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  1. pandabee

    #JOTW Doves by Doron Paloma – St. Barths Blue Ring

    This is beautiful!! I'm so glad you finally received it, took long enough haha. I've been covering a pendant or earrings from one of their collections but can't bear to bite the bullet yet :lickout:
  2. pandabee

    CAD Help-- 6 prong vs double claw prong?

    Oh and re: prongs. I think single would be fine if that's what you want for the look. Mine are essentially one thicker prong that is split.
  3. pandabee

    CAD Help-- 6 prong vs double claw prong?

    No problems to report with the ring itself. I did start to notice the basket start to wear a tiny bit because it sat next to my French cut band for a few months before I got a spacer. But that was my own fault. So definitely get a spacer if your wedding band is going to have diamonds and...
  4. pandabee

    CAD Help-- 6 prong vs double claw prong?

    Hmm I won't be much help unfortunately! I didn't request a specific blend, so whatever their standard platinum alloy is what I got.
  5. pandabee

    Are you tempted to have two dif. colors of wedding sets?

    My current and original set is platinum. Working on a yellow gold set... :Up_to_something:
  6. pandabee

    CAD Help-- 6 prong vs double claw prong?

    Aw thank you! I'm not very good about posting pictures here because I don't have good luck uploading them here haha. If you want more pictures I'd be happy to oblige if you want to contact me via one of my LT listings!
  7. pandabee

    CAD Help-- 6 prong vs double claw prong?

    ERD/BE did a setting for me based off the 2638 as well. I had double claw prongs on mine coming just off the top (like how the NS prongs are on the 6 prong) and they did a good job of making it look delicate still. Anyways, they also did a zircon ring for me (should be linked in the thread...
  8. pandabee

    Jewels By Grace - 3.65ct Antique Emerald - advice please!

    Re: Jewels By Grace - 3.65ct Antique Emerald - advice please Who cares about is a unique stone and to my untrained eyes I thought it was a beautiful stone! Also I love the charming fact that you get one point for each day of the year :bigsmile:
  9. pandabee

    My 3 stone Leon finally back and on my finger

    Beautiful ring! Leon truly has such a great eye for proportions and your ring is no exception. Glad all the sizing issues got worked out and you can enjoy that beauty!
  10. pandabee

    Not sure where to put this: I WON the Leibish give away!

    Re: Not sure where to put this: I WON the Leibish give away Beautiful ring!! The yellow contrasts so nicely! Enjoy :)
  11. pandabee

    What about a wedding on Kauai?

    Oh that looks so amazing!! The location and her dress. Congrats again to the happy couple and their happy families :)
  12. pandabee

    Eloping tomorrow!!! Here is my complete set

    Beautiful set and congrats on eloping!! Have an amazing weekend!!
  13. pandabee

    My handmade velvet ring box and cushion halo earrings

    These are all wonderful!! Thanks for the tutorial fussykiki!!!
  14. pandabee

    Show us your Mrs. Box with your rings!

    Can't bring myself to get one of these boxes but I'm loving the pictures of all the pretty bling in them!!!! fussykiki you did a great job on yours! How is the QC coming along? ;))
  15. pandabee

    Help with August Vintage Cushion/Setting

    Did you decide on platinum or yellow gold? There is an empty platinum Tacori 2620 setting on consignment at GOG that may work for your budget.
  16. pandabee

    #JOTW Victor Canera New Aqua Halo + VC Bling Overload....

    Um....THUD. Bring me the smelling salts stat!!!!! I am in awe of your stunning collection. I know you wear the big oldie the most but I still don't know how you choose every day!!! Love this aqua. It is the absolute perfect shade of calming light blue.
  17. pandabee

    Sharing My Dream Ring!

    10 months!! Oh I feel your pain girl! But that ring (and your FI I'm sure) is so worth it!!! Congratulations!
  18. pandabee

    Upgraded 9.26 ct studs

    Hot dang!!! These are stunning!!! Love them on...especially with the peek of yellow gold coming through. Wear them in great health and happiness.
  19. pandabee

    #JOTW Victor Canera Art Deco Pink Spinel ring

    Beautiful art deco ring!!! This makes me like pink and I am usually more of a blue/purple/green girl ;)) Would love to see more pictures!!!
  20. pandabee

    #JOTW My new 2.57ct BE cushion engagement ring!

    Beautiful ring! They always do such a great job. The center is gorgeous too...perfect size if I do say so myself! :bigsmile:
  21. pandabee

    My CvB anniversary ring reset!

    OH this is gorgeous. Such a unique framing of your stone. I love the marquise petals and the little kite set custom French cuts. Really sets this apart as an heirloom piece!
  22. pandabee

    IDJ Eternity Wedding Band

    Gorgeous set!!! Great proportions...looks super blingy but not overwhelming. Did you invest in a spacer yet?
  23. pandabee

    Maytal Hannah/ Engagement Ring

    Congratulations on the nuptials! She has a beautiful ring. The contrast is just striking and the proportion on the halo was very well done.
  24. pandabee

    Victorian 5 Stone Opal Ring

    What a great find!!! I can never find good quality jewelry at my local antique malls haha. If you ever want to let that beauty go, let me know! It looks beautiful on your hand and the fire appears to be pretty awesome. Enjoy!
  25. pandabee

    Prove that what is his is mine

    Oh I love the story!!!! I love seeing repurposing stories and David did a wonderful job. He really does have great customer service and the new ruby ring looks wonderful, as does your 3 stone! Wear them in great health!
  26. pandabee

    Update - what I've been up to

    Happy to see you back Phoenix!! Love your family photos...stunning collection as always. Can't wait to see what's next on your project list... :naughty:
  27. pandabee

    My first diamond ever. J color 0.6ct

    Beautiful stone for your first diamond! I picture a nice swirl semi bezel. Something like this (or there are settings available with one band coming in from each side that are a bit more streamlined: Or this is a bit more reminiscent of your current engagement ring:
  28. pandabee

    My 5 stone canary oval diamond band is finished!

    That is one stunning band! I like the interlinking halos. Overall it reminds me of daisies. Wear it in good health!
  29. pandabee

    The Ring Box Thread - Post Your Engagement Ring Boxes!!!

    I don't have mine handy, but I looked up pictures of the one I have online (so these are not my pictures). It's from Trollbeads and has "The Kiss" by Gustav Klimt, one of my favorite paintings, on the outside. I don't usually store my rings in this box, but this is what DH used to propose :)
  30. pandabee

    Antique Cushion OMB reset by David Klass

    Hey cushion twin!!! Love your reset!!! Those Frenchies are to die for obviously. Any pics of your reset with your French cut wedding band?