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  1. M

    Hotels in NY during fashion week?

    Here's a personalized GoogleMap I made, so you could have a better idea of what's where: You'll see that I added the Hampton Inn Grand Central. Although it's a "cookie cutter" hotel that could be anywhere, it's reliable & I thought you might appreciate having at...
  2. marcy

    Now I really did it :((

    Hi NiRDI’s! AV, I can picture those colors right now. Sweet. Enjoy your long holiday vacation. Good luck deciding what to do about a house. Missy, thank you for the links. I will follow up with them. Definitely take you car for a spin sometimes so you are comfortable behind the wheel...
  3. Trasid

    NYC trip in August - what to do?

    My FI and I went in June. We enjoyed the whispering wall in the Grand Central Terminal and we LOVED the architecture in the New York Public Library. We also did a NBC Tour that my FI really enjoyed. The 911 Memorial and Museum will make you cry but is a tremendous tribute. We ate at Katz's...
  4. Elmorton

    Recommended Bridal Vendors

    Wedding Location: Springfield, IL Vendor location(s): Central IL Ceremony Venue: Washington Park Gazebo Dress: Michelle's Bridal I worked with Melissa, who is fabulous and had worked with another friend of mine when she got married. I can't recommend them enough. My dress was entirely re-built...
  5. whitby_2773

    New York Recommendations

    hi softly softly :) i''m an australian living in NY and we love it here. i think most of the good recommendations have been made, but let me reiterate.... i''d definitely do one of the circleline cruises - if you''re coming in may, time on the water at that time of year is beautiful. it...
  6. LAJennifer

    We''re Going to Vegas, baby!

    Honestly? Neither - both are too far away from everything else. Mandalay is worth it during the summer (the beach). If this is your first time - you really need to stay somewhere central. I''ve stayed everywhere - I vote for the Flamingo (its very central and kind of small so it doesn''t...
  7. Skippy123

    We''re Going to Vegas, baby!

    Ops, I saw your post after I posted. hehee Heck, if you can snag one of the Go Rooms at the Flamingo I would do it. They are extremely central located. Where is the Hilton Grand Vacation? I don''t remember seeing that on the strip.