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Thu, 03 Aug 2017

5ct Pear Custom Ring for 25th Anniversary

5ct Pear Custom Ring for 25th Anniversary
Kayti Kawachi


5ct Pear Custom Ring for 25th Anniversary

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5ct Pear Custom Ring for 25th Anniversary

123LuckyMe shared her astounding 25th Anniversary Ring with us in the Show Me the Bling community. I believe that 123LuckyMe chose the right user name, because she is indeed a lucky lady! 25 years of marriage is a fantastic milestone and that ring is just stunningly gorgeous! I love that giant center pear surrounded by so many other stones that are all a part of the story that is encompassed by this ring!

Side view of Pear, Round Brilliant, and Marquise

Center Stone The Stats:
5.01 ctw Pear
F Color

Other Stones
2 Pears
2 Marquise
2 Brilliant Rounds
88 Micro Pave Diamonds

The story is that the 2 Pears signify Her and Her Husband,the 2 Marquise signify their 2 sons, and the 2 Round Brilliants signify their 2 daughters. The 88 Micro Pave Diamonds signify that they were married in 1988! How fabulous is that? What a wonderful piece and a seriously cool family heirloom! I feel pretty lucky to have just read your story, 123LuckyMe, I can only imagine how you feel!

To read the entire post with loads of pics, click here

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By Kayti Kawachi