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  1. B

    Opinions on the value of this diamond?

    Thank you! That makes sense that you can't really tell without seeing it. He purchased in person which was important to him- internet purchases can be so nerve wracking! And yes I love the look on the right. Just seems classic to me, even though the crushed ice glitter is very beautiful as well...
  2. qubitasaurus

    Find me a hauyne color blue sapphire?

    I hope you don't mind a suggestion from a newbie, but this reminded me of a 1.17 ct saphire which can be baught individually or as part of a pair from all that glitters gems I don't know whether the photography is accurate (I am hoping peer review...
  3. OTL

    Find me a hauyne color blue sapphire?

    The one on the left could have a potential still a little bit lighter in saturation than ideal, I did a search about ATGGEMS here, not so good though... Thanks, and Merry Christmas
  4. cflutist

    2.21 ct F-SI1 CTO Crafted by Infinity in a Vatche Serenity

    My 12-week journey has finally ended after I first spoke to Wink Jones (owner of High Performance Diamonds) and John Pollard (Crafted by Infinity US Executive) in early September about ordering a custom CTO (cut-to-order) CBI diamond. Part one and two of that journey can be found here...
  5. Lorelei

    GIA report shows two chips in Emerald Cut... Big Deal?

    Oh no! How typical when it's a surprise but never mind. :x It sounds as if you have everything well in hand with the appraiser and so on and it is quite possible the halo would offer some protection if the girdle isn't deemed a potential durability issue by the appraiser, but see what they...
  6. Niel

    Help required - Opinions on a radiant

    Very true I am no expert, but this stone appears to have some flaws even if you like a "glittery" cut. I'm not trying to persuade you to one cut or the other, I'm just trying to give you options. I find its best to know all sorts of different types of stones, and make an educated decision...
  7. cookies

    ZashPay vs. PayPal?

    I will heed everyone's advice -- avoid ZashPay, and use credit card or PayPal which links to a credit card. I thought custom-made stuff is usually not returnable? Two years ago, when Richard Homer custom cut a rubellite for me, he made it clear (before he started) that it wouldn't be...
  8. webdiva

    Setting Questions-Rejected by Steven Kirsch-???-Help!

    That's actually pretty reasonable for all that work and detail. Ditto with the custom rings being pretty expensive. Single stone STARTS at $4400 and goes up from there. Please take a look at think links I sent and see if you like anything. Otherwise, you may want to get a quote from GOG in WG...
  9. L

    Looking for feedback on a specific vendor

    Hello all, This is my very post on pricescope. I have been lurking (AND LEARNING :read: ) for almost 6 months now. Anywho, I am shopping for a sapphire for an engagement ring. I wanted to know if anyone has any experience with atggems.. All that Glitters. Are they a repubtable company? Any...
  10. platinumrock

    #TBT Here''s Olive, my 3.17 gray green diamond in her new home!

    LD, thanks again for the kind words! See, rose gold isn''t that bad, is it? Raikai, Sparkles&Glitter, Oddoneout, thank you! LTP, thank you! Your approval means a lot to me, I''m glad you like it! Do you have any rose gold pieces? Maevie, Indylady, Vespergirl, thank you! I wish you guys...
  11. MichelleCarmen

    Q for mac makeup lovers

    To keep my shadows in place all day, a good primer is very important. The best I've found is Urban Decay Potion Primer sold at Sephora. If you stop at the MAC counter, the sales gals will push you into getting some MAC paints. I didn't like the one I was sold (the texture was too dry) and...
  12. D

    I''d Rather Try on Bikinis...Pictures Inside!

    What is Freaky is freke babe read my may be my stone twinkie...( er I mean my stones new mommie) but she and I have some how exchanged some brain cells-brain twinkie. She is right...I lurve the back Booty detail of the third one. It is accentuating that hourglass figure that I...
  13. Harleigh

    I''d Rather Try on Bikinis...Pictures Inside!

    Oh, my, DKS, I am never going to live this bling thing down, am I??? No matter, you''ll always be my "Stone Twinkie" to me...or your stone''s new mommy...same matter what you call it, you''re stuck with me! Now, on to the dresses, and my divided body parts...I still think the...
  14. eks6426

    Honeymoon Hotel Recommendation

    When I was doing research there was a lady on one of the message boards that had a tip sheet for Barbados. Her name was Lois Swanson. Here is the version from last year when I was planning. Hope it helps: INSIDER TIPS ON BARBADOS for the 2004/2005 Season according to Lois Swanson We just...