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  1. kathley

    OEC double prong gold solitaire

    So beautiful and I love the open profile as it really shows off your gorgeous OEC!
  2. kathley

    My New Engagement Ring

    This is a gorgeous ring! I love the double claw prongs, and the attention to detail. Please post profile pics.
  3. kathley

    New ring 1.5 carat

    So beautiful, classy and elegant! :appl:
  4. kathley

    PSA - dog diet and *potential* link to heart disease

    Plus one on StephanieLynn's view. I used to work for Purina as a scientist and I literally saw first hand what goes into the the Purina Dog food. From that point on I never fed our dogs that brand!
  5. kathley

    New New! 6+ ct Old Mine!

    Stunning! Please post profile pics!
  6. kathley

    LOVE my 3.0 N VS2 AVC from Rhino

    Your ring is one of my favorites! I love how the two-toned metals really bring out the buttery color of your gorgeous stone. I don't think there is another setting that is more stunning than this one is for your AVC.:love:
  7. kathley

    HPD necklace with CBI diamond!

    Absolutely stunning! Wow!:love:
  8. kathley

    After 6 years of marriage I finally got my diamond!

    Congratulations, such a beautiful ring!
  9. kathley

    #JOTW Oh happy day! My new 4.61 bangle is hereeeeee

    Gorgeous bangle and it looks beautiful on!
  10. kathley

    My Anniversary Diamond

    Simply gorgeous!
  11. kathley

    New yellow diamond pendant

    I love it and it looks beautiful on you!
  12. kathley

    4.30 OEC Sparkle Bomb

    Absolutely stunning! And a beautiful setting as well. I love it paired with the plain band!
  13. kathley

    CBI Diamond Studs from HPD!

    Gorgeous and they look beautiful on you!
  14. kathley

    Golden South Sea pearls with diamonds drop earrings

    Happy Birthday! I love pearls and diamonds and the combination of yours is absolutely beautiful! The diamond choices with the pearls give it such a whimsical look that is unique and attractive. Your earrings are something that I would love to start a project on as well. And you can't go...
  15. kathley

    #JOTW My Handsome New Studs - 1.7 ctw AVRs

    So incredibly beautiful and I love the settings they are in as well!
  16. kathley

    Victorian deliciousness

    Such beautiful earrings! I love dangle earrings and I bet the earring movement really shows off the liveliness of your gorgeous OMCs!
  17. kathley

    #JOTW OEC Tiffany Late ? Deco Line bracelet

    That is THE most incredibly stunning bracelet I have seen! Now that is perfection!
  18. kathley

    August Vintage Review - Custom Cut Elyque Oval

    Such a beautiful stone and ring! :appl:
  19. kathley

    Antique Moval Engagement Ring!

    Wow! I love your ring and it has such a huge presence on your finger!