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  1. dreamer_dachsie

    Three stone OEC ring, victorian replica OWD/DK

    Really lovely photos Rfisher! The patterning on the whole suite is lovely, especially your center stone, which is bright and colorful. And your setting came out just right! Your persistence paid off. I also echo the others who appreciate your vendor reviews. I do want to say: Don't be so...
  2. Rfisher

    Three stone OEC ring, victorian replica OWD/DK

    Thank you for the kind words! I agree about inclusions making the stone unique. And we are all unique in what we can handle as being 'mind clean' and that's ok. Maybe I've overstepped in saying so much here about it. And placed too much weight on my own choices compared to some others having...
  3. TC1987

    Question for Missy and others with L color diamonds ^ there are some vintage settings in that thread, halos. Erica of JBEG had several gorgeous vintage reproduction mountings made by SingleStone starting back in 2007 or 2008. They were...
  4. 2Neezers

    Need opinions on choosing one of these three 1/2 C diamonds

    Re: Need opinions on choosing one of these three 1/2 C diamo Thanks so much for the great advice! I went ahead and made the purchase for #1. I think I will be very happy with the H color and will love the IF quality and the Hearts cut, but was assured by Michelle at James Allen that I could...
  5. Niel

    Pricescopers, I really need your help again! Which one?

    Yeah that will l be noticeable.
  6. LaraOnline

    Circumcision for baby boys back in vogue?

    This is an interesting story... The Australian medical system has been extremely anti-circumcision (and anti-choice) for some years now... When my little boy was born two years ago, it seemed almost ''wrong'' to even ask after circumcision... while I was pretty philosophical about it all, I...
  7. Regular Guy

    Color appearance of mounted stone

    Just a quick note to say that this idea needn''t be regarded necessarily as so unique, and individuated. A possibly parallel question is presented in the FAQs section, where clarity is discussed, and it''s reviewed that if you want to assess clarity by bringing different assessment criteria than...
  8. Regular Guy

    Appraisers telling you what you want to hear?

    Hey Chris, have a few of us high jacked your thread? Actually...special thanks to all the appraisers here, and in this thread especially...DenverAppraiser, Dave, Rich. It's true enough that the environment of Pricescope help to draw you together, but you don't have to show up, after all...