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  1. ame

    CVB LAD Communication?

    Ok, I am probably going to be a strong and very unpopular opinion, and go a bit against the grain here, but what the hell else is new. Brace thineselves. I agree that they're kind of between a rock and a hard place. It's not fair that they get such blowback for defending themselves and providing...
  2. D

    Need some help with an online purchase: Cushion Cut Halo

    Re: Need some help with an online purchase: Cushion Cut Hal I've been suggested this antique cushion cut stone by Erica Grace. Big blocky facets and faces up white. Also eye clean. She has very good reviews on this site. Just interested in hearing a few additional thoughts on this stone...
  3. W

    E-ring help: Sapphire, art deco, diamond!

    Yeah I wouldn't go for the no return policy myself and that ring is a reproduction anyways. The jewels by erica grace ring is very lovely and sort of floral, which she seems to like based on the etsy ring. The color is low, but it looks amazing in the photos/video. Not sure what the return...
  4. J

    E-ring help: Sapphire, art deco, diamond!

    It is nice for sure. Honestly I kind of love the M2145! I emailed the jeweler to inquire if they have anything similar at a lower pricerange and/or if they foresee this one being discounted anytime. Granted I doubt they would do 35% off to get into my range, but I guess it doesn't hurt to ask! I...
  5. diamondseeker2006

    is PS biased? a real advocay site? who started it and how?

    Re: is PS biased? a real advocay site? who started it and ho I have not noticed any deleted posts on this thread, but perhaps it was when I wasn't watching? I think common sense tells me that advertisers pay to advertise here and the site is a profit-making business for whomever owns it. That...
  6. Gayletmom

    Kroshka - Help Please

    Welcome to PS! I haven''t seen a post from Kroshka in a while so I don''t know whether you will hear from her. I do have a little info, however, on her ring and also a few pointers. First, I am almost certain that she got her ring from Single Stone (SS) in LA. They have a great website link...
  7. VictoriaEremita

    Thanks PS! JBEG, SingleStone, LA and Ventura County California jewelers reviews.

    Hello PS'er! I have been a long time lurker and when my boyfriend of seven years starting asking how I would feel about getting engaged (ecstatic!) I decided it was finally time to become a member. Since then we have decided on a 1.28 OEC (old cuts make my heart melt!) which he purchased from...
  8. beau13

    LOGR Bezel Eternity Band

    Erica is a PS member..I don''t think she sells her jewelry on E-bay. She has soooooo many gorgeous pieces (I will give a review of the ring when I get it , hopefully tomorrow). Here''s here website: .