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  1. dk168

    Menu suggestions for brunch menu...Please?

    I hear you! Mind you, I love Christmas because of the cookathon that I have planned for myself. It is the only time when I would make a roast. This year I am planning on two roasts, a duck or a goose for the big day, and a slap of belly pork on Boxing Day. And I shall attempt two new starters...
  2. dk168

    Random pictures/stories of our furbabies

    My pets spending their evening next to mummy. Jess the cat enjoying the autumn sun. DK :))
  3. dk168

    Menu suggestions for brunch menu...Please?

    Glad the brunch went well. Thanksgiving/Christmas buffet next perhaps? :mrgreen: DK :))
  4. dk168

    Where were you born and where do you live now

    Born in Hong Kong when it was a British colony, came to UK to study over 40 years ago in my early teens and stayed. DK :))
  5. dk168

    stone options for sugarloaf ring?

    I guess my Ruby counts as a sugar loaf. DK :))
  6. dk168

    Shorter and colder days make me feel sad

    I generally prefer the cooler days as I don't like the heat. When it is hot and sunny, I would prefer to stay indoors with the curtains drawn and air con on. Food wise I prefer the colder months for the variety of stews, casseroles, soups, etc. that I could make and freeze for later, as there...
  7. dk168

    Money, power or fame...

    Money, as I too do not desire power or fame. DK :))
  8. dk168

    Car Thread - Evoque or Discovery?

    Disco Sport for me, as I really like the big round lights at the back as well as the curvy lines of the back end. Not keen on back of the Evoque, sorry! When I was looking to get a new a car just over 2 years ago, I considered the Disco Sport. However, by the time I added all the extras, it...
  9. dk168

    What is the most adventurous thing you ever did?

    No comment as this is a family board. DK :bigsmile:
  10. dk168

    What life changing event have you experienced?

    I had experienced a divorce, loss of a parent, loss of a partner, new jobs, relocations, and a medical condition. The worst and most stressful was relocation that involved selling one property and buying another. Just grinned and bear it, and managed it as well as I could, remembering that I...
  11. dk168

    Do you filter your selfies?

    Happy as I am, however I seldom take selfies or appear in photos. DK :))
  12. dk168

    Self-checkout lanes - Love or Hate em?

    I like the interactions with the checkout staff, and would only use self checkout if I only have a few items. DK :))
  13. dk168

    Yo bakers, parchment paper or those new silicon mats?

    I bought a pack of 3 baking mats from Costco in Vancouver in late 2018 and they suited me well for making cheese scones, biscuits and other bite size baked savory items. For cakes, I used preformed silicone coated parchment tin liners. DK :))
  14. dk168

    Menu suggestions for brunch menu...Please?

    @Austina, I like the idea of individual toad in a hole. This would work for cocktail sausages in smaller bite size version. The difficulty is getting hold of uncooked cocktails sausages in the supermarkets that I frequent. May try improvising with small balls of sausage meat instead. DK :))
  15. dk168

    Menu suggestions for brunch menu...Please?

    Guacamole, chunky spicy peanut butter (as in cooled satay sauce made with chopped coriander and spring onions), great on toasted bread. Budget Buck Fizz made with asti or other fizzy wine and good OJ or tropical juice. Bloody Mary with or without alcohol. V8 is a great alternative to plain...
  16. dk168

    Reset-itis strikes again! Please help!

    I voted for your current set. IMHO, unless you halo the pears and your centre round stone, it would not be blingy enough for you as a simple 3-stone ring, based on what I can gather from the pics you have posted in the past. DK :))
  17. dk168

    Menu suggestions for brunch menu...Please?

    Cheese scones and mini cheese muffins, served warm. This is my mini cheese muffins recipe, hope you like it. Drop scones as in thick pancakes with sultanas, great served warm with butter. I love food, just in case that is not apparent! :lol-2: DK :))
  18. dk168

    Menu suggestions for brunch menu...Please?

    More... Instead of baked brie or Camembert, swap it for a BBQ sauce that is lower in calories. Creamy scrambled eggs with smoked salmon off cuts on the side for those who like fish. Or crispy bacon bits or toasted nuts. Sauted sliced mushrooms in a creamy sauce, great on toast. Welsh...
  19. dk168

    Menu suggestions for brunch menu...Please?

    Toasted sandwiches with cheese and ham that could be made and cut up in advance? Baked brie or Camembert with toasted Ciabatta or toast fingers, or with mini sausages, or candied bacon? Sloppy Joe? Mini grilled gammon rounds with a fried quail egg on top in a small bun? Bubble and squeak...
  20. dk168

    Menu suggestions for brunch menu...Please?

    This is an usual suggestion, however, congee as in rice porridge with ham and hard boiled egg? Not usual to me as I am Chinese, and am used to having congee with salted pork and thousand year egg with some fried dough stick pieces for brunch. Sometimes with roasted duck. I don't have this...
  21. dk168

    My wedding set is here!

    Very nice and original, thanks for sharing! DK :kiss2:
  22. dk168

    Name one thing you love about being older

    I thought my 40s were good, however, 50s are even better, and I still have a few more years to go before turning 60. DK :))
  23. dk168

    Name one thing you love about being older

    Age is just a number. One can be very old for one's age, or young at heart at an old age. I know what I would prefer! DK :))
  24. dk168

    Someone talk me out of this cluster!

    I liked it before I knew the price, and liked it even more afterwards. DK :))
  25. dk168

    Final upgrade...pretty sure. Lol

    Lovely ring, however I am sure it will not be the last upgrade! DK :lol-2:
  26. dk168

    Name one thing you love about being older

    I care less about what others think of me as I grow older. DK :lol-2:
  27. dk168

    No Spend November

    I am on minimum spend this month due to work related issues, hopefully all will be back to normal next month. Good for my health too as I am on the wagon after enjoying myself too much last weekend. Binge drinking does not mix well with the medication I am on. :rolleyes: DK :))
  28. dk168

    What is the most selfish thing you do just for yourself?

    Unless I have another person in my life, then nearly everything I do is for myself or the pets, and the pets cost way less than a child! DK :lol-2:
  29. dk168

    Name your song

    My Way, Frank Sinatra, especially the line "Regret, I had a few...". I would like this to be played at my funeral. DK :))
  30. dk168

    You can only have ONE ring, which one would you keep?

    My 1.19ct E VS1 WC that was my 40th birthday present to myself. Apart from being the most expensive, it has huge sentimental value as it has a bittersweet story attached to it. Wearing it makes me proud with what I have achieved professionally, yet it reminds me of the sadder times too. I did...