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  1. marcy

    Healthy Living Thread

    Hi Kids! Dee Jay, I remember my grandmothers using pressure cookers and always weary of the lid blowing off. I don't recall my mother ever using them. Some way, Some how - I'd hurt myself. Ugh to TR having water problem in the basement. Our old house had a couple of leaks around window...
  2. JoshuaNiamehr

    Cut score on Enchanted Diamonds website

    Brian, We always welcome feedback from the trade and consumers alike. On the topic of SEO, SEM and Pseudoscience I merely was pointing out that there are many practices that it seems are acceptable for B2c to do - on the topic of change - we like many other only companies were calling...
  3. N

    antique engagement ring of unknown age or cut

    Got the ring appraised! It is circa 1900 old european cut .94 C center stone with .25 carat 18 single cuts surrounding it. looks like art deco style in platinum 90 iridium 10. So the ring is size 8 and need to get it resized to a 5 scant in the Houston area. Does anyone know of a good...
  4. DevinG

    zales horror.

    Hello there! When my hubby and i got enganged i purchased my ring at Gordons (same corporate umbrella owners as Zales and Piercing Pagoda). Anywho, i had the ring for quite a few months when i noticed it had a chip on the edge (princess cut solitaire). I took it to the store i purchased it...
  5. Clio

    Nonfiction recommendations please?

    My favorites are heavy on history. Some of these suggestions are old, so you may have read them already. I'm currently reading Two-Part Invention, which is Madeleine L'Engle's memoir of her marriage. Love it. It's a couple of years old, but I recently read and enjoyed The Hemingses of...
  6. C

    Very Happy With Abazias Diamond Purchase

    Hi Pricescopers - After about a year using this site as a research and knowledge tool, I purchased a 2.07 carat, VS1, I color stone (EGL-USA) from Abazias. Before the purchase I scheduled two diamonds be sent to my local appraiser (Ben Gordon, The Jewerly Judge in Houston - who does a great...
  7. TravelingGal

    LA Foodies - help please! And possible PS GTG?

    My friends like Sona OK. I would vote for Osteria Mozza...great reviews and I have been dying to go but never get out that way much. Gordon Ramsay isn''t that hard to get reservations at - I had one, and honestly can''t remember if I ate there - I assume not since I think I''d remember. This...
  8. W

    Union Diamond vs Since 1910 (Diamond Stud Earrings)

    Hi everybody, I stumbled upon this website while doing some research on diamond stud earrings. I'm looking to buy diamond stud earrings for my girlfriend for Valentine's Day (she's been wanting a new pair ever since she lost one of the earrings of her old pair) and I was originally going to stop...
  9. yssie

    Union Diamond vs Since 1910 (Diamond Stud Earrings)

    ...where's the cut info? Most people buy earrings with the same general info as engagement rings - there's just two diamonds to evaluate instead of one.. ETA: I should say, most PSers!
  10. B

    LA Foodies - help please! And possible PS GTG?

    Do you have pregnancy brain? Are you preggo again?
  11. gwendolyn

    Now illegal for Britons to disturb a pack of eggs when instructed not to by an authorised officer

    Do not disturb eggs: MP reveals Britain''s oddest laws Thu Dec 4, 8:33 pm ET Do not disturb eggs: MP reveals Britain''s oddest laws DDP/AFP/File – "Bowl With Eggs (Green)" by US artist Jeff Koons. Britons are forbidden from disturbing packs … LONDON (AFP) – Britons are forbidden from...
  12. ksinger

    Now illegal for Britons to disturb a pack of eggs when instructed not to by an authorised officer

    What I want to know is what would happen if I were to ''wilfully pretend to be a barrister'' WHILST disturbing a pack of eggs.........?
  13. Garry H (Cut Nut)

    Zales plays web 2.0

    Or is it web1.2? [Edit by admin] Fixing link Zale Adds Online Rating & Review Tech to Benchmark Marketing, Merchandising By Jeff Miller Posted: 03/03/08 16:49 [Submit Comment] RAPAPORT... Zales and Gordon's...
  14. R

    Very first post, showing off my spankin'' new X-Factor!

    Hello all, I have been lurking the forums for quite a while now, gathering all kinds of wonderful, extremely useful information for my upgrade. This is my first actual post, and the deed is done! Background: DH and I have been married for almost 12 years, and I''ve had a very inexpensive...
  15. Fancy605

    IDOL, Do you?

    I am surprised there haven''t been more break downs too. Idol has had lots of young Top 12 contestants, and they have probably had quite a few more in the top 24 that I can''t recall. Let''s see...young top 12ers: *Dianna Degarmo was about 15 or 16 (and came in 2nd). She seemed to be...
  16. katebar

    Anyone from around LA area?

    Oh this is great thanks fleur-de-lis. My Dh is desperate to see a baseball game he watches all the baseball and ice hockey and basket ball online LOL. He prefers the to our sports. Well that not really true but he get sport 24/7 taht to the WWW. He really wants DD and me to go and of course we...
  17. Y

    just curious...went to b&m and almost fell off my chair...

    Not that it is good, bad, or same, but you mentioned Jarred as being different than mall stores. Jarred is part of the Sterling Corp, which is also Wiesfields, Kay's and several others. Some don't know that Zales, Gordon's, Bailey Banks, & Biddle along with a few others are the same Corp...
  18. F

    Pricescope Presidential Poll

    OH PLAAAAEEEZZZZZZZZZEE! (yes, I yelled) You can't honestly think that PBS & NPR aren't slanted. I've even stopped listening to All Things Depressing & I'm a moderate! Geez, next time I'm going to get may unbiased news from the National Review. That said, I think the discussion about...