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Tue, 11 Oct 2011

Blue Nile Asks: Are You Man Enough?

Blue Nile Asks: Are You Man Enough?
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By Erika Winters say "I Do?"

Blue Nile has introduced a most manly contest encouraging contestants to post a video or story of their most creative (or manly) proposal idea. Submissions will be taken until November 4, 2011. 5 stories will be chosen, and fans can vote for their favorite the following week. The story with the most votes wins the grand prize.

Need some inspiration? Blue Nile has provided some particularly virile examples including:

• Wrestling a wild boar whilst wearing a ham necklace.
• Reciting the 100,000-verse Indian Sanskrit Epic, Mahabharata, backwards.
• Abstaining from an entire season of football (excepting the Super Bowl).

Submissions will be kept anonymous so as not to spoil a surprise proposal. The grand prize winner will receive a diamond engagement ring valued at $7,500 plus a trip to NYC, which includes a live proposal in Times Square as a part of the NASDAQ opening on November 25.

Visit Blue Nile's Facebook Page to "man up" and enter.

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