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  1. natasha-cupcake

    Please show me your Crafted by Infinity diamond....

    This setting was made by HPD's bench using the following two components:
  2. natasha-cupcake

    Valentine's Day elopement (and ring!)

    Congratulations on your wedding. Your ring is lovely.
  3. natasha-cupcake

    Who wants to see my haul from today?

    Love the little jewelry box! Glad to hear you're feeling better. And Happy Early Birthday, too!:dance:
  4. natasha-cupcake

    Please help evaluate these stones

    At that size, the differences will be minimal. If you love the way they look, forget the minutiae. Sparkly with lovely arrow patterns sounds like a huge win to me. Enjoy them and realize that mind clean issues are, after all is said and one, only in your mind.
  5. natasha-cupcake

    Any winner here of these Brilliant cushion/radiant?

    I also like the D VS1. It's a nice looking stone. It has a pleasing facet pattern that's somewhere in between a crushed ice and an arrows pattern.
  6. natasha-cupcake

    I need help making the most of a once in a lifetime diamond.

    I can't wait to see this ring. It will be epic, I think!
  7. natasha-cupcake

    Show me your Pearls!

    My first pearls ever. Pearls of Joy AAA Akoya 6.5-7mm 18" necklace, bracelet and pearl studs. These are my Valentine's Day present. I love them!
  8. natasha-cupcake

    Please show me your Crafted by Infinity diamond....

    My 1.23 E color SI2 CBI-- It's gorgeous, totally eye-clean and a great value. I upgraded from a .82 E VS2 CBI. I'm loving the size bump and can't stop staring at it. So very happy...
  9. natasha-cupcake

    Waiting begins for the Infinity Crafted Diamond

    I'm very excited for you. This will be a spectacular diamond. I've owned two CBIs and they are amazing. I've always said that buying a CBI from HPD was the best non-essential purchase I've ever made. I can't wait to see your actual diamond.
  10. natasha-cupcake

    #JOTW Show your romantic pieces for 14 days of February!

    I love all your red stones, but I want those two little hearts so badly!!
  11. natasha-cupcake

    Melissa just emailed the "Glamour shots" of my new CBI e-ring from high performance diamonds...

    Congratulations on a gorgeous diamond and a beautiful ring. It looks spectacular. I love a classic setting and there is nothing better than a CBI. You did great!
  12. natasha-cupcake

    Where to find best peach sapphire?

    Here's a possibility (but not bigger than 8 X 6):
  13. natasha-cupcake

    DK Sapphire reset- 1.39 carat

    It's so pretty! And there's no such thing as a diamond that sparkles too much!
  14. natasha-cupcake

    Padparadscha advice needed

    This would be my pick if I was buying today. It's more orange-y than pink-y, but to me this is really classic pad color and gorgeous. Smaller and more expensive than the one you looked at, but very reasonable for a true pad sapphire. Yvonne occasionally runs sales with 10-15% off, but no idea...
  15. natasha-cupcake

    Daughter's e-ring and family stone pendant by CVB

    Seriously gorgeous jewels! I absolutely love the wedding set. The picture of your daughter and son-in-law holding hands is super sweet, too.
  16. natasha-cupcake

    Opinions on this OEC

    The second set of pictures look better to me. I prefer the first diamond over the second one. I'm color sensitive, though and I see a lot of color in the second diamond which might be influencing me negatively.
  17. natasha-cupcake

    Opinions on this OEC

    I have a hard time looking at pictures, so take my comments with a huge grain of salt. That being said, I prefer a distinct flower petal appearance under the table in OECs. I don't really see one here in either of these diamonds. I almost see a slight checkerboard pattern, which might mean...
  18. natasha-cupcake

    Which diamond band would you choose? Single vs Full cut / Eternity vs Half

    I'd go with the full eternity single cut band. I have a half eternity double pave band and the spinning drives me crazy. I'm sick and tired of trying plastic sizers, beads, etc, to minimize spinning, so I'm saving up for a nice full eternity. My knuckles are larger than the base of my fingers...
  19. natasha-cupcake

    Padparadscha advice needed

    It does not look anything like a pad sapphire to me--I can't see any orange at all. I don't think it's particularly attractive as a purple/pink sapphire, either, so to me the price seems really excessive. There's a big window, the color looks dark and muddy, and it's an odd shape which would...
  20. natasha-cupcake

    #JOTW My Tiffany solitaire

    Hi @autumngems, My avatar ring was made by @ElleW from TGP (The Gemstone Project). I purchased the pad from Jupiter Gems and asked Elle to modify her Feiulles Doree setting to an east-west orientation with a bezel setting instead of prongs. It's an amazing ring and I'm still totally in love with...
  21. natasha-cupcake

    Last two ring projects

    Wow! That ring is just perfect. The color of the sapphire is divine and the halo is spectacular. This is a one of the prettiest colored stone rings I've seen in a while. Around here, that's saying a lot. No wonder you're happy!
  22. natasha-cupcake

    What should I do with this sapphire?

    I vote pendant as well. As a ring, you'll be tempted to look at it frequently, which may cause you to obsess over the imperfections. As a pendant, the lovely color will shine and no one will get in close enough to see the imperfections.
  23. natasha-cupcake

    Show me your Yvonne Raley and Cecile Raley Designs!

    I, too, am very sorry for your loss. I lost my mom two and a half years ago and it still feels like yesterday. Your earrings are lovely, and I'm sure your mom will be smiling every time you wear them. They are a lovely remembrance.
  24. natasha-cupcake

    OEC or Transitional cut...

    Adam at Old World Diamonds is an expert with an extensive (humongous, really) collection of antique stones. I personally did not have much luck getting consistent replies to emails, but I think someone mentioned that he responds to phone inquiries. He was very nice in the one email I got from...
  25. natasha-cupcake

    #JOTW 2.12 K CBI solitaire

    Wow, that ring is spectacular! I love the classic setting and that diamond looks incredible. I, too, am having a hard time believing it's a K color, even seeing the side view. I love this. No wonder you're thrilled. Congratulations.
  26. natasha-cupcake

    HPD CBI 1.6ct J VS1 solitaire

    I love your ring! The diamond is CBI spectacular, of course! And I love the classic setting. Congratulations on a beauty!
  27. natasha-cupcake

    My Tiffany Harmony ring - with Idealscope image!

    This is a truly classic and beautiful set. I think it looks fantastic. Congratulations!
  28. natasha-cupcake

    New DK Anniversary 5-stone band/RHR

    Just gorgeous! I love it. Congratulations.
  29. natasha-cupcake

    Help choosing diamond wedding band

    Your solitaire is stunning. I love the first wedding band option better than the second one, for the reasons stated by others. Both are pretty, but the first one highlights your gorgeous solitaire while the second one competes with it.
  30. natasha-cupcake

    To buy or not to buy? Please share your advice.

    I have no idea of what it might be worth, but that ring is gorgeous! I love it.