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  1. Bron357

    Children’s Home 13yr Old’s Christmas list VANS

    Wonderful. Thank you. if her foot is a size 9 she is almost full grown so I’d get Women’s Large in clothing. Larger is always better than being too small.
  2. Bron357

    Dust for Aussie bush fire victims...

    Yes, very serious and so early on in the season. Here in NSW, like most of Australia, it is “dry as a bone”, combine that with low humidity, high temperatures and big winds and it’s a potential huge disaster. Most of our Bushfire firefighters are volunteers, locals who do an absolutely...
  3. Bron357

    Specific Gravity of Grade B Jadeite

    I too have tried studying this thread and Mr Google to try and understand Jade just a little bit. And I thought Opals were difficult. Like others I’ve always wanted a Jade bangle. Given the treatments, the lookalikes and outright “fakes” and needing a big size, what’s a naive gal to do? so I...
  4. Bron357

    Yolo purchase/splurge

    Yes, love those boots. That leather is wonderful, even though it sort of has that “distressed” look. I’m sure you’ll get many years of wear out of them. and the Zircon, lucky you, it’s beautiful.
  5. Bron357

    Need HELP

    You will be hard pressed to do better than MrsB pre loved diamond. and keep in mind that there is a considerable price hike at the 1.50 carat, try looking at 1.45 ish. colour can be subjective, a well cut diamond will always look better than a so so diamond. Clarity can be confusing, there are...
  6. Bron357

    Is this a real opal?

    I would say it’s synthetic opal. some of the lab made opal is very nice looking. Its more likely if the ring isn’t solid gold / if the surrounding gems aren’t diamonds. black opal is often backed by dark potch, it’s how it’s found. It can help give that desired dark background for the colours to...
  7. Bron357

    Where were you born and where do you live now

    Born Sydney South (Cronulla), lived Sydney North (Wahroonga), then Sydney Lower North Shore (Mosman) then Sydney City (Potts Point) now Sydney Inner West (Croydon). When DH retires we want to move to Central NSW (Inverell) or Oberon (Western Sydney) to fossick for gemstones.
  8. Bron357

    Somebody's Gotta Buy This Piece!

    At around $3,500 / $4,000 that would be a great buy whether or not it was Tiffany. Personally I wouldn’t pay the extra “Tiffany” premium unless I was buying one of their “signature” pieces or a vintage piece. Message seller and ask for a photo of the hallmark /s. If there’s no Tiffany Hallmark...
  9. Bron357

    Sapphire search

    I like the first oval sapphire. the pear shape is nice too but you’ll probably have to go with a made to measure setting (more expensive) to set it. with a more “standard” size / shape gem there are heaps of pre made settings to choose from. the third one is too dark in my opinion.
  10. Bron357

    My Green stone pendant.

    Yes Im sure it is treated / dyed, that colour would be worth thousands ha ha. I only bought it for the colour which is really lovely especially in sunlight and I’m very happy it’s not plastic!
  11. Bron357

    My Green stone pendant.

    My daughter has already “swiped” the chain ha ha, it was a bit too fine and short for me! i was hoping it was Chrysoprase in the pendant and not glass or worse, plastic. So I don’t mind if it’s treated jade, it’s such a pretty colour. I’ll just keep it away from chemicals and sunlight in case it...
  12. Bron357

    Platinum Ring has a black mark - Please help me understand what this is

    Did a bit more reading. It could be a “spot” of other metal that has inadvertently fused to the Platinium while it was worked on. Apparently you have to use Tungsten rather than steel holders / wire as they can transfer onto the Platinium at the high working temperature.
  13. Bron357

    Platinum Ring has a black mark - Please help me understand what this is

    It’s probably a spot of tarnish not removed after manufacture. You should be able to remove it with a polishing cloth for Silver. Otherwise return it to the jeweller you purchased it from and ask them to clean it better!
  14. Bron357

    Question for tourmaline experts

    Very lovely ring. Yes Cuprian tourmalines exist in pink and purples as well as the well known blue/ green aka paraiba Tourmaline. You need a lab report to confirm the presence of copper to qualify as being “Cuprian” If you want to know for sure. The blue green Paraíba are so expensive because...
  15. Bron357

    Gia report pic

    I think your purple sapphire is more pastel hue. To me vividness means “bright intense colour” flashes. Pastel stones to me seem to have more “sparkle” in bright light whereas vivid hue is bright and intense.
  16. Bron357

    My Green stone pendant.

    Well, I saw this and really liked the colour so I bid and I bought it. I wasn’t expecting much for around $100 US with a chain but I was aware I might have bought a hunk of green plastic on a cheap nasty chain. That’s the chance you take. So, the chain was hallmarked 750 (18kt) so that’s a win...
  17. Bron357

    What life changing event have you experienced?

    I had a life threatening medical emergency when I was 17. I had a drug interaction and my blood pressure went to 280/ 180. I had already lost consciousness and went into cardiac arrest. I had no pulse for 3 minutes. It was assumed I had had a stroke and was transferred to Intensive Care. My...
  18. Bron357

    Gia report pic

    Do you “love” it? if it isn’t “loved” for $5,600 I’d return it and keep looking. While I think the cut is fabulous, the tone is flat to me. I prefer a bit more vividness. And $5,600 is a hunk of money to spend before setting if it isn’t ticked all YOUR boxes.
  19. Bron357

    Dark uneven Sapphire, worthy to get full AGL cert?

    I think just getting a “gem brief” or a written report from a gemologist would suffice for selling. You really just need to be able to confirm that it is natural and also heated / not heated treatment. Blue sapphires aren’t normally glass filled or BE treated. The sapphire having a wonky native...
  20. Bron357

    Which phone you would recommend for most color accurate pics?

    I use an IPhone and find it reasonable. What does make a huge difference though is the lighting. Jewellery stores in particular have specialised lighting that they pay thousands for so that their wares are displayed in the best possible light (pun intended). At home at night I’ve noted that...
  21. Bron357

    Self-checkout lanes - Love or Hate em?

    Aldi....... took me years to understand the concept as I used to shop by “brand” and thought their alternatives insufficient and probably poorer quality because they were cheap. Wrong. I love their skin care range. It is really good. Their face wipes are half the price of others. Their...
  22. Bron357

    Lexus RX 350 and Volvo XC60

    We went through this same question. Didnt like the Volvo, felt it was too basic in its trim level. Didn’t like the BMW or Audi because they can have problems. Hubby didn’t like the Merc and loathed the Lexus. I loved the Lexus and my mechanic said they are truly well built cars. DH wasn’t...
  23. Bron357

    Self-checkout lanes - Love or Hate em?

    I make a point of going to the human cashier. I support humans being employed. I love it when I can ask for a manager to open up more “human” check outs as the queue is too long. When the manager directs me to the “self check out” area I’ll ask “how much I get paid?”
  24. Bron357

    Looking for a very special amethyst - need your guidance

    Hi, just be aware that amethyst can photograph differently to viewing in real life. This is mine, it’s a lovely deeper tone but it looks better in a photograph than real life. And it’s under incandescent that I get the “reddish” flashes. So choose a vendor who allows return for refund if it...
  25. Bron357

    No Spend November

    When I bought my first apartment I lived on $50 a week. That was for food, travel and entertainment. My parents used to buy fruit and veg in bulk so I could share in that. And luckily I could walk to work (except in the rain or middle of winter) and I took a packed lunch everyday. No buying...
  26. Bron357

    My Leon Mege Paraiba Halo Ring was stolen - Reward Offered

    feeling sad for you. Yes, that’s the problem with “gifts” from boyfriends. Technically speaking if he paid for it and has the receipt he can simply say it is his. Still, it’s a low act to “remove” a gift without the knowledge and agreement of the recipient. I would suspect the ring is long gone...
  27. Bron357

    Feeling gloomy - advice about where to get ring made

    I’m in Sydney Australia and can recommend my Jeweller. Its awful how some stores treat potential clients, part of it I think is that if they supply the diamond that’s more $$$ for them. My jeweller is not only happy to create a setting, they listen to you. It’s certainly not cheap getting it...
  28. Bron357

    Name one thing you love about being older

    I dont worry about what other people will think. I’m become more resistant to criticism and negativity. I’ve made heaps of mistakes and have learnt from them. I have experience and knowledge. I can give younger people “the look” and say things like “well, when I was young” and I then laugh along...
  29. Bron357

    What is the most selfish thing you do just for yourself?

    I dye my hair vivid purple. I love it. DH and DD think I’m crazy, I’m retired now so I don’t have to be worry about what clients might think, the dogs love me no matter my hair colour!
  30. Bron357

    Value versus price? How do the synthetics really compare to naturals?

    My 5 cents worth. Currently lab grown diamonds are somewhat cheaper than mined diamonds, but no one is giving them away! Going back in time when Charles and Colvard launched “moissanite” the prices were quite high. When the patent expired and manufacture in India and China started, the prices...