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  1. LittleRed

    Finewater Gems Meets Victor Canera

    My beautiful sapphire from Gary at Finewater Gems has finally been set! It’s in a Victor Canera setting and I could not be more pleased!!! :appl: When I took the ring out of its package, my first thought was that it’s “stunning.” The word “stunning” is not typically an adjective I use, but it’s...
  2. B

    Chicago PS'ers - Where do you shop for precision cut gems???

    Hi again all. This will be my last new thread for a while - I promise! So I've been to Chicago's diamond district many times. But as far as I know (and I've asked around) there are no longer dedicated colored gem stores/booths. A vendor told me this is because "Midwesterners tend to stick to...
  3. mrsgreeneyes

    Buying Moissanite from Tianyu Gems

    Hello, again! I thought it might be easier to find and reference the Tianyu info if it had it's own thread, so here we are! Tianyu Gems is a moissanite manufacturer and cutter located in China. I discovered them in early 2017 on Reddit - someone over there was discussing C&C's patent expiring...
  4. Texas Leaguer

    Announcement PriceScope GTG 2019 in Carlsbad, CA

    I have just received word that our guests will get special tours of the GIA campus and the many wonderful gem, mineral and jewelry displays housed there. Stay tuned for more info on the presentations and tours. *Make sure that if you want to attend you sign up as soon as possible as space...
  5. SandyinAnaheim

    Announcement PriceScope GTG 2019 in Carlsbad, CA

    That sounds GREAT! I can only imagine how great those displays must be. I'm getting excited. =)2
  6. strawrose

    Somebody's gotta buy this stone, "If I won the lottery" edition

    I don’t plan on buying big ticket items until I can live solely on annuities, dividends, and interest. I will have wrinkled hands, but it’ll be full of bling. ;)2
  7. Whisper89

    LGD Man Made diamonds are going to change natural diamonds for the better

    I'm in my early 30s and have the typical millennial issues regarding low income, high house prices, etc. I'm not normally an emotional, lovey-dovey person. I like science. But when it comes to diamonds, particuarly engagement diamonds, I want the romantic notion of a gem that has been formed...
  8. Arcadian

    Somebody's Gotta Buy This Stone!

    My full understanding was this thread is about fabulous gems, not about affordable gems (affordable for you may not be for me KWIM) I post stuff that I think is fabulous period. who cares if it cost more than my house sometimes:cry2::rolleyes2::lol-2::P2 but then again, I post things in the...
  9. Arcadian

    I want to be Thanos

    If you've been looking for the blue, get the blue (its gorgeous btw but they all are!) I need to win the lottery to get ANY of them at this point (I spent a ton on house stuff this past year) And hey nothing wrong with asking for a discount if you buy both yellow and blue right o_O However...
  10. missy

    Show your gems that look good in all lighting

    We have incandescent lights in NYC but both LEDs and incandescent lights here. When I go back to NYC I will get my opal and take photos of it under the LEDs (kitchen) we have at the beach house and compare it for you. We do not like CFLBs. They never got the frequency right. Too harsh a light IOO.
  11. whitewave

    Announcement PriceScope GTG 2019 in Carlsbad, CA

    :(:(sad Aw, man, shoot. I expect lots of photos, if possible.
  12. missy


    Thanks @lovedogs for your kind wishes. And also for the beach house compliment. We are on the East coast and LOL no worries you could never be creepy. We are in Monmouth County in NJ. If you want more details feel free to contact me on Loupe Troop. I love the area. Beautiful beaches, and lovely...
  13. whitewave

    New Orleans

    My brother is at my house keeping an eye on it.
  14. LisaRN

    What is the most valuable thing that you've lost?

    When it comes to bling I lost a lovely 1 carat Alexandrite. It was a beautiful minty/blue that changed to pink/purple. And I lost a large gorgeous purplish red spinel. One moment it was on my finger on a gem holder (the type that looks like a ring) and the next it was gone. I am kind of crazy in...
  15. elizat

    Sapphires- precision cut and opinions?

    The stone from Pristine Gems arrived. I can return it as well if I want. It's more violet toned than the vendor photos. I don't mind the cut on it. What do you all think of it? In bright sunlight: In shade outside: In the house without any lighting in the shade. This is the darkest I...
  16. icy_jade

    I want to be Thanos

    Definitely setting the stones if I get them. I’ve been quite good about doing that and I find that it helps me to really think about whether I should buy a new stone. Plus I really enjoy wearing them. If you ever want to de-stash let me know ok?
  17. minousbijoux

    Question re Selling Stones

    @prs this is brilliant advice! Its a little like house staging: I know I should do it, but I sure don't want to spend the money! ;)2 Anyway, I think I'll speak with Claudia first. Like I said before, looking through what has sold, it seems that if unset, its predominantly very large, good...
  18. E

    Have you really got an Alexandrite? Read this first!

    Thank you so much for your reply. It is not so much that I want a colour change gem as alexandrite is personally special to me. With such a hefty price tag, I am also concerned about purchasing and wearing daily in an engagement ring. I am thinking perhaps that I should use a diamond for...
  19. Bron357

    which jewellery auction houses are trustworthy and good value?

    I buy at auction frequently, both on line and after physical viewings. Buying online via auction is possible but requires some cautions. Firstly, you need to confirm what the buyers premium is, yes most auction houses charge commission for BOTH seller and buyer. It can be between 10 and 25%...
  20. whitewave

    New Orleans

    I left my un set gems at the house there on accident and I am sure hoping they are there when I return and not floating to the gulf!! (First world problems— obviously my concern is for life)
  21. missy

    Poll: Which recent royal engagement ring would you choose?

    I am with you @Jambalaya but I firmly believe different strokes for different folks and what is right for one is not right for everyone. So OK you and I wouldn't "waste" money on something that holds no lasting value. We prefer gems to cars for example. But who is to say what is right for each...
  22. missy

    When you don't clean your ring for six years

    Yes it's like eye glasses. I have friends who are opticians and wow the stories they can tell about disgusting filthy eyewear. And that is worn on one's face. Ugh. Thanks Joanne. It really is sparkly still and if it wasn't I would have cleaned it by now. Sparkly gems give me pleasure and we...
  23. voce

    Loose stone display? Or boxes?

    Omg, so many loose gems!:love::love::love::love: I'm afraid to get what you have. It'll be way too tempting to fill it up with all colours of the rainbow. Edit: my current solution is to set my gems whenever I have too many stones. But that'll only work if I still have room in my jewelry box.:lol-2:
  24. ChaiK

    Question re Selling Stones

    Oh, list them on Loupetroop. I would, if you listed on loupetroop, take a look. I think it is ok for you to say, in this post, ok. Listed. I mean, we can all see and decide. I always think pre-loved gems come with lots of good karma. Thank you.
  25. Bron357

    Have you really got an Alexandrite? Read this first!

    The Alex is very dark and will darken even more when set. I think you’ll find it a rather murky color no matter the lighting conditions. And that’s the problem, good Alexandrite with a lovely clear daylight colour and a strong change under incandescent can cost over $30,000 a carat. Seriously...
  26. T L

    Ideal halo ratio?

    I never ever had that problem:lol: One of my favorite halos ever, well it’s a tie, is Elizabeth Taylor’s ruby ring and her emerald broach/pendant. The diamonds in them are enormous in proportion to the center stone, and yes, I know those world class gems can stand up to such a halo...
  27. arkieb1

    Hello from Bogota

    I buy things like Sapphires and spinels from dealers that have become friends from places like Burma, Thailand, Sri Lanka and Africa (a guy from Mozambique that is a second generation native African gem dealer lives just over an hour from my house because he met and married an Aussie girl)...
  28. ilovegemstones

    What are you wearing today?! Show me your CS!

    Aww I just saw these messages! Thank you for loving Dusty! I was at a silence/meditation retreat. Dove is adorable Garnetgirl! I would trade all of my gems to keep pets in the house any day.
  29. icy_jade

    Loose stone display? Or boxes?

    Omg I’ll love to peek at those drawers! It’s like having your personal store at home. :kiss2:
  30. Bron357

    The Story of *Truth* and her many siblings......with photos

    Late last year, here in Sydney Australia, driving home from Saturday morning grocery shopping, hubby took a “long cut” home due to traffic. In the suburb of Burwood, near us, there is a special street called “The Appian Way” which is a collective of very expensive, very grand Federation houses...