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  1. westjenn

    Channel set band sized down 2 full sizes?

    Hi All and TIA! I am looking a half/partial eternity band with diamonds and sapphires. It's currently a 7.75 but I would need to size it down to a 6. Is this a bad idea? Would I have to worry about damaging the setting?
  2. westjenn

    Celebrity Red Carpet Jewels

    Alright Guys! Post your favorite Red Carpet jewels here! Here are a few to start off! Viola Davis wearing a gorgeous Cathy Waterman bracelet
  3. westjenn

    Care Cut Diamond and Sapphire ring!

    Hi guys. I just wanted to share my new purchase! I think this would be considered Art Deco period-3 gorgeous care cuts bezel set in platinum along with 4 sapphires- which I think are French cuts? There’s a smattering of smaller diamonds too. The seller said they are OECs but I doubt it. I think...
  4. westjenn

    Show Me Your Cathy Waterman!

    So I've added a new Cathy Waterman band to my collection and it had me wondering: Do any other PS'ers have CW pieces that they haven't shared yet? Here are a few pix- it's an arrow design, platinum and approx. carat weight .50
  5. westjenn

    American Horror Story Cult: Who's watching?

    I didn't see a thread for the new season "Cult" so I thought I'd start one! Is anyone watching? Any thoughts/observations thus far? :-o:twisted::(
  6. westjenn

    Tipping for Online Grocery Delivery?

    Hi Guys- Wondering what the rule of thumb is for tipping an online grocery delivery driver?
  7. westjenn

    Twin Peaks: New Season!

    Ok, who's watching the new season of Twin Peaks? If yes, are you caught up to the current epsiode? I'd love to hear your likes/dislikes, thoughts of new characters, old characters.. All of it! I hesitate to say too much in fear of spoilers! But here are things that are on my mind regarding the...
  8. westjenn

    Ebay Authenticity Question

    Hope this is the right forum! I am regretting a purchase I made yesterday and need opinions please! I bought a T&Co Ring on Ebay, have bought other T&Co pieces on Ebay, but not with a certification like this one. This listing did not state that the diamond was laser inscribed and the T&CO...
  9. westjenn

    EGL for EC== Please advise :D

    I'm attaching the GIA report for an EC ring I've been considering purchasing. Please give me your thoughts on it.
  10. westjenn

    Pick a band to go with my vintage diamond ring

    Morning All! I am about to undertake a custom project. Quick background: 17 years ago my husband bought me this vintage 18k WG diamond ring. I have upgraded many times, but this ring has such sentimental value to me that I keep going back to it :) At one point I took it in to be sized and the...
  11. westjenn

    Help! Is this an authentic T&Co OEC ring?

    Hi guys. I have emailed the seller of this ring to find out a little more info. I'm hoping someone can look at the "Tiffany" mark- wondering why the "Irid Plat" is very clear but the "Tiffany" stamp is scratched out? How would this happen? I just want reassurance that this is an authentic T&Co...
  12. westjenn

    14K or 18K Rose Gold for a RHR?

    Looking for opinions for a Diamond solitaire RHR. Would you choose 14K or 18K and why? I understand that 18K is softer, and has a richer hue than 14k. This would be a ring that would be worn as a RHR and daily. Thanks in advance!
  13. westjenn

    Waiting Game

    I hope I'm posting in the right spot! I wanted to get your opinion on typical waiting time for a few scenarios. The first: I have inquired (filled out an online form) about a potential custom job from a jeweler. It's been 4 days since I have submitted the form, should I contact them again or...
  14. westjenn

    Jeweler Recommendation: Soldering Platinum and White Gold?

    Good Morning, All! I have been researching the process of soldering a platinum & white gold ring together. :read: The consensus seems to be: It's a labor intensive process and requires a highly skilled jeweler. I'm wondering: Has anyone had this process done to any of their rings? Any...
  15. westjenn

    Platinum vs. White Gold Bezel? Please help!

    Hi All- I need advice! I am considering purchasing this ring: 18K RG with a WG bezel. I've only ever worn Platinum jewelry for it's durability, weight and lack of discoloration. Would a Platinum bezel make much of a difference in regards to durability, security of stone etc. I look forward...
  16. westjenn

    Paul McCartney and Nancy Shevell married

    I love Nancy's dress (designed by Stella McCartney)
  17. westjenn

    My T&CO Bloom Ring

    Not sure if anyone's familiar with this T&CO ring-- It's Platinum and total carat weight is approximately .40 and very sparkly!
  18. westjenn

    Vendor listing for Sapphire rings?

    Good Morning. I was wondering if anyone could throw out a couple of trusted reputable online vendors that carry a selection of blue sapphire rings? I don't want to go through buying a sapphire separatley. I've looked at but their prices seem inflated.. Thanks in advance!
  19. westjenn

    Navette Cut Diamonds?

    Is anyone familiar with the navette cut? I just found this great ring online and had never previously seen this cut. I love it!
  20. westjenn

    Signed Pieces selection question

    Has anyone else noticed that Signed Pieces selection has changed? There aren''t really that many if any designer pieces compared to what they used to offer.
  21. westjenn

    My OEC set

    I just had my ring sized up a quarter of a size and had the prongs retipped. Its an OEC approx. .35 in an octagonal 18k yg mounting. I took these pix with my camera phone... so they aren''t the best I''m sure.. Its paired with a Platinum partial eternity band of single cuts. The wedding band is...
  22. westjenn

    Vintage Ring recreated

    Hi all. Please let me know if I should be posting in a different area (but I think this is the right one) I have attached a picture of a ring that I''d like recreated. Its actually a picture I found in the Celebrity E-rings section! I''ve contacted a few vendors that other PS''ers have used and...
  23. westjenn

    Whose ring is this in the gallery?

    I saw these pictures and have been searching but can''t find any info on this gorgeous ring! Help..
  24. westjenn

    Domino Magazine Subscribers

    I was wondering why I wasn''t receiving the latest issue of "Domino" in the mail. I went online and saw that they cancelled the magazine! Are there any other PS''ers that enjoyed the magazine as I did and are very disappointed? Its a shame that a quality magazine like this had to go under...
  25. westjenn

    T&Co Bezel set Lucida at Signed Pieces!

    The ring that brought me to this site was the bezel set Lucida---hoping that there were members that owned it on PS. I think there have been only 1 or 2 members that have owned it and posted pictures here.. This is the first time I''ve seen this ring for sale at Signed Pieces, I''ve seen the...
  26. westjenn

    Calling Sparklestick!

    Sparklestick, I''d love to see some photos of your lovely set. Could you post a few?
  27. westjenn

    T&CO Estate Ring on Ebay, good deal or not?

    Ok, I''m still on a quest for a less expensive alternative to the T&CO alternating round and baguette band. I found this one on Ebay. Please give me your honest feedeback based on the picture, stats and price. I have requested an additional picture from the seller-- a closer up, head on so that...
  28. westjenn

    "The Women" anyone seen it?

    I''m wondering if anyone saw the Meg Ryan movie "The Women" that just came out on video? If so, what''d you think of it?
  29. westjenn

    T&CO Ebay find. What do you think??

    I've never seen an eternity band like this from T&CO. What do you think of the price/condition of the piece, given the pictures? It seems authentic doesn't it? Honest opinions and advice are appreciated...
  30. westjenn

    "One Drop"

    i just picked up the book "One Drop" by Bliss Broyard. Its the story of her father Anatole Broyard(an author and writer for the NY Times). She learned just before he died that he was black and passed as white his entire life. I''m about 100 pages into it where Bliss is researching her family...