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  1. M

    What are these lines in my sapphire?

    The nearest independent jewelry store to me which appears on GIA's Retailer Look-Up page is a perfectly decent (and most likely, above average) brick-and-mortar store for those shopping for, e.g., a diamond engagement ring. But I am certain that no one on the staff there could provide an...
  2. the_mother_thing

    Dancing Fire, why are you

    1) I'm sorry I can't help your "highly educated" self comprehend a rather simple analogy. Perhaps a charm school or reviewing the PS Community Rules can help: I agree to help and respect each other, stay positive, considerate, and supportive. I agree to not participate in rudeness...
  3. pixgirl

    Leon Mege months of bad service and the 5.13 carat Pear

    bgray - no one is disputing your or Arkieb1's problems with Leon, I am just telling my story which is different. This is not meant as disrespect to or invalidation of either of you. It is just the truthful telling of my experience.
  4. B

    Leon Mege months of bad service and the 5.13 carat Pear

    For the few of you that seem to think that Leon's behavior is to be expected/ i.e. predictable and the person should know what to expect and that Leon operates with very specific rules and so on and so on as if to say that Arkieb1 got what she deserved I say that is a glib and irresponsible...
  5. S

    My review - Perry Chen at Leon Mege, found perfect RB for me

    Hello all, I've been juggling a few jewelry projects but one of them was an engagement ring upgrade. I wanted to share my experience with Perry Chen at the diamond concierge at Leon Mege's company, from the diamond purchasing perspective only, as my diamond is not set yet. I ended up with a 1.71...
  6. Circe

    Refurb gone really wrong - what to do?

    Thanks, Hospatogi. I certainly don't FEEL very kind and forgiving right now! Though - and I never say this, but, seriously, LOL - you sound exactly like my therapist. Which is probably TMI ... but the last time I saw her and was whinging about this (weeks ago, which says something), she was...
  7. H

    Refurb gone really wrong - what to do?

    Haha maybe I should consider a career change :lol:
  8. John Pollard

    H&A performance

    Different configurations Glitterata. Antique cuts were fashioned with very wide pavilion mains and short lower halves because the lighting of the day (gas lamp) was not as direct. Those wide mains served to catch and reflect the soft social lighting of that age (gas lanterns) and large mains +...