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  1. clumberlove

    Round or Oval for Colour Gemstones

    I think men are more likely to go for an oval cut, set east-west. This would give better finger coverage for the weight on men's larger fingers.
  2. clumberlove

    Last two ring projects

    Wow, that flowery goodness is amazing! I love the petals and the blue really pops. Soooo pretty! The proportions are just right too.
  3. clumberlove

    Shipping a ring from UK to USA

    I'm so glad you got it there in the end! I can't believe what an ordeal it turned into though
  4. clumberlove

    What to do with Bangle Center?

    How decadent to use jadeite for a coaster! That would bring me joy with every cup!
  5. clumberlove

    Can I get some ruby help? Rush request - he wants to buy *tonight*

    I like the first one best too, the second looks to have more of a purple modifier, which might not be so good for someone who is anti-pink!
  6. clumberlove

    Shipping a ring from UK to USA

    Oh no, what a nightmare! Sounds like they're really messing you around. Are they going to return the ring to you rather than send on to DK? It really shouldn't be this difficult.
  7. clumberlove

    Share your super RARE CSs!

    Ooh, I saw that on IG! Lucky you, what an amazing effect that stone has
  8. clumberlove

    Mason Kay Jade Bangle—worth the price?

    Is it easier to get them back off than it is to put them on? Or does it need soap again? I've measured my hand using those guides before and it always comes out as needing at least a 61mm. I am hoping that I can actually squeeze into something smaller, because there's so much more choice in...
  9. clumberlove

    Would you get GIA or AGL for colored gemstones?

    I think LIBS can theoretically detect all elementary particles if correctly set up. The detection limits are considerably higher than LA-ICP-MS, can be a thousand-fold greater, 30 ppm, vs 30 ppb. If the element is at low concentration it could be missed even if the instrument is set-up correctly...
  10. clumberlove

    Shipping a ring from UK to USA

    Oh wow, so stressful! It does sound like it's waiting on customs payment. I think DHL will pay the bill and then claim it back, so maybe they are sending a bill to DK? Hopefully it get resolved soon, but I'm sure DHL should have put a code on that it was going for repair, so you shouldn't have...
  11. clumberlove

    Shipping a ring from UK to USA

    Oh, what a pain! I hope it's only difficult at this stage but smooth when it comes back again. You'd think they'd just have a list of what they need and ask for everything at once. Fingers crossed it makes it out of the country soon!
  12. clumberlove

    Shipping a ring from UK to USA

    I expect so, I think it is still unusual to do jewellery the PS way in the UK! I really meant that HMRC like to complicate things. I know I had an issue at work where a customer put the wrong code on some samples and ended up with a 6 figure tax bill, when it should have been zero! That took...
  13. clumberlove

    Shipping a ring from UK to USA

    That's what I'm worried about! I'm sure it's an intentionally complex process to make people give up and just pay the extra.
  14. clumberlove

    Shipping a ring from UK to USA

    Sorry to thread jack, but does anyone have advice for shipping a stone for setting? I bought a stone from the US and have already paid duty etc. on it. I now want to ship back to the US to get it set. I don't want to pay duty on it twice, but I am worried that the vendor will want to put the...
  15. clumberlove

    Colored gem beauties (lab-created)

    Wow that ring is stunning! I'm so sorry I didn't reply to your original question about if I was happy with the stones from stagandfinch. I have been having a bit of a break from PS as work got kinda hectic. I'm really pleased you went ahead and you're happy with them. I'm not a very good...
  16. clumberlove

    Paraiba YAGers

    Bryce has finished the rounds for my earrings and they look amazing! Hard to get a good picture though. I'm really excited to get the whole lot set now!
  17. clumberlove

    Sapphires and a diamond: my tribute reset

    Your new set is beautiful! Very modern and better proportioned than the old one. My mum is a breast cancer survivor, so I feel the sentiment. I'm glad your health is improved, may you wear these in good health for many years to come!
  18. clumberlove

    Father's Day

    I'll have to check it out. I won 80 quid on a triple last time I went, so it paid for itself!
  19. clumberlove

    Father's Day

    Sounds great, did you go to Monmore Green or Perry Barr? I've only been to Monmore Green, but I fancy checking out Perry Barr one day. I do foresee rescue greyhounds in my future to assuage the guilt though :oops2:.
  20. clumberlove

    Do you consider your home equity a part of your net worth?

    Yes, because otherwise I would have almost no net worth! I chose to use some inherited money to pay off the mortgage, so we own outright. I suppose I could have invested that money instead and kept it as a liquid asset, but paying off the mortgage has given us a lot of financial freedom.
  21. clumberlove

    Q. for PSers whom decided not to have kids...

    I was never sure I wanted children when I was younger. Dogs definitely, children not so sure. Then I was diagnosed with a dermoid cyst on one ovary, which the gynaecologist wanted to remove. No guarantees they could save the ovary though. That really brought a clarity to my thinking about...
  22. clumberlove

    Gemfix Purple Sapphire in CvB Cora Setting

    Beautiful! Lovely colour and the setting works perfectly!
  23. clumberlove

    How did you happen to find PS?

    I am probably unlike most, as diamonds didn't bring me here. I maybe shouldn't admit this here, but the only diamonds I own are melee! I was looking for a precision cutter for a project and got directed to the recommended vendor list on CS. I know mostly hang around CS and fashion jewelry.
  24. clumberlove

    Would you wear a bear on your finger?

    Oh how exciting! I think the panda is adorable, such a fun piece to wear. Looking forward to seeing your pictures!
  25. clumberlove

    Vanadium beryl vs emerald

    I don't even really like emeralds, but I would literally sell a limb for that 18 carat ring! Probably a leg so I still had 2 hands for rings;)2
  26. clumberlove

    Colored gem beauties (lab-created)

    Gorgeous colour and great cutting! I think, how much would a comparable natural stone cost? In comparison £200 is a right bargain! Import duties always hurt though, I hate paying that extra 20% :cry2:
  27. clumberlove

    A Blue Sapphire Journey

    Wow, that colour! Absolutely gorgeous, it really shows how patience can really get you the right stone. I'm drooling! :kiss2:
  28. clumberlove

    Paraiba YAGers

    So, I love this material so much I've asked Bryce to cut me a pair of rounds for earrings :whistle:. So once I've saved some more pennies and got all the stones I will get them all set and have a little YAG parure for myself :P2
  29. clumberlove

    Finally, here's my ring, y'all

    It looks great, such a shame about the itchy issue! I hope you find a solution, as it is no good to have this beautiful ring if you don't enjoy wearing it :cry2:
  30. clumberlove

    Meet Celeste-Art Deco Blue Zircon Ring

    Beautiful, the colour is amazing, like a tropical lagoon! But a little moody too, with the different colours coming through in different light. So gorgeous :kiss2: