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  1. missy

    Now I really did it :((

    GM girls! It's Wonderful (I hope) Wednesday! Dear @Tekate I don't think you are sexist at all. Your experience is true for you and we shall see what I think re my therapist)s). I had an appointment with a male therapist today but it was canceled and I am disappointed. I did not reschedule as...
  2. missy

    Now I really did it :((

    GM girls! @junebug17 beautiful sunrise. Enjoy your sister's visit and safe travels to your DH. Hope your weather is clearing and beautiful now. XO @marcy ideally we need 2 negative (or 3 negative) cultures. This is quite the haul. I don't have much hope Fred will test negative. He is not...
  3. VRBeauty

    Trump fired acting AG Yates

    The difference is that Kim Davis was trying to uphold a distinction that the Supreme Court had already found to be unconstitutional. At least four federal courts have found at least part of the order to be either unlawful or potentially unlawful and needing further review. Separation of...
  4. missy

    Vitamin Deficiency - Your Stories?

    Alex as mentioned above it is important to take Vitamin D (D3 preferably) with a few other supplements. Especially Vitamin K2. Here's some info that you might find helpful.
  5. lovedogs

    Trump fired acting AG Yates

    Right. Clearly this EO has issues (putting it mildly), and people have already determined that parts are unlawful. Just because it's an EO dorsnt make it lawful or constitutional. So yes, he's within his rights to fire her, but she's within hers to say that the order needs to be looked at...
  6. Arcadian

    Trump fired acting AG Yates

    I agree with this.
  7. StephanieLynn

    Anyone Else Watching?

    Ahhhhh, I love me some Luda. See but he is at least poetically dirty, that NWA song is just vulgar AF. If the reviews for the personal massager are that colorful, I might be in the market for an upgrade :dance:
  8. Luv4ever

    CAD review please!

    Please provide honest feedback, I really want a ring that takes my GF's breath away! :o Design based off of "Kim" from BGD. Head will be split prong. Milgrain will border pave diamonds on the side and support structure. The 3 bezel diamonds have sentimental meaning ( GF has young daughter...
  9. y2kitty

    Poor Lindsey; they made her do something "not fulfilling"

    Re: Poor Lindsey; they made her do something "not fulfilling Lindsay's rap sheet:
  10. AGBF

    PS Book Club

    Circe, I am not wed to it! When I read the reviews and saw how long it was, I blinked. I figured that if others could read it, that I could, too. Especially since one reviewer said that although it wasn't fast food, that it was a splendid repast (or some such thing). I do not need to wade...
  11. Burk

    PS Mommy Thread-Newborn to 12 months!

    I hate new PS....going back to review the posts is just a total PITA having to scroll left to right. Boo. So, I'm just going to go by memory. Sorry! China~Yay for the next flex schedule! I hope it continues to work out for you!! Mara~I hope your work stuff works out too. And, I think...
  12. S

    PS Mommy Thread-Newborn to 12 months!

    SURE!!!! Just popped in to say that. (Sorry, I'm doing some research here at work but can't help popping back to PS check this thread....) Piper would probably love the sitmulation, don't you think? Dalila loves it when she goes for walks - she stares at everything! Plus you're swamped at...
  13. AmberWaves

    PS Mommy Thread-Newborn to 12 months!

    CDT: Congrats! Sticky thoughts! You also got me wanting to have #2 sooner! I love that face! Fiery: Yay for Disney and a mini vacay! I hope you get a bit of relief soon. Sophia (I know, you hear it all the time) is such a happy little girl in pictures! Viz: I hope the surgery goes well, and C...
  14. Mara

    Calling all the Pregnant PS''ers

    mere, he is so cute...sorry that you had a hard time with the 3D...i read online in a bunch of reviews when i was trying to find a place that apparently it is really hit or miss with those appts. it seems like it can be a 50/50 shot of where the LO is and where the placenta is and what they can...
  15. lovelylulu

    Calling all the Pregnant PS''ers

    hello ladies I feel like I''ve been away from this thread for ages! So much to catch up on. sorry if I miss anyone. ginger - aiden is gorgeous. so many congratulations again to your family and hopes for a very speedy healing!! mara - thanks so much for the pump review. My SIL has the...
  16. M

    Cannot decide between two hair/makeup artists... please help me choose

    I was too you never know who is writing those reviews (I think she wrote a lot of them HERSELF), whether the portfolio is their work (or an associate''s in the same umbrella) or whether their resume is accurate. The trial is definitely a necessity, glad you''ll be doing it!
  17. Sparkalicious

    What''s a reasonable response time for vendors?

    Ugh, Kim ... sorry. That is so entirely frustrating. My initial response was 24 hours. I think that it is a reasonable expectation for a vendor to respond to you within a 24 - 48 hour period, unless otherwise stated or discussed. Even if she is busy, 5 days and 7 days ... That''s like 2...
  18. marchswallowbird

    Bay Area Photographer under $2000

    Consider Margot Duane at She charges $2,200 for "up to 8 hours of photography" with 300 images on DVD, free reproduction rights, and online ordering for family. I was considering her before I hired my photographer, Matt Kim ( who charges $2,100 for 5 hours...
  19. W

    I ordered my dress today! Pictures!!

    It''s so obvious that I am stalking my own thread. You are all so sweet! Firey- thanks so much! I thought I loved it when I was browsing online, but it was even more perfect in person. Zoe- Thanks! FI is wearing a white dress, strapless, with pickups all down the skirt and a long red sash...
  20. Gypsy

    Bay Area venue recommendations within a low budget

    HI Kim, as you visit them (if you feel comfortable) can you post your thoughts on them (pluses and minuses)... I''m interested to hear what you think of the locations. John did all of the initial meet at greet at the venues so I didn''t visit that many in person, only ones who made his final...
  21. violet02

    Bay Area venue recommendations within a low budget

    There''s parking about a block away in a parking garage that goes underground across from city hall by the asian art museum so it''s not that tough to park. The green room is a nice place but not super fancy or anything, it is located inside a large government state type building and its a bit...
  22. Mara

    Weekly Workout Thread 17th Dec till 23rd Dec

    evening all!!! busy day today at work and i consumed way too many mini snickerdoodles. thankfully they are tiny, about 25 cals each, so when i eat oh...15 or 20 it''s not detrimental to the day. LOL! they are almost gone, i am going to send a bag to work with greg tomorrow. i had my trainer...
  23. KBerly

    RP: Legal Advice Please-new home purchase (long)

    Hi guys, I posted this in Family, Home and Health, but thought we might try here too. Thank you! My DH and I need some legal advice please. We found a home that we looked at, made an offer and the builder accepted the next day. We signed the contract with the closing date and gave our...
  24. MissAva

    Matatora’s Lockes Solitaire

    I am happy now! And I am enjoying taking a bazillion pictures. Laila- No worries! I am glad you like it, if you have any questions or anything feel free to ask! Oh, I had not thought of it that way, I will let them know. Perhaps someone from Lockes will start posting here, wouldn''t that be...