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  1. LJsapphire

    Opinions on this Amethyst ring please

    Wow pretty! :love: looks like you got a good deal :cool2:
  2. LJsapphire

    #JOTW Ring purchase - no one to share this with

    It is a beautiful colour :love: enjoy your ring :bigsmile:
  3. LJsapphire

    How many piercings do you have?

    41, I have 2 in each earlobe, tongue and a healed navel piercing (took it out when I was pregnant).
  4. LJsapphire

    Can you write in CURSIVE? be honest now!!

    Hi (not been here in a while!) I write in cursive and my son is learning (he’s nearly 10).
  5. LJsapphire

    Have you ever been bullied on the internet?

    In my early 20s I was "bullied" online by a group of people. I knew them online but we had an interest in common and sometimes I met people IRL. Someone must've decided they didn't like me and their friends joined in. It was just words online, saying stuff about me that wasn't true. When I met...
  6. LJsapphire

    Besides your wedding dress..what is the most expensive dress you own?

    My first wedding dress was £600 in 2007. For my next one it'll be about £1500-2000. I don't have any proper designer clothes but I have some true vintage and reproduction vintage by small brands. I rarely wear high street stuff. I probably spend about £100-150 per dress, I don't go out much...
  7. LJsapphire

    For the not-so-discerning sapphire lover...

    that's a nope from me. :P2
  8. LJsapphire

    Gemfix Purple Sapphire in CvB Cora Setting

    Wow, it's amazing. :love:
  9. LJsapphire

    Show me your small but “mighty”colored gemstone rings

    my amethyst is quite small and mighty. :praise:
  10. LJsapphire

    Meet Celeste-Art Deco Blue Zircon Ring

    Beautiful :love:
  11. LJsapphire

    Time to get a mattress, what do you recommend and what do you NOT recommend

    We've just ordered a B grade (outlet/returned product) Artisan Natural mattress from John Ryan. Was going to wait until we moved house (which will hopefully be this summer, have been viewing and about to put ours on market) but I can't take the old one any more :wall: So we ordered from the...
  12. LJsapphire

    Show me your fabulous fashion jewelry!

    Peridot is also my birthstone... I always wished it was amethyst.I haven't liked any examples of peridot green I've seen before. @Daisys and Diamonds - don't apologise for your photos, we like seeing them.
  13. LJsapphire

    Show me your fabulous fashion jewelry!

    Thank you, I get to have another go at being a bride soon (I hope!) :praise: It was going to be October this year but it is currently on hold for now.
  14. LJsapphire

    Fat drinks vs Skinny drinks - what do you do?

    I take 1 teaspoon of sugar in my tea/coffee. When I was dieting with Slimming World last year I switched to sucralose based sweetener. I tried Stevia but it tasted horrible in coffee. I did manage to lose 10lbs temporarily (with other changes). I still use the sweetener but I don't suppose it...
  15. LJsapphire

    Show me your vintage watches

    I got given one, it isn't as shiny as the ones in this thread though.
  16. LJsapphire

    What is considered middle class?

    We are in the uk and live in a relatively cheap area but have been living on my pay alone for 2 years. Still comfortable but I’m hoping he gets a job soon (feeling the pressure of being the sole earner)
  17. LJsapphire

    Time to get a mattress, what do you recommend and what do you NOT recommend

    We've been looking at those too. Desperately in need of a new mattress! Ours was a cheap Silentnight one that was on offer at Tesco. There were 2 offers and a discount code running at the same time, which I don't think they meant to happen - we got 2 whole beds for £230 and sold one! It's only...
  18. LJsapphire

    Random pictures/stories of our furbabies

    They had 5 minutes each outside today. They were sniffing around, but I think they were a little spooked by the noise. There is a block of apartments next to our row of townhouses so there's a car park just after next door's garden. I heard a couple of people getting into a car on the car park...
  19. LJsapphire

    Random pictures/stories of our furbabies

    Mildred wore it for 10 mins today, George started taking it off himself after 5. We aren't going to take them anywhere except the garden. The other option was to cat proof with special fencing to stop them going over the fence. Our old cats used to wander over the gardens but they stayed at...
  20. LJsapphire

    Random pictures/stories of our furbabies

    I got my cats a harness/ walking jacket to try so I can take them into the garden. I'm introducing them to it slowly, 5 minutes at a time with treats. I carried George downstairs and showed him the garden with the door open. He was sniffing the air. I need to buy another jacket and some...
  21. LJsapphire

    should I leave in this setting or go for delicate 8 prong?

    I think it's lovely as it is.
  22. LJsapphire

    Signs of Spring

    From a walk in the park last week
  23. LJsapphire

    Signs of Spring

    I don't know about Spring, but it's been 23C this weekend and has felt like Summer to us! Horse riding (it was hot!) on Saturday, 18 mile bike ride along the canal on Sunday, kite flying in the park with my son today. :cool2: We did spot lots of courting ducks on our bike ride, a field of sheep...
  24. LJsapphire

    Intermittent fasting

    Good idea. :cool2:
  25. LJsapphire

    Intermittent fasting

    I was going to add that it was a good thing, but didn't think I needed to.
  26. LJsapphire

    Intermittent fasting

    I've managed 14:10 most days this week purely because I've been on holiday from work and I haven't needed to get up as early (about 10am instead of 7). A leisurely breakfast, yesterday I had overnight oats and I missed lunch but wasn't hungry. Then we had a bbq with my parents.
  27. LJsapphire

    Intermittent fasting

    I had read that IF helps prevent insulin resistance and it actually makes you more sensitive to insulin.
  28. LJsapphire

    It's Official....Mr and Mrs Sledge!

    Congratulations! :mrgreen2:
  29. LJsapphire

    Random pictures/stories of our furbabies

    Mildred started rubbing herself against my leg - I'm very happy about this :praise::love: We took my parents' rescue shihtzu for a walk today. She is only used to being driven to the park, having a run around and being driven back. My Dad is 70 so I can't blame him. But we walked to the park...
  30. LJsapphire

    Intermittent fasting

    I couldn't do 5:2. 500 calories is so little!