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3 different looks from Selena Gomez

Style File: Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez has been in the spotlight since she was a small child, she was a Disney star, she was in a famous relationship, she has managed to navigate the child star to adult actor path more successfully than most. One thing that remained consistent, she loves great jewelry!I missed her Barney & Friends era. W...

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A woman in a ball gown with her hands on her hips, to her right (the viewer's left) is a androgynous person in sparkling gold, and a woman with an updo in a magenta gown. To the left (the viewer's right) of the central woman is a Prince in royal garb, and next to him are his parents the King and Queen.

Cinderella: Reimagined

Cinderella has landed on Amazon Prime (and select theatres) and Rodgers and Hammerstein it is not, this jukebox musical adaptation is a reimagining of the classic tale. The movie is undeniably pretty though and the costumes (including our favorite part - the jewelry) are beautiful. If they had called this somethi...

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Jewelry in Movies

Diamonds and the Movies – Watchlist (Part 2)

Unintentionally yet apparently, the theme for this list is... heists and thrillers. While there's a little bit of a cheat with two on the list being "remakes", they made the cut thanks to their impressive gemological eye candy. There might be differing opinions on the plots of or acting in some of the films liste...

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