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  1. Keeliamira

    What's it worth? 10k yellow gold vintage peridot ring

    If you want rule out/in uranium glass, shine a black light on it in the dark. If it lights up neon green it’s likely uranium glass.
  2. Keeliamira

    Now I really did it :((

    Thanks for all the sapphire ring love ladies! I haven’t seen it yet in person as it’s with my jeweler getting dismantled, but I am very excited to start this project! I’m in the Valley of the Sun so it will be my commemoration of our new start in AZ! As soon as I saw it it thought of Niel’s ring...
  3. Keeliamira

    Now I really did it :((

    Thank you for the well-wishes @marcy ! I’m very thankful my recovery was easy. Shoot! I can’t believe I missed you in Scottsdale! Meeting up would have been so fun! Please let me know if you make it back here. You are so right about the Peachtrees, lol. Everything here is laid out in a grid and...
  4. Keeliamira

    Now I really did it :((

    Oh my goodness, I am so sorry! I know that feeling...where doing nothing is terror inducing but so are any of the other options! I do hope you find a path forward that is comfortable and positive soon. It’s an award I’ll pass on, thanks. :D I hope your weekend is starting out positively...
  5. Keeliamira

    Now I really did it :((

    Life certainly gets in the way! Dear NIRDIs, it’s been several weeks of chaos and I simply had to circle the wagons and go heads down into the storm. More on that below. I’ve only caught up on reading the last week of posts so forgive me if I’ve missed anything major. @Scandinavian I am so sad...
  6. Keeliamira

    Finewater Gems Meets Victor Canera

    It is stunning to say the least! What a fabulous combination of two phenomenal PS vendors! Where it in good health and enjoy I’m saving your ring to my inspiration photos!
  7. Keeliamira


    Omg they are fan-friggin-tastic!!! :love::love::love:
  8. Keeliamira

    My new diamond huggie/hoops from David Klass

    They are perfection, Mama! :love: Wear them in good health!!
  9. Keeliamira

    Now I really did it :((

    Thanks for the well wishes. I’m definitely going to keep ahead of the pain. The phots are not from Hot Dog House. We passed on that one and found this one for 50k less and it’s perfect for us! Hot Dog House earned its name because every wall was painted mustard yellow and the floors were...
  10. Keeliamira

    Now I really did it :((

    Sorry it’s been a bit NIRDIs. Last week was crazy leading up to my surgery and being off work. I was at the office until after 7 Monday night to get things in order. My hysterectomy was Tuesday and I just got home a couple of hours ago. Sadly, I tried to catch up on the posts I missed but I...
  11. Keeliamira

    Show your LAST fine jewelry purchase here!

    Oh my those are gorgeous! And wedding perfect! Congrats and happy anniversary!
  12. Keeliamira

    Now I really did it :((

    Ach. It has been a week NIRDIs! I’ve read through everything I missed much! My week started off with dh trying to fly home from seeing his ailing father and getting stuck in Kansas City, MO. He made it out, but barely. Tuesday morning I had to be up early to take my best friend Fabi for...
  13. Keeliamira

    Your Latest Jewelry Purchases/Things You're Considering....

    I don’t mind a bit! It is my HG tourmaline and I wore it for four days straight after picking it up :lol-2: I’ve been on the hunt for a statement tourmaline ring for about two years after a shady jeweler “lost” a 22ct dark forest green tourmaline ring that was in for polishing. This one tops it...
  14. Keeliamira

    Now I really did it :((

    So I’m sitting at a birthday party with a dozen screaming 13 year olds cooking cupcakes. It’s is sooooo loud! :lol-2: Here’s a pic of my sweet dd2 in my docs. She somehow managed to “skater-punk” style in jewelry from both Cartier and Tiffany’s. That’s my girl! :mrgreen2:
  15. Keeliamira

    Now I really did it :((

    @Tekate hi! Glad you are home in your own bed! Two fire alarms, a long drive, and Mr. GP sounds like a not fun combo, lol. @Austina Thank you for the Bletchley Park photos. They are fabulous! Those stained glass ceilings...swoon! Thank God for the work they did there during the war. Thank you...
  16. Keeliamira

    Now I really did it :((

    Dh’s interview was smashingly good! He was really excited and energized after 8 hours of interviewing, despite his exhaustion, so I think that’s a good sign. He looked at the house with our realtor on his way to the airport and it was even better in person. Dd2 is still not keen on it, but said...
  17. Keeliamira

    Show your LAST fine jewelry purchase here!

    Thank you so much @missy!! It’s my favorite tourmaline ring ever too!!! :lol:
  18. Keeliamira

    Show your LAST fine jewelry purchase here!

    My most recent was my mother’s day present to myself...vintage 18.5 ct tourmaline in platinum. :eek-2:
  19. Keeliamira

    #JOTW My New 4ct EC Halo -thx to my fellow PSr’s

    Fantastic! And Adam really is wonderful. Congrats!
  20. Keeliamira

    Victorian deliciousness

    Ach they are STUNNING @missy!! :love::love::love:
  21. Keeliamira

    Your Latest Jewelry Purchases/Things You're Considering....

    Oh my gosh @Lucy-In-The-Sky !! That ring is a dream! Congrats!!
  22. Keeliamira

    Diamond Art Deco Brooch to Bracelet Conversion by David Klass

    Wow, it’s gorgeous! Wear it to work dear! I rock my Rocks while practicing law and make no excuses! :lol-2:
  23. Keeliamira

    Now I really did it :((

    @missy your new earrings are “ the cat’s meow!” as my grandmother likes to say!! :love: They are absolutely fab and look divine on you! Congrats! And hose Platt Boutique trays...sigh! I have been pining for a crescent conversion necklace for far too long. The movie we saw was The Hustle. We...
  24. Keeliamira

    Thoughts on pad sapphire?

    Oh my goodness it is gorgeous juicy perfection!! :love::love::love:
  25. Keeliamira

    Your Latest Jewelry Purchases/Things You're Considering....

    I just picked up my mother’s day gift to myself... a vintage ~18.5 carat super clean tourmaline and diamond ring in platinum and I’m over the moon for it! It’s my absolute favorite peacock blue green color! Here’s comes the photo bomb...
  26. Keeliamira

    My CvB Spring Gulch indulgence - a hairpin for spring

    OMFG this is TDF!!! I have no other words...speechless. :love:
  27. Keeliamira

    From “Frogette” to Princess

    She’s fantastic! Congrats! What a beautiful find!!
  28. Keeliamira

    Now I really did it :((

    @junebug17 I so hope Zoe is doing ok. I’m sure she’s comforted by the love of her mama. @Austina oh no! for Colin’s hernias! I hope he’s not in too much pain. Any word from the surgeon? @AV_ congrats on the positive respond post thesis! I’m crossing my fingers for you! I’m glad you got to laze...
  29. Keeliamira

    My star sapphire reset is finally done!

    @Catmom @LisaRN @Ceilimom Thanks so much for the love! I am head over heels not my little star and the color makes me extremely happy! :))
  30. Keeliamira

    Not happy with custom e-ring - am I crazy?

    @Birdinski Is it just me, or is there substantially more metal around the side stones on one side than there is on the other?