunches when am out of town. I visit grocery stores for my job (food vendor), and since I am in several each day, I will grab my lunch there. But when it is my money, I buy the big containers of yogurt to have at home...
  18. stracci2000

    No Spend November

    I just looked at this tax in your state. They are taxing all convenience-type foods sold in grocery stores, as if it were restaurant food. Because it is pre-made. And only in smaller, single serve sizes, like 8 oz bags of salad, or a single slice of pie. Just another way for the state to get...
  19. stracci2000

    No Spend November

    A bag of salad??? No, no, just no. Way too expensive for the amount of lettuce that you are getting. Buy a nice big bunch of romaine or leaf lettuce. I know it's a pain to wash it, but you will save more money for future spinels...............
  20. stracci2000

    Name one thing you love about being older

    Probably not weird. But for me, it was nothing but an inconvenience. It always came at the worst times, it was never predictable. Now it's gone and I don't miss it!
  21. stracci2000

    Name one thing you love about being older

    Amen to that, sister.
  22. stracci2000

    No Spend November

    Yay, casseroles! I make a lot of soups and other dishes that can last a few days. Right now, I'm making chicken butternut squash soup. Although the butternut squash was a splurge at almost $4.00 for the dumb thing! But the chicken was on sale .99/lb! About the bulk meat.....when you get home...
  23. stracci2000

    No Spend November

    Steph, I kinda live this way. I buy the bare minimum in the grocery store. I think hard about how many meals I can make with a 10lb. bag of potatoes and a package of chicken thighs. I buy 18pk eggs, because they are a better value than a dozen. I buy bags of onions instead of singles. I don't...
  24. stracci2000

    Somebody's Gotta Buy This Piece!

    This is unusual! So precious. But overpriced, I think.
  25. stracci2000

    When you don't clean your ring for six years

    That would be very interesting and fulfilling work! Just think of all the grimy diamonds out there.......
  26. stracci2000

    When you don't clean your ring for six years

    So you do jewelry cleaning housecalls? :lol::lol: Please come to my house! I assure you the jewelry is spotless, but we would have fun anyway!
  27. stracci2000

    Wrongfully imprisoned, now free: meet Edwina’s former cellmate!

    Laugh??? Who would dare laugh at such gorgeousness?? Only people who are jealous! Rock that mane, sister!!!
  28. stracci2000

    How to layer necklaces? (Show me!)

    I love the look, but the chains always twist up on me. This sounds like a great solution! Maybe I can make a sterling one one with small lobster claw clasp attachments. I think it would work. Thanks for the tip!!!
  29. stracci2000

    Vintage Gold Necklace and Pendant Info

    The pendant is pretty, probably dating to the 30's or 40's! There's no way of knowing if the necklace is original to the box. So the jeweler's info may have nothing to do with the piece. The 13 inch chain tells me that it is meant for a little girl. The space in the middle of the pendant is...
  30. stracci2000

    Gluing Jadeite?

    Well, that may work, too. As long as the tape doesn't come in contact and glue itself to the piece. Epoxy has a strange honey-like consistency, and it can be tricky to work with. So this will be a delicate operation! Bron will let us know how the surgery goes!