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Peter Yantzer

Executive Director, AGS Laboratories and Gemological Sciences

AGS Laboratories

David Atlas

President of D. Atlas & Co.,Inc. A family business established in 1898. Partner in Diamond & Gem Laboratories of America and consultant to Imagem, Inc. Past Interntional Chairman of the Gem & Jewelry Committee of ASA. Past Treasurer of the Philadelphia Jewelers Row Association. Currently Associate Director and Chair of the Ethics Committee of NAJA. Expert witness, consumer consultant, lecturer and appraiser.

D. Atlas & Co.

Paul Slegers

After graduating in business, Paul Slegers started working in an Antwerp diamond business in 1989. Over the years, he gained experience in different fields of the diamond business, from cutting small diamonds in Asia, through producing tools for diamond cutting, up to cutting medium size H&A diamonds.In 2001, he started up his independent company, Infinity Diamonds, cutting super-ideal diamonds. In his articles, he will try to give you background information of the worldwide diamond business.

Martin Haske

Martin D. Haske, a native of Syracuse, New York, attended the Massachusetts Institute of Technology where he studied Aeronautics & Astronautics in the early 1960”™s. He received his Bachelor of Science degree from MIT in 1965. While a student and until the early 1980”™s Mr. Haske was member of the technical research staff of the MIT Instrumentation Laboratory (now The Charles Stark Draper Laboratory), where he worked on the design, development, implementation and flight testing of precision inertial and stellar inertial guidance systems

Garry Holloway

Garry Holloway FGAA, DipDT, JAA Appraiser, left a career in geology and in 1976 established Melbourne diamond design award winning jeweller, Precious Metals. In 1984 he studied the Fire Scope while undertaking the Gemological Association of Australia”™s Diamond Diploma. This led to a long and passionate interest in diamond cut. After the publication of the Gemological Institute of America's ”˜brilliance”™ report in 1998 this passion became a crusade to improve the cut quality of all diamonds. Garry developed the Holloway Cut Adviser (HCA) system in 2000, and released a portable Ideal-Scope in 2001. In 2004 he was a speaker at the 1st International Diamond Cut Conference (IDCC) in Moscow, Russia. The HCA was used to grade the cut quality of more than a billion dollars of diamonds in its first year alone. Holloway's HCA patent was granted on July 31, 2007. His diamond-cut consultancy has strong alliances with leading international diamond researchers and websites.

Holloway Diamonds

Director of