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Markets' Fragmentations is a Natural Proces

Yesterday's article "U.S. Jewelry Market Becoming More Fragmented" reminded me about The Cluetrain Manifesto where Chris Locke had followed the markets' fragmentations based on automobile industry.

At the beginning consumers "can have any color they want as long as it's black."

Then "General Motors broke Ford's run on the Model-T ... by offering cars that were not black, and even came in different styles to suit different tastes and pocketbooks."

Posting to Polygon members about Pricescope 11/11/04

I know there is an atmosphere of fear concerning Pricescope apparent in some of the postings on Polygon. Now, this is not universal, as occasionally someone will post that they have decided to participate with Pricescope. Many diamond vendors on Polygon do list their merchandise in many places on the Internet anyway. They just remain mum on the issue. What can they say that would be welcomed? They can’t win in this. They need to turn goods rapidly, as the profits are so short.

Hearts and Arrows Diamonds and The Basics of Diamond Cutting

You already learned that cut is the most important factor affecting the beauty of a diamond.

The aim of this tutorial is to illustrate what it takes to achieve the ultimate in cutting precision and perfection - super ideal cut Hearts and Arrows diamonds.