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Close up image of American actress Lily Collins and her Rose cut engagement ring.

Lily Collins Engagement Ring

  Lily Collins Engagement Ring (Image Source: Lily Collin's Instagram)   One of this year’s breakaway series was Emily in Paris on Netflix. It consumed many travel and romance starve...

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Three Yays for Cartier

  PS Member, Fuzzypill posted this incredible Cartier Trinity ring, and we are here for it. This Cartier ring is immediately recognized by most jewelry lovers. The lines and juxtaposition of ...

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What is White Gold?

  White gold is one of the most popular choices of metals when it comes to engagement rings, the other being platinum. White gold is popular because it is considerably cheaper than platinum. ...

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What is White Gold and Why is it so Popular?

  It’s an obvious question: What is White Gold? Yet we don’t really think about it until we’re thinking of buying a ring or other piece of jewelry. But it’s important to consider what white...

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Carat vs Karat- What Is The Difference?

  Carat and Karat are two frequently used terms in the jewelry industry yet they mean two completely different things. Carat is a unit of weight used for gemstones, often confused with Karats...

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Going for the Gold

Going for the Gold

Guess what, one of 2019’s biggest engagement ring trends is yellow gold! We know, we know, yellow gold is old-fashioned, but guess what, it isn’t. Today’s yellow gold engagement rings have incorpor...

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