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  1. B

    Review from Europe - USA Certified Diamonds (Martin Sheffield)

    Since two years we buy our special diamonds with Martin Sheffield. We run an international jewelry business from Amsterdam in The Netherlands. Ofcourse we buy 'regular' diamonds in Amsterdam and Antwerp (Belgium) as well but for all special cut and larger diamonds we prefer Martin Sheffield...
  2. Ellen

    Deelight''s new 6 Claw Leon e-ring with GOG diamond

    And Dee, too cute! My diamond is very glad it could help out, and thanks you veddy much! I'll be watching for more pics! p.s. Love the ruby!!
  3. Lorelei

    Deelight''s new 6 Claw Leon e-ring with GOG diamond

    * sniff* Pricescope Bruddah's Greatest Hits - coming soon to all stores near you! Be one of the first to get the great new album which has received fantastic reviews from music critics! The Pricescope Bruddahs were catapaulted to fame shortly after the release of their hit song ' Sparkle...
  4. B

    Another excellent experience in Antwerp with Paul Slegers - Infinity Diamond

    Hi, I just wanted to chime in myself to the Paul Slegers / Rob van Beurden fan club. I found Paul and his Infinity brand referenced extensively on this website when I was researching the retail purchase of diamonds in Antwerp for an engagement ring. I live in Amsterdam and Antwerp is an easy...